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NZV8 No 168 May 2019

NZV8 Magazine was conceived when the passionate muscle car scene was in need of an authority. Thanks to a large population of baby boomers, muscle car and V8 culture is booming in New Zealand. NZV8 is not only riding that wave, but leading the way by providing a world class magazine that features the cars, events, like the annual Beach Hop and people that make the scene so exciting. NZV8 covers an extensive range of high-performance V8-engined vehicles. Wherever the local ground shakes to the beat of a tuned eight-cylinder machine, from a drag race meeting to a car show, NZV8 is there and bringing you all the action.

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it’s evolution, maybe …

Say the words ‘Western Springs’ to anyone remotely interested in cars, or, more specifically speedway, and they’ll tell you it’s speedway’s hallowed ground within New Zealand. That’s not just some title made up overnight; it’s a sign of the venue’s 90-year history of running events. Back at its inception in 1929, Western Springs was on the outskirts of Auckland. Little did people think at the time that, over the coming decades, the city would grow to envelop the venue. As we know, from then, the residents who moved in next to the track began to complain about the noise created from it, while, at the same time, we can only assume, making the most of the live music concerts hosted there that they had a free view of. Over the past few…

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beach hop 2019

As this issue goes to print just as Repco Beach Hop 19 is kicking off, we’ve not managed to get coverage into this issue, but fear not, we’ll have an overview next issue and we’ll also be working on our Beach Hop Annual; a stand-alone magazine dedicated to the event. As per the last few years, it’ll be packed full of the best cars, event highlights, and behind the scenes action that go into making Beach Hop what it is. Better still, it’ll be on sale complete with a DVD, so you can watch the event come to life. Pre-orders are available via, so jump online and order yours now…

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viva the rapid transit caravan!

There have been some wild marketing concepts over the history of the automotive industry. A few have been hugely successful, but many have flopped. One that most people who were around to see in the flesh would have forgotten about has been brought back into the limelight thanks to the efforts of one dedicated collector: Steven Juliano. Having earned a reputation for tracking down and buying only the best specimens, namely Shelby Cobras, Juliano — who passed away in 2018 after battling cancer for some 15 years — was known for his relentless search for and purchase of the Rapid Transit Caravan cars. A product of the Chrysler marketing team, spearheaded by former GM and Hot Wheels designer Harry Bradley, the vehicles were intended as a youth-luring ploy and involved the…

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shelby 427 competition cobra

It’s not every day that you see one of what could have been Shelby American’s most successful secret weapons go up at auction. This was a production car that was intended to soundly defeat Ferrari in sports car races on its European home turf. Wearing the CSX 3006 tag plate, this 1965 Shelby 427 competition Cobra is one of just 19 examples built for motorsport use before the remaining stocks were converted to ‘semi-competition’ models and sold off. After complications with FIA homologation delayed the car’s international racing debut, a buy cost nearly double that of all the competition, and the resulting class designation saw it go up against Ford’s own GT40 — forcing Shelby not to front its own but instead sell only to privateers — the 427 competition Cobra…

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cover aspirations

LETTER OF THE MONTH Hi NZV8, how’s it going? First off, what an awesome magazine you guys do. Been getting them from day one when I saw them in the local store. It has been a long-term dream to get my car into your magazine. I would like to know what it takes to get there, as I’m currently in the middle of getting my Clubsport built. I got it when I was in my early 20s, I think. It started with just some rims; now it doesn’t look anywhere like a stock Clubbie. Chris from Pro-Street Performance has been building a monster 408-cube LS with a Harrop blower which has Gilmer rear drive. It has a custom one-off monster intake, and I’ve had the blower painted to be different from the…

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selling the lot

Hi Todd, I’m selling my collection of NZV8 magazines. I’ve got them on Trade Me — every issue from No. 1 to the very latest, all in NZV8 folders. If you are talking to anyone who may be interested, then please let me know. I really don’t want to sell them but I’ve recently paid out $12,500 on vet bills for my dog. Long drawn out story, sadly. Grant Laycock Hi Grant, really sad to hear about the dog. I know the feeling, having spent even more than that on vet bills in the past, but they’re a member of your family, so you do what you need to do. You’ve got an amazing collection there, and there won’t be many as complete or organized as yours, so I hope you find a buyer. Cheers, Todd If…