Rachael Ray In Season Harvest 2021

In Season is a magazine from everybody’s favorite TV foodie, Rachael Ray! Our Holiday 2021 issue is bursting with ideas to help you create an unforgettable holiday season. From sparkling sippers and easy dippers, a mix and match guide to planning your best menu for any holiday (Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve), and favorite holiday comfort foods from chefs around the country, we’ll help you make entertaining effortless. Plus, great gifts for your loved ones, what your dog is really thinking and Rach’s 30 Minute leftovers bonanza. We’ve got your back as we all get back into the holiday groove.

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rach’s letter

I’m writing this just before I leave to go to Italy for the first time in three years. I love it there and have missed it. My mother’s family and both of John’s parents’ families hail from there. My husband and I got married there. And three years ago, I achieved my life’s goal of buying a property there, in Tuscany. I don’t say “I bought a house” because although there were two structures, they had no plumbing and no electricity and the only occupants were some small animals we found inside. My husband called it a war zone. “Honey, don’t you want to look at a…house?” he asked. But I fell in love with the fields and the views and I thought for the money we’d pay for a house,…

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the dish opener

Q&A WITH RESTAURATEUR BILENA SETTEPANI • CACIO E PEPE EVERYTHING DRESS LIKE A PASTA GRANNY! • PRETTY ITALIAN HOME PICKS Each time I visit Italy, I miss it before I even leave. I usually stock up on gifts and necessities on my way home, but last year I had to learn fast how to get my fix domestically. How about getting my salumi from a maker in Vermont? Or the pastas, condiments, and panettones we give at the holidays from St. Louis?—RACH PHOTOGRAPH BY CHRISTOPHER TESTANI. PROP STYLING BY CARLA GONZALEZ-HART; FOOD STYLING BY REBECCA JURKEVICH.…

4 min
bilena settepani

At the start of 2020, 24-year-old New Yorker Bilena Settepani was working in fashion and had just moved from her parents’ place in Harlem into her first apartment in the West Village. By March, Bilena, whose Italian father and Ethiopian mother own Settepani Bakery in Brooklyn and Settepani Restaurant in Harlem, found herself and her family trying to weather the pandemic and several other crises. As a result, she became an accidental restaurateur, found her calling, and breathed new life into the family business. You never intended on making a career at the restaurant. What happened? So much happened! The week before New York was shut down because of the pandemic, my mom, who operates our restaurant, was diagnosed with breast cancer. The chef there, because of COVID, dropped everything and went…

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a roman pizzaiola living in new york pivots during the pandemic—sharing the dough and spreading the love

Gabriele Lamonaca, a Roman living in New York City, was just about to sign a lease to open his own pizzeria when the pandemic hit. “I was going to realize my dream,” he says. Rather than sulk, he stretched dough in his tiny studio apartment and thought of how his grandmother handled hard times during WWII in her small village in southern Italy. “She baked extra bread every morning to exchange with a neighbor for eggs. Bartering is an ancient idea that kept communities connected and helped neighbors take care of each other,” he says. “I wondered, Could it could work in modern-day NYC?” So he started an Instagram account, @unregularpizza, where he offered to exchange a gourmet homemade pizza for whatever someone wanted to trade, sight unseen. A year…

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6 (italian) things rach is loving right now

1. MUTTI TOMATO VINEGAR Mutti is an Italian grocery brand now available in the U.S. Check out their website to see where their products are available and get yourself some of this stuff! I use it in a sweet-and-sour agrodolce sauce over fish. So yummy. mutti-parma.com 2. AGATA & VALENTINA MARKET I used to work at this New York City market as their first manager when they opened. And I’m still their customer to this day. Vinegars, egg pasta, capellini, fettuccine—I’m like a kid in an Italian candy store when I visit or order. agatavalentina.com 3. LA GROTTA RESTAURANT We had one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten here the last time we were in Italy, a million years ago (actually 2019): traditional Tuscan cuisine in Montepulciano, in a beautiful 16th-century building across from…

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sing a new tune

If you like Selena Gomez, you’ll love Sofía Valdés Sofía Valdés’s “Handful of Water” is the aural equivalent of watching a summer sunset sink below the horizon. It’s a dreamy bop, as the Panamanian singer-songwriter trills over wavery guitar in English and Spanish, and the hook beguiles you into forgetting a time when you didn’t know and love her music. If you like Bonnie Raitt, you’ll love Maggie Rose There’s truth in the PR fact sheet calling Nashville’s Maggie Rose’s latest “American rock & soul.” Recorded at the legendary Fame studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, the album is like a geologist’s core sample of American music. The sound is classic, but her sassy takes on making out, making up, and making do are very 2021. “Are We There Yet” is more soul than…