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Movies, TV & Music
Radio Times

Radio Times 27-2nd August 2019

Get the same great content you know and love, from the UK’s biggest selling quality magazine. Every week: -> News and Views from broadcasting’s biggest names, best writers and brightest stars. -> Find unmissable entertainment with our roundup of the Best of the Week -> Stunning photo-shoots, red carpet reportage and exclusive behind-the-scenes pics. -> Guides to the best TV, film and radio each day. -> Film reviews from the film team including writer Andrew Collins. -> The best of iPlayer, Netflix and other catch-up and on-demand services. -> Comprehensive listings so you’ll never miss a show, and with handy links so you can jump to your desired day of the week. -> Puzzles, including crosswords, Egg Heads and Only Connect.

United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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51 Issues

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1 min.
‘getting kicks from steve backshall’

AS SOMEONE WITH absolutely no sense of adventure, I’ve quite happily gained a few vicarious thrills from Expedition with Steve Backshall (Sunday Dave). This isn’t usually my kind of show, but Backshall is such a straightforwardly engaging presenter, without bluff or bombast, that the whole thing is rather winning. The premise is simple: Backshall and his team are dropped into previously unexplored parts of the world, where they must just get on with it. Granted there’s a lot of melodramatic narration (come on, we know they are all going to be OK, we’d have heard otherwise) but, by heck, they are brave, this week dangling in mid-air over a sick-makingly deep canyon in Oman. As someone who would be screaming and begging to go home after she discovered there’s nowhere to plug…

1 min.
this week 27 july—2 august 2019

WHAT I’M WATCHING… MARTIN HUGHES-GAMES I’m the primary carer of a soon-three-year-old so I watch a ‘to-be lot of children’s TV,” says the TV presenter, “and many have their finger on the pulse: environmental issues, plastic pollution and diversity are often dealt with in a clever way, bringing important ideas to young minds. I have a collection of Paul Temple, Lord Peter Wimsey and Agatha Christie CDs that I listen to in the car, and Radio 4 Extra is my go-to station.’ Back on the box — page 24 GEORGE CLARKE ‘I’m just catching up on Chernobyl, which is absolutely brilliant, gripping drama. I do like bingeing a box set,” says the TV presenter. “Mainly, though, I’ve been watching sport: it’s been an amazing summer so far, especially with the Cricket World Cup. ’ George Clarke…

2 min.

SPENDING BIG AT THE BEEB Some good news for the BBC — its spending on shows is up despite a decrease in licence-fee income. Its latest Annual Report shows that all its channels enjoyed an increase in the last finanical year, with BBC4 the biggest beneficiary as spending rose 15% to £44m. BBC1’s spend was up by 10.6% to £1.1bn and BBC2’s up by 1.9% to £381m. BBC3 got an increase, too: it’s now making expensive factual entertainment shows, which partly explains why it got a £10m boost. However, there’s still a worrying downward trend in viewing figures: the proportion of the UK population watching BBC1 each week fell from 68.9% to 66.7% last year, BBC2 slipped from 44.6% to 41.3%, and BBC4 from 12.7% to 11.8%. THE STORY OF US David “One Day”…

1 min.
new model army

If what you see looks familiar and yet curious… don’t panic! Much-loved characters from a golden age of sitcom are being brought back to life. Though Dad’s Army ended its nine-year run in 1977, repeats have played out on and off ever since, with ratings still defying the odds. But three black-and-white stories from 1969 were wiped by the BBC, and 50 years on, a new cast is re-creating them — in colour. So in The Lost Episodes, made for the Gold channel, you will be watching Kevin McNally as Mainwaring, Robert Bathurst as Wilson, Kevin Eldon as Jones, David Hayman as Frazer, Mathew Horne as Walker, Timothy West as Godfrey and Tom Rosenthal as Pike, performing original scripts by Jimmy Perry and David Croft. “We’re like a tribute band, that’s…

3 min.
‘i was wading through fog’

WHEN I FIRST began to adapt the Poldark novels I was frequently asked how I would “update” them. My answer was, and still is, no updating required – because the themes and concerns Winston Graham wrote about remain utterly relevant today: love, passion, rivalry, ambition, how to make ends meet, the challenges of long-term relationships… and a subject to which Graham frequently returned, mental health. This includes issues of bereavement (both Ross and Demelza and Dwight and Caroline suffer the loss of a child), marital stress (most couples!), sexual trauma (Morwenna), post-traumatic stress (Dwight). In series five, which bridges some of the ten-year gap between books seven and eight of the 12-book saga, I felt it was important to continue this exploration. A newlywed (Morwenna) still struggles in the aftermath of…

1 min.
from the rt archive… 25—31 july 1981

WHAT WE WATCHED Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul’s Cathedral on Wednesday 29 July and our special souvenir issue was packed with unrivalled detail about the day, the dress, the carriages and the cake. We spoke to friends of the couple and also carried a lengthy exclusive interview with Prince Charles himself, who talked frankly about growing up in the public eye and his hopes for the future. “I do rather feel that it is important to treat members of the press as human beings and they will all respond accordingly, and it seems to have worked,” he said. WHAT YOU SAID The BBC addressed nuclear proliferation in an edition of current affairs strand Newsweek called The Politics of the Bomb. Most of you felt it was an informative and balanced…