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Radio Times 10-16th August 2019

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‘this is a high-end foodie feast’

WHEN REALITY TV works, it’s a beautiful thing. I know people look down their noses at the very mention of it, but at its broadest it includes shows like The Great British Bake Off (back soon) and Strictly Come Dancing, so really, there’s nothing to be snooty about. I was reminded of that watching two well-honed BBC2 reality shows: The Chefs’ Brigade (Tue), which continues to be a high-end foodie feast, and Interior Design Masters (Wed), which is new this week. The latter may remind you of one of the early greats of reality TV, Changing Rooms, but this is young, untried designers we’re watching, as they try to make rooms more desirable using glue guns and pizzazz. Some of the results are disappointingly good: there’s no fun in this kind of…

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this week 10—16 august 2019

WHAT I’M WATCHING… MICHAEL BUERK ‘I’m catching up, big time. I can’t make head nor tail of Stephen Poliakoff ’s Summer of Rockets – can anybody? The plot is preposterous but the old cars are wonderful and that’s all that matters. I’m having trouble following Keeping Faith, too (perhaps it’s me) but Faith herself is so vivid, watching her is like half an hour on the cross-trainer. Also, how did they find that many sunny days in Wales? I’ve loved Catch-22. As a former war reporter I know how brave a coward needs to be.’ Michael Buerk’s viewpoint — page 9 SARFRAZ MANZOOR ‘The last great television drama I have seen is Years and Years, in which Russell T Davies managed to make the near future plausibly terrifying. I also loved Martin Scorsese’s Netflix feature…

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‘leave couch potatoes alone!’

LISTEN UP, COUCH potato! As you settle down in front of the Netflix box set, crack open another beer and wrestle with that jumbo bag of salt ’n’ vinegar crisps, don’t worry that your backside is making such a huge dent in the sofa cushions – it’s not your fault. Read the papers. Throughout the summer there have been calls for obesity to be reclassified as a disease, not just a poor lifestyle choice. We are the fat champions of Europe. Two-thirds of us are overweight, approaching one-third clinically obese. We’re only out-waddled by Americans and the people of Tonga, who fetishise fatness. Doctors are calling it a national emergency and many think that by declaring it a disease, it will reduce the stigma of fatness and encourage people to seek treatment. They’re wrong,…

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from the rt archive… 13—19 august 1983

WHAT WE WATCHED More than 30 years after Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe and Peter Sellers launched The Goon Show, Radio 4 was engaged in a retrospective of Prince Charles’s favourite comedy (our cover photo with HRH was taken in 1964). A repeat of ten vintage episodes and a profile show meant welcome repeat fees for Milligan — but he had no intention of tuning in. “I never listen to it now,” he told us in 1983. “It’s too nostalgic. I used to get up at dawn to write it and take a Tube to [the office in] Shepherd’s Bush and still be there at midnight. It drove me bloody mad. Broke up my marriage.” WHAT YOU SAID Naturalist and conservationist Simon King had just presented his own BBC series, King’s Country, and was rapidly…

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you will be watching…

Dad’s Army: the Lost Episodes 25, 26 and 27 Aug 8pm Gold (and NowTV) IN A MIRACULOUSLY quiet corner of bustling Hammersmith, west London, a very special moment in TV history is happening. Seven icons of British situation comedy are being given a new lease of life – by an impressive, exuberant cast. Captain Mainwaring, Sergeant Wilson, Lance Corporal Jones, and Privates Frazer, Walker, Godfrey and Pike are on parade once again. Not in newly written adventures, but for three stories that first aired in 1969 and were subsequently wiped from BBC videotapes, seemingly lost for all time. Thanks to the Gold channel, those early, formative stories will live again in the three-part series Dad’s Army: the Lost Episodes, showing on consecutive nights at the end of the month. Gathering in a church hall,…

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more comedy coming soon…

Defending the Guilty BBC2 Katherine Parkinson (right) and Will Sharpe star as barristers trying to hang on to their sanity in a cut-throat world — he’s the eager pupil, she the cynical mentor. Based on Alex McBride’s book, and a pilot in 2018. Scarborough BBC1 Benidorm creator Derren Litten’s sitcom features a cast of characters living on the Yorkshire coast bonded by family, friendship and an obsessive love of karaoke. Starring Jason Manford and Catherine Tyldesley (right). Guilt BBC2 Though billed as a drama, about the aftermath of a road accident, Guilt has been commissioned by the BBC’s comedy team and boasts an array of comic talent including Mark Bonnar (right) and Bill Paterson.…