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Movies, TV & Music
Radio Times

Radio Times 31-6th September 2019

Get the same great content you know and love, from the UK’s biggest selling quality magazine. Every week: -> News and Views from broadcasting’s biggest names, best writers and brightest stars. -> Find unmissable entertainment with our roundup of the Best of the Week -> Stunning photo-shoots, red carpet reportage and exclusive behind-the-scenes pics. -> Guides to the best TV, film and radio each day. -> Film reviews from the film team including writer Andrew Collins. -> The best of iPlayer, Netflix and other catch-up and on-demand services. -> Comprehensive listings so you’ll never miss a show, and with handy links so you can jump to your desired day of the week. -> Puzzles, including crosswords, Egg Heads and Only Connect.

United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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2 min.
‘a drama i beg you not to miss’

TELEVISION’S NEW SEASON is full of richly shining rubies to bring a sparkle to the autumn/winter months. There’s even a comedy that stands a good chance of making you laugh, (hang in there, the terrible Hold the Sunset is nearly over). I have a soft spot for Derren Litten’s Scarborough (Friday BBC1) not just because it’s set in one of my favourite seaside resorts, but mainly because it reminds me of Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights. There’s a mix of odd characters, some sharp humour, some gentle humour and a bit of a heart. I’ve read newspaper reports from worried Scarborough grandees who are alarmed that the man who wrote mucky Benidorm has turned his attention to their town. They shouldn’t fret – in the show Scarborough looks as lush as Monte Carlo…

1 min.
this week 31 aug—6 sept 2019

WHAT I’M WATCHING… ANN CLEEVES ‘I love the Annika Stranded short dramas on Radio 4,” says the novelist. “Nicola Walker is an astounding narrator, who brings the character to life in a way I’d never have thought possible. On TV, I’ve become addicted to Our Cops in the North, and not just because of the Vera connection – David Leon, the narrator, played Vera’s sidekick in the first few series – it’s the compassion and dedication of the cops that shines through.’ In Vera’s footsteps — page 146 NICK KNOWLES ‘I love rugby and I will find a way to watch literally every game at the Rugby World Cup,” says the DIY SOS presenter. “I’m also into Peaky Blinders – I’m so glad that’s back. I’m a fan of Neil Gaiman – Good Omens, which…

2 min.

HITTING THE RIGHT NOTE Heard the one about an all-female Muslim punk band? Well, the comedy Lady Parts was such a hit when it aired on Channel 4’s Comedy Blap season last year that writer/director Nida Manzoor has been commissioned to pen a full series. The show follows Amina Hussein — a geeky PhD student who is recruited to be the band’s lead guitarist by front-woman Saira who “uses Amina’s desperation to find a husband as leverage, offering to hook up dates for her if she agrees to join the band”. The broadcaster has high hopes for the six-parter, with head of comedy Fiona McDermott describing it as “audacious, celebratory and hilarious”. COMEDY STOWAWAY Also continuing to tickle Channel 4’s funny bone is the comedy Home — created by and starring Rufus Jones…

1 min.
aisle be seeing you

If you’re at the checkout and you hear the beep… you’ll find Rylan Clark-Neal going wild in the aisles as host of a revamp of the game show Supermarket Sweep that’s coming soon to ITV2. “I was the biggest fan of the original,” the 30-year-old presenter tells RT. “I used to bunk off school to watch it, and I genuinely think I’ve seen every single episode.” The inflatable bonuses are back, along with the contestants’ lurid jumpers. “We’ve added new rounds and modernised some things — there might be a self-checkout in there,” he explains. “It’s the Sweep that we all know and love, with some extras.” Clark-Neal says the show stays “as true to the original as possible”, even down to Dale Winton’s catchphrases. “I’m using his exact words — why mess…

3 min.
how to fix our broken politics

HAVE WE EVER had a worse bunch in Parliament? There comes a point when the citizen begins to suspect that what’s wrong with political life is not a matter of individual failure, but of some rot deep within the system. I’m there. I used to think that David Cameron was the worst prime minister in modern times. Then he was succeeded by that cornucopia of failure, Theresa May. Now we find ourselves required to entrust the country to a man you wouldn’t trust alone with your sister. Perhaps we ought to be talking about more than personal failings. Is there some deep malaise in the whole trade? It was David Cameron’s folly, in putting party before country and calling a referendum, that upset the applecart. In a representative democracy, making laws is the…

1 min.
from the rt archive… 31 august—6 september 1968

WHAT WE WATCHED This was a week when TV history was made, as Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise transferred from ITV to the BBC. The pair weren’t to know what small-screen (and Christmas) institutions they were to become — especially once they teamed up with the legendary comedy writer Eddie Braben in series two — but they gave a flavour of their extraordinary chemistry in their chat with Radio Times. “He’s a great little business manager,” Eric said of Ernie’s management of their financial affairs. “A lousy actor and lousy straight man, but a great little business manager!” WHAT YOU SAID Proms season had got you writing in, with David Carle from Farnborough asking the BBC to showcase classical music throughout the year at different venues, “where the same orchestras and conductors have been…