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Radio Times 13-19th June 2020

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family fun

JACK WHITEHALL IS one of Britain’s best-loved young comedians. He fills arenas, hosts the Brits, is in demand by some of the biggest broadcasters in the world – and now he’s back on the BBC with his father, the old-school theatrical agent, Michael. The pair team up this week for a one-off special, Father’s Day (Friday BBC1), which plays to their strengths as the most unlikely – but decidedly funny – double act on television. An odd couple in one sense but, of course, anything but surprising in another, considering Jack is so clearly a chip off the old block. To mark their return we asked the BBC’s Alan Yentob to interview father and son – at a safe distance – about the art of comedy, family and their relationship, from the…

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this week 13—19 june 2020

WHAT I’M WATCHING… DAVID TENNANT AND MICHAEL SHEEN DAVID ‘We’ve just watched the whole of Schitt’s Creek (All 4/Netflix). At 20 minutes, it’s perfect, with five kids including a baby, because that’s as much as we can take before crashing out. And we just watched all of Quiz (ITV, with Michael Sheen) in one evening, which must be the most awake we’ve ever been in lockdown. MICHAEL I’ve just had a Tennant fest, watching everything David’s ever been in. We also have a baby so, as David says, there’s not a lot of TV watching going on!’ Staged — page 20 JACK AND MICHAEL WHITEHALL JACK ‘We’ve both been watching The Last Dance (Netflix), which is amazing. Basketball isn’t something I ever thought we’d be talking about but we call each other up after each…

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the office is history

AFTER THREE MONTHS of lockdown we’ve all spent more time within our own four walls than we ever thought possible. So long, in fact, that our relationship with our homes, how we think about them, how we live in them, may have been changed for ever. Within weeks of the restrictions, hospitals were reporting an increase in injuries related to DIY projects, as millions of people suddenly discovered they had time to take on tasks that had been put off for years. Then, as we got used to home-working, Ideal Home magazine ran a glossy feature entitled “Our favourite celebrity home offices – from Amanda Holden to Anna Wintour”, with Instagram pictures of the domestic work-stations of the rich and famous. A similar focus on the domestic might explain why audiences for…

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from the rt archive… 10—16 june 1989

WHAT WE WATCHED We’d not seen movie hype like this before: The Late Show (BBC2) was already promoting Tim Burton’s Batman, two months prior to its UK release. “I like to do something beyond the realm of realism every once in a while,” said Jack Nicholson, who was playing scene-stealing enemy the Joker. Bat-fan Jonathan Ross was also on hand to define the appeal of the Caped Crusader: “Batman was the easiest hero to identify with because he didn’t have superpowers, just ten years of karate training and a private income.” The film went on to gross $400 million at the box office and sparked a new, lucrative interest in the superhero genre. WHAT YOU SAID A letter came in from none other than June Spencer (aka Peggy in The Archers) correcting an…

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father, dear father

Jack Whitehall’s Father’s Day Friday 8.30pm BBC1 ALAN YENTOB Jack, ever since I first met you, long before you were famous, you’ve been telling jokes about your dad, and now you’re in a double act together. Is every day Father’s Day as far as you’re both concerned? JACK WHITEHALL I would say so. At least, it certainly feels like that when we’re working together! There’s a blend of affection and family friction on offer every day. MICHAEL WHITEHALL I would agree entirely with that. I would say, too, that Jack is unique as a comedian/actor, because those two professions – if you could call either of them a profession – are both very much about the individual performer. Jack is prepared to share his position in the spotlight with his father. Jack will…

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‘hopefully we’re putting a smile on people’s faces’

Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer Saturday 9.15pm BBC1 PETER CROUCH HAS always defied expectations. He was a one-off as a professional footballer – 6ft 7in, built like a matchstick man, endless limbs flying in all directions. Of course, he was told he wouldn’t make it. He then went on to play for England 42 times, score 22 goals for his country with world-class volleys and scissor kicks, and in 2017 broke the Premier League record for headed goals. Last year, he finally retired at the age of 38 after 468 Premier League games for clubs including Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Stoke. Like most footballers, he didn’t have a clue what was in store for him. But somehow he’s reinvented himself as Mr Entertainment in a prestigious Saturday-night slot. To illustrate how much faith…