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Radio Times 10-16th October 2020

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family affairs

IT WAS THE American author Harper Lee who wrote “You can choose your friends but you sure can’t choose your family”. And who hasn’t, either now or in the past, wondered if we could only swap kith for kin? Nowhere are blood ties to the less admirable aspects of ourselves more apparent – and less avoidable – than in a family tree. This week Who Do You Think You Are? returns to BBC1 and first in the genealogists’ sights is Jodie Whittaker. The programme takes Whittaker, best known for playing the time-travelling Doctor, on an adventure into her family’s past. Brought up in Yorkshire in the 1980s, where the politics of the miners’ strike were hard to avoid, Whittaker was clear whose side she was on. So when she discovered uncomfortable…

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this week 10—16 october 2020

WHAT I’M WATCHING… GEORGE CLARKE ‘I’ve just finished watching the Netflix documentary Sunderland ’Til I Die,” says the architect, presenter and this week’s columnist. “As a Sunderland fan, it’s like having a red hot poker shoved in your eye. I’m now into The Last Kingdom, the Viking-inspired drama that’s set in and around Northumberland.’ Viewpoint — page 7 GREG DAVIES ‘I watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix and now I’m never going to look at a screen ever again,” says the Taskmaster co-host. “It’s going to stop me from interacting with any device. I watched it three days ago and it has already changed my use of technology.’ Taskmaster — page 8 advertisement feature The Family Sunday 11 October at 9pm Oscar-nominated Joan Allen (The Crucible, Room) and Sherlock star Rupert Graves star in this mystery thriller, surrounding the secrets…

3 min.
this is a national scandal

HOUSES AND THE housing industry are big news right now. Whether it’s homes of the stately variety and the National Trust’s decision to publish a report into historic connections between its properties and colonialism and slavery, or the focus Extinction Rebellion has brought to the need for carbon reduction by protesting outside the Ministry of Housing. Both issues are big deals to me because of my television career. I’ve just made National Trust Unlocked for Channel 4 and a few people have unfollowed me on social media because of the links some properties have to colonialism and slavery – they don’t think I should be visiting them. For the record, I think racism anywhere must be cracked down upon, and hard, and I also believe people should be allowed to visit properties…

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from the rt archive… 12—18 october 1996

WHAT WE WATCHED Chat show host Clive Anderson had switched from Channel 4 to BBC1 for his latest series, All Talk on Sundays, and RT revealed how past guests had coped with a man who had the gift of the gab — and the gag. “Clive isn’t a host who believes in meeting his guests beforehand,” said Maureen Lipman. “The second time I went on, I was unaccountably nervous and my tongue grew two feet and stuck to the roof of my mouth.” Comedian Sean Hughes commented that Anderson did like to dominate proceedings: “He does try to take over a bit and they do edit for him — I was surprised not to see some of the things I’d slagged him off about in the final version.” WHAT YOU SAID BBC1’s big-budget…

11 min.
taken to task

Taskmaster Thursday 9.00pm Channel 4 ‘There’s a simmering contempt that people seem to enjoy!’GREG DAVIES GREG DAVIES HAS always been big in comedy. He’s 6ft 8in. Yet on Taskmaster, the comedian seems bigger still, lording it over not only the contestants on the daft panel show cum parlour game, but also Alex Horne – the sidekick host who Davies offhandedly christened “Little Alex Horne” in an early series. The name stuck and has become a running gag at the top of each episode. It’s an ironic nickname (Horne is 6ft 2in) yet sums up why Taskmaster is one of TV’s most refreshing comedies. It’s nonsensical, silly and different from anything else on TV: comedians, such as Frank Skinner, Richard Osman, Sally Phillips, Mel Giedroyc and Bob Mortimer, flounder as they attempt to win…

8 min.
who’s who?

Who Do You Think You Are? Monday 9.00pm BBC1 JODIE WHITTAKER IS famously private, something of a reluctant celebrity and a virtuoso secret keeper. She managed, somehow, not to shout out loud to anyone who’d listen when she was cast as the 13th Doctor Who back in 2017 and waited, impatiently, for the news to be broken to the rest of the world. A few years earlier, she was similarly silent about the finale of the first series of Broadchurch, in which the killer of her on-screen son was revealed to nine million shocked viewers. Whittaker, 38, shuns social media and avoids, where possible, talking about her husband and child. She married Christian Contreras in 2008, having met him when they were both studying at London’s prestigious Guildhall School of Music and…