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Reader’s Digest New Zealand June 2020

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animals and ourselves

EVEN IF YOU DON’T OWN A PET, I’m almost certain that at some time in your life, you’ve been touched by the honesty and friendliness of an animal. I am lucky to have had many pets – at one stage my father warned that if he and my mother weren’t careful, I’d bring home a horse and store it in my aviary. That’s right, as well as a pet dog, cat, rabbit and goldfish galore, I had an aviary filled with budgies, parrots, two quail and, even for a short time, a rooster. These days, when I arrive home from work, I’m always greeted with genuine delight from my lovely old Lexy, our ten-year-old black Labrador. My return spells one thing: D-I-N-N-E-R! Do I mind? Not one bit. It’s the…

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All Aboard ‘Metronomics’ (April) caught my eye and was the first article I read, having been a train traveller for several years. Like the author, I and those I travelled with on the ‘red rattlers’ during the 1960s, put other commuters in little boxes. The exclusion though is ‘the DJ/soloist’. Even though we had transportable music back then, no one would have thought of bringing on board the very large portable device – which would have required its own seat. A very entertaining read. ROS TAYLOR Terrific Teen I was impressed by Sophie Weenink Smith’s mission to clean up garbage in ‘Clean-Up Teen’ (March). Our world is being destroyed by pollution and we need more people to make us aware of what we are doing to our environment. TABIB HASSAN Keeping Me Entertained As a subscriber, and in these…

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your local rd website

TECHNOLOGY 10 tricks to make your computer run faster Over time, your computer is bound to run a little slower than it first did. But there are still plenty of things you can do to speed things up. NATURAL REMEDIES Herbs that can help ease stress Stress presses in from all sides, but you can help manage it by exploring the world of natural herbal remedies. PETS Funny photos of cats ‘working from home’ These cat colleagues might be adorable, but they’re very serious about completing their daily tasks (and helping their owners, too). JOIN THE CONVERSATION! PLUS SIGN UP TO OUR FREE NEWSLETTER FOR MORE HOT OFFERS, TOP STORIES AND PRIZES!…

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news worth sharing

Space Junk Collector The European Space Agency (ESA) is to launch a multi-armed robotic junk collector into orbit in its first mission to remove space debris circulating around Earth. After 60 years of manned launches, there are rocket remnants, thousands of defunct satellites and hundreds of thousands of fragments cluttering the geostationary orbit and other Earth orbits. The debris collector will blast off in 2025 to grab just a single piece of junk, called Vespa, which was left by ESA’s Vega launcher in 2013. The agency hopes the mission will pave the way for a wide-reaching clear-up operation. “Imagine how dangerous sailing the high seas would be if all the ships ever lost in history were still drifting on top of the water,” says Jan Wörner, ESA’s director general. “That is the current situation…

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a life immersed

I have always loved Japan: the language, culture, food and scenery. I started learning Japanese in my 20s, though with the birth of my twin boys, my studies were put on hold. Twenty years later, I rekindled my love by taking evening classes. For the next four years, I went twice a week but my progress was slow. So, in January 2006, aged 48, I signed up for a two-week Japanese language immersion course in Tokyo. I had never travelled alone, and to Japan, what was I thinking? I hoped that by immersing myself in the culture and living the language, my progress would hasten. I arrived at Narita Airport nervous but ready to get started. While waiting to be collected, I spent much of the time in the airport restrooms,…

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smart animals

Vet Visitor JOHANNA HUGHES I have a friend who owned a very smart Labrador named Jess. She would join a game of hide-and-seek with young children who visited by hiding, just her head, under the table, a couch or blanket to become invisible for the children to find her. When found, it was her turn to find all the children in their hiding places. Jess even knew to wait for the mandatory count before sniffing them out. She enjoyed the game as much as the children. To confirm just how smart she was, one day, when Jess was about four years old, my friend reached for the ear drops that Jess required each day because of an ear problem. Unfortunately, the medication had run out. She told her dog that she didn’t have the…