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Real People Issue 18 2020

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

As I write this, lockdown continues. We’re all dealing with it in individual ways. Some of us live alone and are struggling with the solitude. While others – with partners – envy it! Grannies’ arms ache to hold their grandkids, little ones wear grooves into the carpet with restlessness, and we’ve all rediscovered tinned sardines… But however you are experiencing house arrest, Lauren’s story (p12) will have you seeing it through fresh eyes this week. When her peepers fell upon the love of her life, it was with ‘don’t touch!’ ringing in her ears. She knew falling in love could kill her – or him. This young couple knew they needed to self-isolate before self-isolating was even a thing. But in the end, the love was just too strong. As…

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cash cow

Real People’s Puzzle Trail starts here! Use the arrows to take you directly to the next Our beautiful bovine puzzle mascot, Florence, will kick things off with her Cash Cow comp… Venture into the land of milk and money here and get your hands on a grand prize indeed! For your chance to win £1,000, collect the letter that appears with Flo, right, every week for eight weeks. When you’ve collected them all, rearrange them into an eight-letter word and write this on the entry coupon in issue 20. Enter online at www.realpeoplemag.co.uk…

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our mad world!

Cute TOT FROG FACE Kiss this cheeky little Kermit and he turns into a prince called Vince! Lockdown means dress-up to my 11-month-old – he’s so hoppy! Gemma Davies, Gloucester UK A toddler was threatened with court action and prison in Castle Bromwich, West Midlands, after he owed £1,000 in council tax. Two-year-old Benjamin Lee was made aware of his debt by two letters from Solihull council, who blamed an ‘incorrect address’ for the error. SAY CHEESE! Lucas, four, has just discovered the ‘photobooth’ feature on our video calls using Portal, and he’s not looked back. Natalie Ahmed, Nottingham PRIDE AND JOY Hold your head high Britain, here’s what makes us proudest... 1. The NHS 2. Fish ’n’ chips 3. Full English brekkie 4. The Queen 5. British countryside 6. Big Ben 7. Roast beef 8. Tea 9. Sir David Attenborough 10. Pubs Source: Perspectus Global survey USA Easter…

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head over heart

As I bobbed along the river, a cloud of hastily inflated dinghy rocked under my behind. ‘So let me get this straight,’ I laughed to the beautiful 22-year-old blonde balanced opposite me. ‘You’ve brought me on a dinghy and you can’t swim?’ Odessa Carey’s big eyes, surrounded by a sweep of emerald eyeshadow, crinkled into laughter. ‘You can swim, can’t you? You’ll save me,’ she said, like it was a matter of course. She wasn’t scared of anything or anyone, this Dessa. She’d dragged me here for a date when I mentioned that my grandpa never allowed me to play on the river. It was 2006 and we’d only just met at a pub near me in Ashington, Northumberland. ‘Don’t suppose you’ve got a daughter called Clare?’ she’d asked from behind the bar, as I fished out…

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isle be right there!

JERSEY Looking for that sense of being abroad without leaving Blighty? Just off the coast of northern France, Jersey has home comforts with a bit more sun. The isle’s list of attractions ranges from rock pool expeditions to a German underground hospital. The biggest event on the calendar is the annual Battle of Flowers carnival every August. The celebration dates back to the 1902 coronation of Edward VII and offers a parade, live music and beer gardens. battleofflowers.com But for those who want a sample of summer’s simpler pleasures, Jersey has plenty of sandy beaches sloshed by the warm Gulf Stream, so kick back and relax. ISLE OF WIGHT No longer the shabby backwater of Hampshire stuck in the ’50s, the Isle of Wight is now an exciting place to visit. It is also rapidly establishing itself…

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until your last breath

Dear Darren, Funny, isn’t it? To think I was intimidated by you when we first met. There was little old me at 4ft 9in, facing a group of lads, all about 6ft, coming down the hospital corridor with your hoods up. A cuppa in one hand, my phone in the other. Then your arm shot out and pulled your mate to one side. ‘Let the lady through,’ you’d instructed gallantly. Our eyes met. Over a year later in 2015, I saw you at a friend’s funeral. Ben, my friend who’d died, had cystic fibrosis – a genetic disorder causing sticky mucus to build in the lungs – just like me. And it turned out you, Darren Easton, did too. That’s why you’d been on the CF ward the year before. You were 20, same age as me. I’d seen so many…