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Real People Issue 21 2021

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

We’ve all got a story from our lockdown lives… The things we missed (hugs, haircuts, hoolies in pubs). The things we discovered (banana bread, all-day pyjamas, black market loo roll!). And the things that we might even long for now the world is opening up (our gardens, what-the-hell-hairy-armpits and Blitz spirit) But whatever your . experience, I think Brian’s will shock your socks off. He found himself doing the pandemic with a high-risk job as a cabbie, a high-risk preggers girlfriend and an elderly mum that he lived with… No wonder he was squirting and sloshing hand sanitiser from morning to night! Covid wasn’t going to get him if he could help it. But danger lay somewhere else instead, in the very bottles of germ-killing liquid he doused himself with… Turn…

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our mad world!

cute TOT LIKE LIGHTNING? NOT QUITE Definitely his father’s chilled-out son, this is four-month-old Ronnie doing a slightly lazier version of Usain Bolt’s victory pose! Adam Bradshaw, Halesowen, West Mids UK Pontypool pensioner Elizabeth Mahoney, 89, was expected home from a hospital stay but her family got concerned when she didn’t show up. Ambulance staff had taken her to the wrong address, tucking her up in a stranger’s bed instead. Oops. HATS OFF Rose-Audrey, four, was determined to wear her new hat and gloves, even to bed! She should take a leaf out of her Frozen bedding and let it go… Carly Peary, Stevenage, Herts TOP OF THE FLOPS It’s official, these are the worst US remakes of classic British telly… ● Fawlty Towers ● Spaced ● Coupling ● The Inbetweeners ● Red Dwarf ● Skins ● Blackpool ● The Vicar of Dibley ● I’m a Celeb ● Teen Mum Source:…

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here, have this...

Closing the door, I hurried down the path. As I walked away, I sighed inwardly with relief. Our house was always noisy: music, telly, talking or arguing. Sometimes I craved the sound of silence. Our four-bedroomed council house was chock-a, so finding a quiet spot was impossible. I was the middle child of 11 kids and picking me out was like a game of Where’s Wally? Did anyone really notice me? Sometimes I liked it that way. Still, I was close to the two sisters I shared a bedroom with. And there was always sandy-haired Mark Owen staring down at us from a Take That poster, to make things better! They jostled for wall space with New Kids on the Block. Now, aged 12, I wanted to read my Smash Hits magazine in peace. As I plodded along the street a…

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sick as a dog

Lee’s eyes grew as I slowly told him about Eugene. ‘You’ve got to go to the police,’ he said. ‘He can’t get away with that.’ But still I shook my head vehemently. ‘I can’t go over it all again – I just want to forget,’ I said. We had a baby girl in February 2003, and I tried to focus on how lucky I was to have Lee and my lovely kids. But then the smallest thing like a rattle of dog treats, or a man with a straggly beard, would send me back to Eugene’s sofa, unable to move… Lee tried to help me stop drinking. The bin was stuffed with cider bottles and lager cans. The doctor prescribed antidepressants. And slowly the fog began to clear. It took years, but I cleaned myself up and,…

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1 What is the nationality of the First Dates’ restaurant’s maître d’ Fred Sirieix? 2 Who played Rachel Green in Friends? 3 Find four types of teeth. 4 Who played Joey Tribbiani in Friends? 5 Bill and Melinda, one of the world’s richest couples, with an estimated fortune of over $120 billion between them, are set to divorce after 27 years of marriage – what is their surname? 6 What song includes the lyrics, ‘Did you ever know that you’re my hero, and everything I would like to be? I can fly higher than an eagle… ’? 7 ‘The Modfather’ released new album Fat Pop this week – who is he? 8 Which Austrian action hero’s autobiography is brilliantly titled Total Recall ? 9 Ice and field are types of what team sport? 10 What colour jersey is worn…

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baptism of firem

My phone pinged and I looked down at the text. Your taxi driver Brian is here. Grey Mercedes. Feeling tipsy, I opened the door and tottered down the path towards the Merc. It was 2am and I’d been at my sister Sarah’s house that evening for a drink and natter in April 2019. I turned back to wave to Sarah, 32, and then opened the front passenger door and plonked down into the seat. ‘Hello,’ said this Brian with a glowing smile. I wonder how old he is. Early thirties, maybe. I was 21. I began chatting but was dimly aware it was probably the Foster’s doing the talking! Five minutes later we pulled up outside my mam’s door. ‘Well, night, then,’ I said, unpeeling the seat belt. ‘Yeah, see you,’ said Brian, grinning at me. Another blathering drunk home safe and sound! On to…