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Real People Issue 24 2021

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

It’s nearly Father’s Day, the time of year when we big-up the blokes in our lives. Do we ever really stop being daddy’s girls? I’m not sure. I’d say that more of us than we’d like to admit find ourselves dialling Pa, not our fellas, when the washing machine floods the house. Well, they just don’t make ’em like they used to, do they? The fellas or the washing machines! Our old dads just know how to sort things better than the young’uns, and if you need some inspiration sorting out a pressie for yours, we have some good ideas on p24. But of course amazing dads aren’t just the ones who fathered us. Step-dads are heroes to kids up and down the land. Lauren had a wonderful one (p6).…

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our mad world!

Cute TOT BLOOMIN’ MARVELLOUS My son, Blake, three, has a thing about picking flowers and giving them to the ladies. He’s one smooth operator! Jackie Wilson, Basingstoke, Hants UK Stockport pub owner Steve Pilling fears his snack van is haunted after staff heard spooky voices inside. Cutlery crashed to the floor and the switched-off coffee machine started working. Apparently Steve’s burger and ‘frites’ are spook-tacular. JUST DANDY Benidorm beckons! At least in my heart, looking through some holiday snaps from just before Covid. Hopefully I can read my RP in the Spanish sun again soon. Janet Dandy, Burnley, Lancs TOP OF THE GLASS Us Brits neck 4.4 pints of beer a week. But what about our boozy cousins? • LATVIA (10 pints) • AUSTRIA (5.5) • FRANCE (5.2) • RUSSIA (5) • IRELAND (4.9) • GERMANY (4.8) • POLAND (4.8) • SPAIN (4.7) • PORTUGAL (4.7) • NETHERLANDS (3.3) Source:…

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a world of pane

Plunging through the water, I reached the side of the pool and put my feet on the bottom. I looked up at the public gallery and waved to a familiar figure. He waved back at me, smiling. I swam several more lengths and got out of the pool when the lesson was over. I was eight. ‘There’s my dad,’ I said to my mates, as I spotted him waiting at the entrance for me now. Craig Lewis wasn’t my dad – he was my step-dad. But he’d come into my life when I was four in 2004, and he’d raised me ever since. He was five years younger than my mum, Michelle, 28, and had no children of his own. I didn’t see my father often, but Craig was a brilliant fill-in. When he picked me up from swimming,…

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it won’t wash!

When we got home, Craig had gone. ‘We’ll think about what to do in the morning,’ Mum said, tear-stained. That evening, I opened up my birthday present. A new smartphone. How ironic! Me and Mum huddled up together again that night. I was so glad she believed me from the start. She could have stuck by her husband, many wives would have. Where would that have left me? But next morning, I was woken by a scream from her. The full horror of the situation had hit her. ‘We have to do something,’ she decided. She rang the NSPCC for advice. ‘They’ve referred us to the police,’ she said, and she began to sob. ‘When he came round yesterday, Craig told me he’d done it a few times.’ My heart thumped. Not a one-off ! He’d admitted to Mum he’d filmed me in my…

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the height of beauty

CLAVA CAIRNS Just 20 minutes outside of Inverness is a 4,000-year-old burial site from the Bronze Age, with small screen kudos! Clava Cairns featured in TV series Outlander as it’s one of Scotland’s most sacred areas. It has three exceptionally well-preserved burial ‘cairns’ or chambers, each enclosed by stone circles. Meanwhile, four miles away, there is the Culloden Centre, where the story unfolds of the victory of British king George II’s troops over ‘Bonnie’ Prince Charlie’s Scottish clans in April 1746. The latter lived another 42 years, bitterly miffed at not having the British throne. BRODIE CASTLE Step back into the 16th Century at Brodie Castle, as you walk among the antique furniture and oriental knick-knacks and look up to the beautifully painted ceilings. The Brodies were once one of the most prominent families north of the…

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real people roulette

W 1 Gorgonzola and ricotta are cheeses from what country? 2 What kind of animal is a pug? 3 Find four types of milk. 4 Wensleydale and Stilton are cheeses from what country? 5 Complete the joke: How do you describe a quiche that catches fire easily? 6 As immortalised in a play by Shakespeare, which English King led his men to victory against a large army of Frenchmen at the Battle Of Agincourt? 7 Roquefort and Camembert are cheeses from what country? 8 What current BBC One Sunday night drama is based on a novel by Nancy Mitford? 9 What kind of establishment might be awarded a Michelin star? 10 What song includes the lyrics, ‘Yes, I been black, But when I come back, you’ll know, know, know, I ain’t got the time, And if my daddy thinks I’m…