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Red UK

Red UK October 2019

From gorgeous fashion, beauty, food and interiors to brilliantly written features and health, Red magazine is an intelligent, glossy read that offers the best things in life. And for a daily Red fix, there’s redonline.co.uk. From what-to-cook-tonight to booking a weekend away to shopping with the Red fashion team, it’s the best things in life – every day.

United Kingdom
Hearst Magazines UK
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12 Issues


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contributors october 2019

ROOPA FAROOKI Shares the lessons she learned in her 30s, on page 46. MY AUTUMN WARDROBE NEEDS… Chocolate brown boots! THE SECRET TO A HAPPY RELATIONSHIP IS… three things: be kind, be kind and be kind. KATE WILLS Deep-dives into the science of touch with a mass spooning session, on page 52. MY AUTUMN WARDROBE NEEDS… a dress from Réalisation Par. THE SECRET TO A HAPPY RELATIONSHIP IS… a 20-second hug a day, apparently. ELIZABETH UVIEBINENÉ Contemplates the illusive pursuit of happiness, on page 35. MY AUTUMN WARDROBE NEEDS… a checked blazer, knee-high boots and a white shirt. THE SECRET TO A HAPPY RELATIONSHIP IS… compromise.…

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red uk

GROUP EDITORIAL DIRECTOR GABY HUDDART Personal Assistant to Group Editorial Director Jessica Browning EDITOR SARAH TOMCZAK Editorial enquiries red@redmagazine.co.uk (020 7439 5920) GROUP EDITORIAL PRODUCTION Workflow Director Carly Levy Group Managing Editor Ingrid Eames Group Chief Sub-Editor Clay Johnson Chief Sub-Editor Gwen Mostyn Deputy Chief Sub-Editors Callie Green, Francesca Cary, Vicky Deacon Senior Sub-Editor Joe Bentley Sub-Editor Charlotte Page ART Creative Director Philippa Williams Group Art Editor Lisa Collins Deputy Art Director Tom Shone Senior Designers Abby Laing, Monika Chatterton Designers Jade Stephens, Lindi Craddock, Sophie Burgham BEAUTY @RedBeautyTeam Group Beauty Director Eve Cameron Senior Beauty Editors Alexandra Friend, Alice Manning Beauty Editor Gillian Davies Beauty Assistant Medina Azaldin Beauty Intern Tanyel Mustafa REDONLINE.CO.UK Digital Editor Roanna Day Deputy Digital Editor Sarah Ilston FASHION @RedFashionTeam Group Fashion Director Oonagh Brennan Fashion & Beauty Bookings Director Karina Dial (maternity leave) Acting Fashion & Beauty Bookings Director Fiona Andrews Fashion Director-At-Large Nicola Rose Executive Fashion Director Fiona Collins Fashion Director Amanda Marcantonio (maternity leave) Acting Fashion Director Lynda Bell Fashion Editors…

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ticking the boxes

My 30th birthday was a low point for me. Some months earlier, my fiancé and I had broken up. He had been my boyfriend since university and our wedding was planned for that summer. While I had started seeing someone else, the ‘marriage’ box I had presumed would be ticked by the time I finished my third decade of life definitely wasn’t. Nor was the ‘kids’ box or, for that matter, the ‘house’ or ‘career’ boxes. My rental flat and shift work at a weekly gossip magazine just felt like further markers of my failure. By my 40th, everything had changed. I was working here at Red, happily married (not to either of the other guys, I might add), with a house of my own and two kids. While I resented…

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say it, write it, share it.

SELF-REFLECTION Just when we were all slowing down for summer, our August issue contained features all about reflection and introspection. Jenny Humphreys got in touch after reading Ella Dove’s piece about the benefits of uncovering your values. ‘I’ve been reading a lot recently about how understanding your values could help you make important life decisions, manage stress, and even help shape your interior design decor, but none of them had really explained how to identify your values, and I’d been struggling to do so on my own,’ she wrote. ‘Before understanding the concept of values, I have found myself in recent years profoundly moved, inspired or angered by things, and wondering what it was specifically about these events that spoke to me so deeply. Approaching these from a value exercise has been incredibly…

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the great coat edit

THE MODERN MAXI The tailored coat has been reimagined in a longer length with a neatly defined waist and a muted palette – an all together more feminine way to achieve true Hitchcock-heroine style. THE VERSATILE SHEARLING If you decide to invest in just one new coat, make it a shearling, for it’s go-with-anything potential. THE PRETTY PUFFA Look for a puffa in a neater shape, softer shade and with flattering belting. Pair it with ruffled blouses, ladylike dresses and pretty accessories. THE FAUX FAVOURITE The furry classic is back, and it’s time to channel your inner Margot Tenenbaum once more. Wear with eclectic florals, glossy metallics and pile your accessories high for an exuberant winter look. THE 1970s CAPE Capes are cool again. Full of nostalgic glamour, they add elegance and fashion credentials to a simple blouse and…

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put your best boot forward