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‘Don’t pick up a free ticket for an ambulance ride’ There’s no getting away from it; while riding a motorcycle is the best thing in the world, it is a dangerous old game. With this in mind, I’ve always done much to upskill and keep myself safe. The things I’ve learned from advanced training, trackdays, club racing and even off-road riding have been useful time and again but there are still moments where I’ve had to make it up as I go along - and I’m sure you’re the same. Our Danger Zone feature is designed to help you in those potentially-sticky situations. It covers a diverse range of scenarios from tackling a bike thief (and the law on giving them a going-over), to making sure a car pulling out on you…

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star picture

Hornsea, Yorkshire Here is my Suzuki GT750 and my friend Kev’s Yamaha XS1100 parked up during a lovely day out to Hornsea seafront. Each bike underwent a total rebuild during lockdown in 2020, which certainly helped alleviate the boredom. We each have modern bikes as well but the feel and looks of these classics, that are over 40 years old now, is addictive. I can thoroughly recommend reliving your youth (if you can remember that far back…) by buying one of these wonderful bikes that will give you years of analogue enjoyment in a modern electronically-controlled world! Get your bike in RiDE & win a BikeTrac system Each month the Star Picture will win a BikeTrac security tracker with a year’s BikeTrac subscription. As well as helping recover your bike if it is…

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your rides

Forth Bridge, Scotland I had a choice; to watch Saturday-evening TV or head out for a quick local ride. I ended up under the Forth Bridge on my new BMW S1000XR; I think I made the right choice. Colin Reid Loop Head peninsula, County Clare While I know these roads well by car, riding them on my GSX-S125 gives me a much richer experience of the views, weather and smells. Eamonn Murphy Llucmajor, Mallorca After so many cancelled trips in the last 18 months, it was so good to be back in Mallorca, a trip improved by renting these Ducati Scramblers for a couple of days. Hubby and I really enjoy our bikes in the UK but riding here was very special indeed. Helen and Richard Mason Rhayader, Powys A memory from an awesome trip away for…

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‘so much variety in so few miles’

DISCOVERING NEW PLACES to ride is one of the great thrills of motorcycling but, as you get more experienced and cover more miles, it is easy to feel like you’re riding the same roads over and over again. But last year, I found that joy of discovery in the Yorkshire Dales and now, you can’t keep me away For some reason, despite being in my third decade as a biker, I’d never ventured there - The Peaks, The Lakes or Scotland always drew me more. But a chance ride to the Buttertubs Pass in 2020 changed all of that and over the last year, I’ve become dedicated to getting to know it as well as I can - and you should do the same. With amazing scenery, wonderful roads and not…

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local knowledge

Best day to ride “Definitely midweek. There are always plenty of other bikes on the route but Buttertubs especially gets clogged with weekend riders. Don’t be one of those unless you have to...” Be careful “On the climb to Stang Top Moor, there are some evil hidden drops that you’ll get airborne on unless you’re careful (or mean to!). The B6270 demands respect, too. It’s easy to end up going quicker and quicker but some bends are deceptively tight and there are plenty of junctions and dawdling tourists.” Best place to eat “Has to be Tan Hill Inn, thanks to its location (Britain’s highest pub) but also, great food. It has an excellent chef that means not only are pub classics tasty, so is everything else including the best non-curry-house curry I’ve ever had. It…

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what the heck has happened to the used bike market?

BUYING A USED motorcycle isn’t as much fun as it used to be. Once a buyer’s market, now it’s characterised by limited choice, high prices and punters knowing a cut-price deal isn’t as likely as it used to be. But it isn’t just dealer prices that have gone through the roof - private sellers are doing the same. So, what has happened? Supply and demand It’s the perfect storm for high bike prices, believes James McFaden, sales manager at a multi-franchise Yamaha dealer. The new and used markets are intrinsically linked and he believes it’s the huge demand for new bikes, and the relative lack of them, that are making secondhand models more desirable and driving prices up. Earlier this month, the Motorcycle Industry Association reported that in the year to August, new…