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Robb Report March 2021

Luxury Without Compromise. Every issue of Robb Report transports you into the world of luxury as never before! Delve beneath the surface to explore the thoughts and inspirations of the engineers, artisans and entrepreneurs behind the most sought after products, luxury escapes and services the world over. With in-depth looks at the next generation luxury automobiles…to world-class travel adventures..wines, spirits, collectibles and some much more.

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Ben Sager Sager has been taking pictures since before he could walk; he has been shooting cars since before he could drive. This month, he captured the new Maserati MC20 for Dream Machines (“The Tip of the Trident,” p. 56). “I wanted to make the set feel like the already blurred line between memory and imagination,” he says. Sager’s initial love for photography was sparked by travel, and documenting journeys remains one of his greatest passions. Ana Neves A photographer and content creator, Neves graduated with a bachelor's degree in marketing management in 2019. She shot her father, José Neves, the CEO and founder of fashion e-commerce giant Farfetch, for this month’s profile (“Meet the Most Powerful Man in Fashion,” p. 74). “The idea was to capture a friendly, relaxed and calm environment,…

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editor’s letter

Welcome to our Spring Style issue, where we look at the people, brands and trends that will influence how we dress over the coming months. An example: our profile of the CEO of Farfetch, the digital luxury-fashion retailer that outperformed the market to an extraordinary extent last year, posting an 82 percent rise in gross profit year on year, as nearly every other fashion company saw revenue drop off a cliff. What’s more, its market cap surged 475 percent. Compare that to Zoom’s 408 percent and vaccine developer BioNTech’s 125 percent, to name two other big beneficiaries of 2020’s horror show. How? Because unlike most retail models, the business is built not on buying inventory but on creating a marketplace where consumers can buy directly from manufacturers and a network of…

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a return to adventure

One can spend endless vacations chasing the latest high-profile trend or gizmo, from culinary tourism to submarines. But there’s a shift afoot, a desire to seek pleasures that are more simple, though by no means less luxurious, with a return to old-fashioned adventure and the chance to enjoy the meditative powers of nature with as few filters as possible. For devotees of Andalusia’s peerless Marbella Club, this means a twin ski-and-swim trip: a few days perched high in the Sierra Nevada mountain outpost El Lodge, followed by a few more at the brand’s palm-strewn beachside hostelry. From around $2,550 per person, mountain mornings kick off with expeditions into the Sierra Nevada National Park by horseback or hikes in Los Cahorros, a network of gorges, rock pools, waterfalls and historic acequias knitted…

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a dual-passport concierge

When the going gets tough, the tough (and well-heeled) get second passports. Now, thanks to a new initiative from top-tier travel agency Embark Beyond, getting one, along with a second citizenship, is simpler than ever. The company’s new Dual Citizenship Program helps clients with the process for 15 European Union nations, and unlike opportunities requiring a major financial investment in the intended country, this one is based on lineage. Clients complete a detailed family tree, then Embark and its European partners assess the best way in and handle all the logistics: record retrieval, translation, certification. Costs run from $2,000 to $3,000, depending on the required paperwork, with an expected timeline of three months (Germany) to two-plus years (Italy). “We vetted the idea with a dozen clients,” says Embark cofounder Jack Ezon,…

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very intercontinental

While fine wine in Europe and the Americas becomes increasingly focused on individual vineyard plots, Australian producer Penfolds has always taken a broader view, making its mark by blending premium grapes from across South Australia’s wine regions. The result: critical darlings, from the popular Bin 389 to the highly collectible Grange. This month Penfolds widens its lens further still with the launch of its California Collection. It’s not the first time it has jumped continental boundaries, nor is Penfolds the first wine powerhouse to do so. What makes this expansion so notable is its remarkable history, plus Penfolds’ new-world willingness to say “rules, schmules” and go its own way. “Penfolds got its first taste of California sun in the 1990s, with Geyser Peak,” says senior winemaker Stephanie Dutton, of the Sonoma winery…

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tropical son

AS SHELDON SIMEON traversed the continental United States, he couldn’t help but notice his fellow Americans misunderstood Hawaiian food. Simeon had risen to prominence with two stints on Top Chef, during which he explored the cuisine of his native Hawaii, reached the finals and won the fan-favorite votes on both seasons. But, he found, it hadn’t made the impression he hoped for. “I went out to share my food, and people’s idea of the cuisine was that, if you put pineapple on it, then it’s Hawaiian,” he says. Simeon realized that tourists have long had an outsize role in defining the food and culture of the islands. “We’ve created this industry where Hawaii is an amusement park, one big place that showcases an experience that’s totally different from what [local] families…