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June 2021
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No one covers the people, politics and issues that matter (now more than ever) like Rolling Stone. Your source for all the breaking news coverage, exclusive interviews with influential people, music trends, hot album and movie reviews, must-read rock star profiles and in-depth national affairs reporting you rely on in the magazine. An annual term to Rolling Stone is currently 12 issues. The number of issues in an annual term is subject to change at any time. Get Rolling Stone digital magazine subscription today for cutting-edge reporting, provocative photos and raw interviews with influential people who shape the scene and rock the world.

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love letters & advice

“I’ve gushed about her since Day One of Insecure, which was my introduction to her brand of wit and comedy. She is the real deal, and I’m thrilled that she’s taking over the world!”@littlelostsunny TV’s Queen of Comedy Whether making them feel proud, inspired, or just plain giddy, our Issa Rae cover [“Issa Rae Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” RS 1351] had a strong impact on readers. Many were struck by her prolific output, tenacious drive, and refreshing realness. “This brings me so much joy! I was only a teen when she was posting her hilarious web series on YouTube, and to see her dominate is so inspirational!” wrote Zainab Boladale. “Started at Awkward Black Girl and now we’re here,” Andrea Bonner said on Instagram. Student Medrine Yambura added, “We are marveling at…

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sam jay’s comedy of compromise

ON AN OVERCAST Thursday evening in April, Sam Jay settles into a booth at New York’s storied Comedy Cellar. She’s wearing a sweatshirt featuring a photo of Kobe Bryant clutching the 2001 NBA Finals trophy, and her short hair is hidden under a fitted Lakers cap. It’s dim and the bar hasn’t opened yet, but Jay asks a worker for a reposado on the rocks anyway, and he obliges. In December 2017, shortly after moving to New York to write for Saturday Night Live, Jay “passed” here — meaning she successfully auditioned for the owners and started getting regular gigs at the venue where comics like Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock have performed. “Only passed comics could sit at the table,” Jay says, as she twists to motion to a…

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the many faces of kansas city’s music scene

The following is one piece in a four-part series highlighting all that Missouri has to offer in the worlds of food, art, music and adventure. Missouri – or “Mo,” as we refer to her – has no shortage of places to explore, so whatever you’re after, there’s a Mo for every M-O. Savvy travelers know that the Kansas City music scene has a not-so-hidden wealth of destinations worth visiting. The barbeque-loving, middle-of-the-map metropolis has grown into a buzzing live music hotspot that is also known the world over for its storied place in jazz history. Below, you’ll get to know a few of the people and places that make the “City of Fountains” a premier travel destination for any music fan in search of an unforgettable live show. Knuckleheads The origin story of Knuckleheads…

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rs recommends

ALBUM 1. Loraine James’ ‘Reflection’ Maverick London producer James’ fearlessly inventive LP takes listeners on a ride through an electronic underworld, with voices echoing eerily off walls of dreamlike synths and deftly programmed beats. BOOK 2. ‘In Defense of Ska’ Drummer-turned-journalist Aaron Carnes mixes reporting and memoir-esque essays in this deep dive from CLASH Books, bringing new meaning to underground legends like Operation Ivy. RADIO APP 3. Nostalgie This Parisian station streams New Wave, pop, disco, and obscure cuts by artists you know (Donna Summer) and French ones you might not (Johnny Hallyday). It’s a passport to another time, when travel feels like a dream. ALBUM 4. Amythyst Kiah’s ‘Wary + Strange’ On her label debut, singer-songwriter Kiah — one of roots music’s most promising new voices since joining supergroup Our Native Daughters in 2018 — conjures new futures with a…

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ask croz

My husband has lost all interest in sex and has told me I’m free to go out and be with other men. He says it’s merely physical and swears he will not care. Should I take him up on the offer? After all, I do have his permission. —Anonymous, MD It doesn’t friggin’ matter. You can’t love someone if you can’t trust them. That means you can’t go out and screw around. I’ve been married for 44 years. I have never screwed around, not once, ever. I firmly believe that if you say those vows, you better mean them. You shouldn’t mess around with anyone else at any time. If you do, your husband is never going to trust you again, no matter what he says. I’m roughly your age, and I’ve survived…

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looking for an adventure? explore six of missouri’s top outdoor attractions

The following is one piece in a four-part series highlighting all that Missouri has to offer in the worlds of food, art, music and adventure. Missouri – or “Mo,” as we refer to her – has no shortage of places to explore, so whatever you’re after, there’s a Mo for every M-O. Missouri is full of outdoor wonders, with 88 state parks, six national parks, and many other excursions off the beaten path. Ranked among the top state park systems in the nation, Missouri offers a breadth of adventures, from scenic vistas to picturesque hikes, and there are many different ways to experience all that the “Show-Me” State has to offer. Here’s a look at some of the highlights of Missouri’s wildlife, parks and more where you experience the great outdoors and…