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RV Travel Lifestyle, New Zealand’s longest-running NZ-owned motorhome travel publication. We visit NZ’s most beautiful spots north to south from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island and everywhere in between. Hire or buy an RV for an amazing way to explore our pristine and often wild places. We visit cycleways, historic and cultural sites, Department of Conservation parks, stunning beach and mountain destinations to inspire our readers, along with major cities and small towns, and showcase activities from fishing to motor racing, wine tours to music festivals and shopping. We review RVs, and travellers share their experiences. An excellent publication for those travelling around New Zealand to self-drive an RV or car, and see the best NZ can offer.

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3 min.
hot and humid summer days

By the time this hits the streets it will be autumn and the weather may have started to turn. I almost look forward to that as it has been so hot and humid up here in Pukekohe and almost wish we were in Martinborough for the hot dry heat we are more used to. Rain is predicted tomorrow with a cyclone on the way. I hope it is soft and consistent enough to break the dry around the country. The property we have rented has big cracks in the ground all around the lawns and garden, and we have been watering since we got up here – I didn’t realise we would get a monthly water bill, lol. Living in a rural village kept us sheltered from things like that…

4 min.
rosie reno interior

Straight after the Christmas issue of RV went to print we drove to Auckland and headed to Starfish Interiors in Avondale. We had been there weeks earlier and had the vehicle measured up for new curtains and picked out our fabrics – roman blinds for me all day long in an RV. I love them in RnR especially, because we used a blackout fabric that looks a lovely 2 light oyster colour, but at night seals off any exterior lighting brilliantly – I like to sleep in the dark in the motorhome. It was time for them to be installed and I was really excited – there’s no bigger transformation you can make to the interior of the motorhome than changing the squabs, seats and curtains. We had originally wanted to…

9 min.
rosie’s reno

With a whirlwind of change and activity over the last couple of months – so many magazine deadlines prior to Christmas – I was just too busy to write our column in the last issue. Sorry about that. My last column in Issue 73 had us heading north to Auckland in Rosie, our older 1998 Ford Transit four-berth motorhome, with plans for a bit of upgrade and renovation work to her power systems and interior décor. We had already spent around $10k on the exterior work and fix-ups so were happy she was water-tight with re-sealed joins and windows, rust proofed, serviced and ready to go anywhere. However, the interior and the outdated electrical systems and batteries needed an upgrade, and we definitely wanted solar power, bigger batteries and an inverter…

2 min.
a fuelcard for every kiwi

Like you, the team at Kiwi Fuelcards love spending time with their friends and family, getting out and about, and exploring everything New Zealand has to offer. From the beaches and lakes, mountains and forests, to the big, fast-paced cities and the sleepy rural towns, they reckon we live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Unlike other fuelcard companies, they are 100% Kiwi owned and operated. Their friendly customer service team, based in small-town New Zealand, is always ready to help walk you through signing up for great fuel savings – or to simply have a chat about the weather, the latest rugby results, or whatever else is happening in your corner of New Zealand! With more than 30,000 delighted customers across the country, Kiwi Fuelcards are proud…

5 min.
steamy punk

It was a bit like one of those weird dreams when you wake up relieved and think ‘thank goodness it was a dream’ – except I was awake. An old steam train was rattling down the main street of Thames followed by a ute painted in camouflage with a couple of sinister-looking militia types on the back. Creepy. Chugging behind this was a crazy-looking tractor with an odd, tubular radiator up front, driven by a farmer dressed in a samurai warrior’s armour but with shorts and black boots. A young girl in a black pantsuit was riding on the wheel arch of the tractor, a Massey Ferguson. Alongside the weird tractor was a woman in tails riding a penny-farthing. OK, this is all very strange. It was like something out of…

4 min.
l’exception est la règle

The DeLuxe Group in Blenheim have distribution rights for this classy French-built motorhome. We have featured the brand before in issue 70 of this magazine where we learnt that the French manufacturer Pilote produce these luxurious motor-liners with a high level of craftsmanship – there are many features to drool over and ‘ooh la las’ seem to glide off the tongue when you see one of these motorhomes in real time. This new 7.8CL model has literally just landed in the country – not enough time for us to get photographs set up, but a quick look through and a chat with Laura Smith at DeLuxe gave me enough details to spotlight the vehicle in this show issue. Construction: Polyester side walls, moisture-resistant wall battens and 35mm insulation – to conserve heat,…