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Sarie Food Summer 2021

SARIE FOOD is more than a magazine: it’s a lifestyle and a hearty conversation. The magazine talks food, and the conversation is mouth-watering and proudly South African. The magazine is for everyone who is inspired by the tastes and aromas of a modern-day Afrikaans style of cooking and entertaining, and wants to treat loved-ones to dishes straight from the heart. No fuss, no nonsense, just good, honest food and tasty, healthy solutions for all who are eager to explore, enjoy and share in the SARIE world of inspiration - echoing the brand pay-off line, My Inspirasie

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South Africa
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a new beginning

At last we can say goodbye to 2020. Wave farewell and look forward to a new beginning. If I’ve ever wondered why we are so keen to “start again” every year, I understand it this year. It’s not as if 2020 gave us her best! And yet a new year doesn’t mean “starting” over for me … It rather means that I have a chance to look at things in a new way, to take a fresh approach to doing the things I enjoy. As a student, the baking classes taught me that when a recipe doesn’t work out the way it should, it can be seen as a chance to learn how to make it perfectly in the end. From day one it is drilled into you that as a chef…

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kia seltos

Kia has long been a formidable competitor in the local car market and the sport utility vehicles (SUVs) from this Korean marque in particular have impressed. The newest addition to Kia’s SUV range is the Seltos. It slots in below the popular Sportage and has to stand its ground against rivals such as the Hyundai Creta, Suzuki Vitara and Nissan Qashqai. There are three engine options, two of which are petrol and one diesel, and we took the top model, the spirited 1.4 litre turbo petrol GT Line for atest drive. In the GT Line version, it boasts a 7-speed automatic transmission, which helps to ensure a smooth ride. The Seltos’s appearance also draws attention and is fairly luxurious. Buyers will be impressed with how spacious the Seltos is, with…

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we like this

GO AWAY! The warmer weather often also brings with it unwanted guests. With this nifty little fan from ShooAway you can set the table outside without worrying that a fly will land in your food. It keeps insects away without any unpleasant smells, damaging chemicals or dead bugs on the table. R299 from yuppiechef.com SALT AND PEPPER, THEN YOU FEEL BETTER Food for the most part is not complete without salt and pepper and it tastes even better when they’re freshly ground. We love the Le Creuset salt and pepper mills in Coastal Blue. The mechanism is ceramic so it won’t wear away or rust over time, perfect for everyday use. From R549 per mill (20,5 cm) at Le Creuset shops FROM BREAKFAST TO DINNER Braaipap, made with maize meal, is a traditional South African…

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our top 12

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ice-cold beer

BELGIAN BEER This European country is not only famous for chocolate, but also for the world’s best beer. Even if you aren’t a big beer drinker, you should try a Duvel. This brewery’s unique brewing process gives the beer a subtle bitterness and fine aroma with lots of tropical notes. You can order it locally from shop.thebeermerchant.co.za for about R270 for six (330 ml bottles). TAKE FIVE The four cousins from Robertson always have a plan to spoil you, including with their Fiver range of wine-based drinks. They’re light and fresh, with just 5% alcohol. We especially like the strawberry and litchi variant. Buy online from vanloveren.co.za at R442 for 24 x 275 ml bottles. CIDER An ice-cold apple cider is wonderful as a thirst quencher in summer. If you’re looking for something different, try…

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paws a moment

10% The amount of water in dry cat food. In contrast with dogs, cats don’t drink a lot of water. They usually get most of their water from their food. If you feed Tigger or Tibbles dry food, they have to drink about 1 cup of water per day for every 4,5 kg that they weigh. And in hot weather even more. Cats that eat tinned food need a third to half the amount of water. Ensure they always have enough clean water. If your cat starts drinking more water than usual, or looking for water in strange places, it’s usually an indication there’s a problem, says Dr Ingrid de Wet, vet at the EberVet Country Animal Clinic in Somerset West. TREASURE HUNT Turn mealtimes into a game. Don’t only place Kitty’s…