Sarie Food Spring 2021

SARIE FOOD is more than a magazine: it’s a lifestyle and a hearty conversation. The magazine talks food, and the conversation is mouth-watering and proudly South African. The magazine is for everyone who is inspired by the tastes and aromas of a modern-day Afrikaans style of cooking and entertaining, and wants to treat loved-ones to dishes straight from the heart. No fuss, no nonsense, just good, honest food and tasty, healthy solutions for all who are eager to explore, enjoy and share in the SARIE world of inspiration - echoing the brand pay-off line, My Inspirasie

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it’s wonderful spring

And so we have travelled around the sun for another year and another new season has arrived: Spring! The promise of blossoms and colour makes it impossible for me to hide my happiness. The best part is that we can now cook generously again and set a table under trees that are swapping their winter outfits for green, leafy dresses. We can get ready to braai outdoors and sit down to plates filled with lighter food and cool desserts that wobble and melt on your spoon. Each one of us has a story that we like to tell when we’re sitting around the table with loved ones. Often people say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and I couldn’t agree more, but I do think the heart beats…

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we like this

LEMONY TASTE Sumac is a blood-red berry with an almost lemon-like taste. The berries, which are dried and finely ground, are widely used in Middle Eastern recipes. Keep an eye out for NOMU’s product at your local supermarket. About R50 for 60 g TOUCH OF LUXURY Serve Morgenster Nocellara Del Belice green olives with cheese and biscuits on a cheeseboard, add them to a salad or garnish martinis with them. R79 for a290 g jar from Yuppiechef. STACK IT We absolutely love this shallow, stackable pink salad bowl from Omada. Lavish’d is the only distributor of this new range of kitchen and tableware from the Italian designer brand, which is known for its distinctive, top-quality products. R379 from LOOONG CHIPS You’ve been dreaming of bigger, longer chips and here they are! Look for the Long Chips…

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sip on spring

WINTER’S GIFT If you want to taste the cream of Sauvignon Blancs, you must try Diemersdal’s Winter Ferment with its crisp flavours of Cape gooseberry and grapefruit. The grapes are frozen directly after being picked, and then in the winter are defrosted and fermented at low temperatures. R150 from the cellar or online ADD SPARKLE Few things make a meal more festive than a glass of bubbly. It’s unusual to find a sparkling wine made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes (traditionally it would be Chardonnay), but the method used to make the Steenberg Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc ensures a light and lovely end product that works well with spring favourites like salads and fish. R145 for 750 ml from EVERYONE’S FRIEND If there is one wine that you know everyone is going to enjoy, it’s Robertson…

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paws a moment

69% Moms and dads of pets who are worried their fur-children will have separation anxiety when the coronavirus is sorted out and they can go back to work, according to an American survey. Signs of separation anxiety can include destructive behaviour, your animal “talking” nonstop, or peeing in taboo places. TREASURE HUNT Your cat likes to bring home the “bodies” of birds, mice and other creatures. (Eeek, yes!) Give him more meat and that “sport” could decrease by 36%. And play with him for 5-10 minutes per day, and his deadly hobby could drop by 25%. So suggests asmall British study. Food made with protein from plant sources, like soy, can cause a shortage of certain micronutrients in some cats, which drives them to hunt. Making Kitty work for his food can…

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zola nene & nataniël it tastes so good, because they cook so well

Cognac? No, rooibos tea! Singer, storyteller, old soul . . . Food is just one of Nataniël’s many hats. In his new lifestyle programme, Terwyl Ek Wag* (while I wait), he is back on the trail of his Huguenot roots, this time in South Africa 1 Terwyl Ek Wag seems to be something of a follow-on from Edik van Nantes . . . The starting point is the arrival of the Le Roux families in South Africa. When Erik [his brother] and I visited a Huguenot farm five years ago, it reminded me so much of my gran’s house and lifestyle in Wellington. I felt totally at home, like in Nantes. However, because of the French [Covid-19] restrictions, Erik couldn’t be part of this series. It is about immigrants, refugees and settlers,…

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a spring bouquet

SET YOUR TABLE Milk-glass pots and vases look dreamy and are very nostalgic. These days you can find modern versions in décor shops, but the best ones are still those from your granny’s cupboard or the bargains you find at antique markets. Single-stem flowers in pots grouped together look lovely. Let your table bloom with a floral tablecloth made of sturdy cotton or linen. Simply use ordinary tea towels as napkins and let your guests take theirs home with them as a gift. Ours come from MRP Home and cost R69,99 for a set of three. ACCESSORIES All the crockery and cutlery used in the photo shoot are from Omada, available from Mix and match plates in soft pastels to make the table more informal. You can follow the same formula by combining a…