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Sarie Food Winter 2021

SARIE FOOD is more than a magazine: it’s a lifestyle and a hearty conversation. The magazine talks food, and the conversation is mouth-watering and proudly South African. The magazine is for everyone who is inspired by the tastes and aromas of a modern-day Afrikaans style of cooking and entertaining, and wants to treat loved-ones to dishes straight from the heart. No fuss, no nonsense, just good, honest food and tasty, healthy solutions for all who are eager to explore, enjoy and share in the SARIE world of inspiration - echoing the brand pay-off line, My Inspirasie

South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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the good old days

For the last while, I have been constantly confronted by the thought: What is comfort food actually? Because it’s been a trend for years now, and it just keeps growing. Everyone calls it something different: mom’s food, home cooking, comfort food, nostalgic food, memory food, yesterday’s food . . . But what is it about the past that makes us feel good? And if you think about it, it’s quite sad that you might believe the best times in your life are already past. We hear so often how the clever people talk about living in the moment. Do the things that matter now. Make the moment count. Why do we long so much for yesterday? I recently started reading about nostalgia, which these days especially is like a security blanket for…

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plug-in vehicles

Automakers are rushing to bring more and more electric vehicles to the e market. Over the next decade or so vehicles with internal combustion engines will be phased out as they make way for their electric counterparts. In South Africa there are still relatively few electric vehicles available, and their prices are e eye-watering. You can currently buy plug-in models from BMW, Mini, Volvo and Jaguar, and within the next year or two, marques such as Mercedes and Volkswagen are expected to introduce electric vehicles here. Mini’s electric SE model is the most affordable option at the moment. Its interior and cargo spaces are the same as for the standard Mini, but under the floor there is a battery pack with 12 modules of lithium-ion cells. Its performance is impressive,…

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we like this

OK, JA FOR OAT MILK Two words: rich and creamy. That’s how the plant-based brand Okja’s oat milk is described. It’s a good alternative to cow’s milk and can be used just like any other milk: in your coffee, cereal, soup and smoothies. From R40 for a 1-litre box, from selected grocery and online stores CHIPS! Do you love crisp, crunchy potato chips, but are looking for a wholesome alternative? Then Cheaky Co.’s sea salt and vinegar Chyps are the perfect snack for you. These delicious chips, made from roasted chickpeas, are gluten-free, high in fibre, low in cholesterol and vegan friendly. R49 for a 200 g pack from yuppiechef.com SPEED IT UP We know time is not always on our side, which is why the AMC 8 Litre Speedcooker II is such a good…

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paws a moment

50% Some types of tooth-friendly treats and diets can reduce dental plaque in dogs by half. Just the simple action of chewing can make a difference. A study found that when the diameter of dry dog food (kibble) is enlarged by 50%, it can reduce tartar build-up by 42%. Dehydrated pigs’ ears (the piggy, not the plant) are often a dog’s favourite chew toy, but your pet’s teeth don’t benefit at all from them, studies have found. They can also sometimes be contaminated with bacteria. FREE AS A BIRD Tweet . .. tweet! A few large stones in your birdbath are important for more than just aesthetic reasons. What may look to you like a little bit of water could be too deep for little Tinktinkie and her friends. A stone then acts…

7 min
ostrich on the menu

MENU Ostrich carpaccio with aioli North African ostrich soup with flatbread over the coals Grilled ostrich fillet with herb sauce Ouma’s ostrich pie Frikkadel curry Aioli is a Provençal mayonnaise that is flavoured with roasted garlic. It has a sweet taste which works well with meat, including ostrich Ostrich carpaccio with aioli (pg 17) There is something special about simplicity and that is what this salad is. Serve it with home-made bread and it could even do as a light meal. serves 6 1 whole garlic bulb3 egg yolks15 ml English mustardjuice and grated zest of 2 lemons350 ml canola oilsalt and freshly ground black pepper30 ml olive oil1 large ostrich fillet (about 600 g)45 ml dukkah spice mix50 g Parmesan cheesebaby salad leaves of your choice Preheat oven to 180 °C. Wrap garlic bulb in aluminium foil and place in…

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set your table

Use succulents from your garden as flowers. Cut long stems and arrange them in recyclable glass bottles; we used old beer bottles. Let each guest take a succulent home to plant in their garden. Gold is always lovely. Mix and match gold cutlery to create afeeling of luxury. Vintage markets are wonderful places to browse for yesterday’s treasures. Use unbleached linen fabric for the tablecloth; it costs about R70 per metre. Buy 3 metres longer than your table and let it hang to the ground for texture and flow. Forget about neatly folded napkins and simply drop over-sized ones with botanical prints onto the plates. We used napkins made from a mixture of linen and cotton. They cost about R105 each (50 x50 cm) from laperle.co.za.…