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Written by fans for fans SciFiNow is the first new science fiction, horror, cult TV and fantasy magazine in the last 12 years – a high quality title that celebrates the explosion of new scifi TV shows, films and culture, past present and future. From Doctor Who to Buck Rogers. Star Wars to American Horror Story,D81 Buffy to Battlestar Galactica. SciFi Now loves them all, and there’s no better magazine if you want in-depth interviews, lavish features, trustworthy reviews and detailed scifi TV listings. The future is Now.

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GET EXCITED ABOUT JOKER It’s been three months or so since the first trailer for Todd Phillips’ Joker arrived and since then things have been pretty quiet. However, that teaser got everyone’s attention, showing off the film’s Scorsese influences and what is sure to be an unforgettable performance from Joaquin Phoenix. Sure, we’ve still got a lot of questions but with a supporting cast that good and an actor like that fully committed (hopefully in a non-Leto way) this could be something special and we’re all in favour of DC jumping out of cinematic universes. We’ve seen a lot of big genre favourites come to an end this year. Proper leviathans, the kind that will be described as phenomena in the books that people are almost certainly pitching as we speak. The MCU…

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”it’s much scarier“

IT’S BEEN TWO years since Andy Muschietti brought Stephen King’s IT to the big screen and made a new generation of moviegoers scared of clowns. And sewers. And libraries. And… well, you get the picture. While it was clear from the first trailer that IT was going to scare people, no one could have predicted quite how huge it was going to be. The movie earned over $100 million on its opening weekend (it’d go on to make over $700 million worldwide), a huge achievement for an R-rated horror movie. But living up to the hype isn’t the only challenge for Chapter Two. It’s also going to have to live up to the horror. No mean feat, but star Jessica Chastain tell us that we don’t have anything to worry about…

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robert pattinson is the batman

After months of speculation it’s been revealed that Robert Pattinson will be taking on the cowl of The Batman in Matt Reeves’ film of the same name. The role reportedly came down to a two-way fight between him and X-Men star Nicholas Hoult, with Pattinson clinching it in the costume test. The Batman will be the first in a trilogy featuring a younger Bruce Wayne as he finds his feet as Batman. Reeves has said that the film will have a noir style and will focus on Batman’s detective skills, which will be a refreshing departure from previous takes on the character. He promises a ‘rogue’s gallery’ of villains, which could tie in nicely with a whodunnit plot, but we all know what happens when a superhero film gets over-stuffed with…

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the rise of the petitions

Multiple petitions have been launched against Warner Bros over the casting of Robert Pattinson, with Batman fans calling for his removal from the role. Those aren’t the only petitions circulating at the moment, with over 1.5 million people signing a petition to remake Game Of Thrones Season Eight ‘with competent writers’. The success of some online campaigns to rescue cancelled shows may have given fans an overinflated sense of their own importance when it comes to creative decisions made by filmmakers and TV producers. If fans were only given what they think they want, we would never have had the likes of Heath Ledger’s Joker, or Katee Sackhoff’s gender-swapped Starbuck. Sure, sometimes things don’t work out quite as you would like, but the people who make the creative decisions on films and…

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gatored community

The great thing about horror movies involving massive apex predators is that you don’t need an awful lot of fancy plotting to get our money. There’s something so primally terrifying about these creatures that, in a way, the simpler they are, the scarier they’ll be. And clearly, French genre veteran and master of horror Alexandre Aja feels exactly the same way. His latest film is Crawl, set in Florida in the midst of a category five hurricane as Haley Keller (The Maze Runner’s Kaya Scodelario) races home to rescue her dad (Barry Pepper). With the water rising, the winds howling and the house coming down around them, things are looking pretty bleak for the Kellers… but they’re not alone. The storm has washed in the area’s biggest killer: a big…

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tv is dead. long live tv

ENDING SWAMP THING DCUniverse’s Swamp Thing appeared to be in trouble even before it launched, with Warner Bros reducing its season-order from 13 episodes to 10 mid-way through filming. Now, only days after the first episode launched to good reviews, it has been cancelled. Why that was remains a mystery, but it seems that Warner Bros wasn’t willing to keep forking out cash for the show. It comes as questions are raised about the viability of online streaming service DC Universe, especially as Warner Bros – DC’s owners – is launching its own. Quite where this leaves the platform’s other shows remains to be seen, but Titans, at least, is already in production on its second season. If you like magical and mysterious sci-fi, then why not try… COMMISSIONED DUNE: THE SISTERHOOD As if…