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Sea Angler is Britain’s s biggest-selling sea fishing magazine. Launched in 1972, it covers shore and boat angling around the UK coastline and further afield. It's unique because every month it offers: * Full and honest tackle tests: what to use and buy * Exclusive bass section: dedicated to Britain's true sportfish * Shimano Mission Catch Competition: catch target species over a certain weight to claim embroidered catch badges * Technical and Tactical advice: how to catch through the changing seasons * Regular kayaking advice features & stories On average we publish 140 pages each month absolutely crammed with action, advice, tips and inspirational editorial.

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BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS, ANGLERS WILL BE ALLOWED TO KEEP one bass a day until October 31. This is good news for those who want the right to choose whether or not they can take a fish home for the table. To mark the one-fish bag limit starting on April 1, we’ve devoted 11 pages of this issue to some great bass-fishing writing from James ‘Leakyboots’ Batty, Marc Cowling and, of course, Henry Gilbey. It all starts on page 6. On the subject of bass, it was pleasing to note that in February at Poole Magistrates’ Court, two men pleaded guilty to taking a quantity of bass below the minimum size and removing them from the Poole Harbour bass nursery area. Hoang Tran, of Thatcham, Berks, and Doan Tran,…

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get out there!

EARLY APRIL, BUT IT FELT LIKE January in Siberia. My ears were stinging by the time I arrived in my little cove. The tide was high, 2ft of water over the biggest of the rocks and weed patches. I knew my hands would be like frozen fish fingers, so I already had my lure clipped on, a soft plastic in Ayu, a gungy lugworm colour. Not much wave, so I made my first cast 10ft back from the edge, then I stuffed my left hand in my pocket to warm it up a bit. Bang, a fish on, about 2lb. Back it went, I checked the lure, and out with another cast. Hand restored to the pocket as the softie sank through the water, then a twitch and half a pace…

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banker venues

ATTEMPTING TO CATCH AN EARLY - season bass will depend on where you live or fish. It can be achieved in March, and most certainly April, but the further south and west you live, it may even be earlier. January 2019 has already thrown up some good bass, although, arguably, these fish could be termed as very late-season stragglers. Here, I am concentrating on where to fish, and will suggest the specific lures that I will be using. SIGNIFICANT MOMENT In my book ‘The Lure of The Bass’ I tell of one freezing-cold, bright and sunny day in early April when – following an extended period of cold easterly winds – I decided to go lure fishing for bass. I arrived on the mark at dead low water, safe in the knowledge that I…

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land your fish of a lifetime

I HAVE A FEELING THAT IF I EXAMINED the lure fishing tackle of 100 bass anglers, the most common breaking strain for both their braid mainline and fluoro or monofilament leader would be either 20lb or at least close to this. When we go lure fishing for bass from the shore, we are unlikely to connect with a bass that weighs more than 10lb. Even if we are lucky enough to hook a magical double-figure fish, it isn’t going to go over 20lb – we can but dream, though. It is perfectly possible to land fish that weigh far more than the breaking strain of your line but, of course, this doesn’t take into account where you are fishing. I have seen 200lb-plus sharks landed from beaches in Namibia on 0.50mm/30lb mono on multiple…

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play your cards right

WE’RE AT THAT TIME between when the majority of fish are offshore breeding and prior to their eventual return, typically from the middle of April. After that we should notice the return of a multitude of species to our shores to rid anglers of an air of despondency, but for now we must adapt our fishing to catch what’s there and not target fish that are unavailable in numbers. Yes, it’s a challenging period, especially on the open surf beaches in my local area of west and north-west Wales. It can be argued that a change in our seasonal weather pattern has seen some winters hang late, making, for instance, the month of March more like the February of old (think 2018). Many of us still work to the fish behavioural patterns that were…