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Sea Angler Issue 570

Sea Angler is Britain’s s biggest-selling sea fishing magazine. Launched in 1972, it covers shore and boat angling around the UK coastline and further afield. It's unique because every month it offers: * Full and honest tackle tests: what to use and buy * Exclusive bass section: dedicated to Britain's true sportfish * Shimano Mission Catch Competition: catch target species over a certain weight to claim embroidered catch badges * Technical and Tactical advice: how to catch through the changing seasons * Regular kayaking advice features & stories On average we publish 140 pages each month absolutely crammed with action, advice, tips and inspirational editorial.

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SEA ANGLING IS FULL OF GREAT CHARACTERS WHO MAKE A NAME for themselves in many ways. Two such gems are Tony Kirrage (above left) and Graeme Pullen (above right). Both are extremely keen anglers, but they gained their fame for different reasons. Tony has been a fixture on the Eastbourne fishing scene for decades, both as an angler and while running his popular shop, Tony’s Tackle. Graeme made his way into angling journalism and, as a result, his writing, particularly in the big-game fishing arena, has entertained anglers for many years. Now he’s often in front of the camera and still retains a huge following. I’ve known them both for nearly 30 years and they’re really interesting characters, who I’m really pleased to include in this issue. My colleague Paul Fenech joins Tony…

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sea angler

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the guv’nor!

TONY KIRRAGE RUSHES behind the counter to answer the phone: “Hello, Tony’s Tackle. Yeah, how many you after? 100 fresh-outs shouldn’t be a problem. Pick them up first thing in the morning, okay?” As soon as he puts the phone down, it rings again. “Hello, Tony’s Tackle…yeah loads mate, how many you after?” It’s Tuesday, a little after 9am. Tony’s Tackle, in Eastbourne, has been open just a few minutes and already the phone is ringing continuously. Behind the counter is owner Tony Kirrage with the phone wedged firmly to his ear by his shoulder, and he’s quickly wrapping some freshly delivered black lugworms in newspaper. Dropping the phone on the counter, he spots me walking through the door and it rings again. He answers it immediately, and with a smile and a…

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glorious galloway

WITH SPRING UNDERWAY and the summer fast approaching, the south-west of Scotland – stretching from the northern shores of the Solway Firth to the large open waters of Loch Ryan – becomes a big attraction for anglers. Almost every species of fish found in Scottish waters can be targeted from this stretch of coastline, which gives access to classic surf beaches, deep-water rock marks and tidal estuarine environments. As with most areas of the UK, the fishing in the south-west of Scotland is extremely seasonal. YOUR SEASONAL GUIDE TO SOUTH-WEST SCOTLAND SPRING As the final run of codling departs when winter turns to spring, the sea begins to change. The area seems to grind to a halt as anglers wait for the summer visitors, the first being plaice, followed by small numbers of bass.…

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need to know

GETTING THERE The area is easily found by taking the A75 road from Dumfries to Stranraer, or alternatively the A77 south from Ayr. Both these routes will give access to many of the marks along the coastline. Careful thought should be given to the landowners when parking because many areas have few spaces in which to leave a vehicle. Special attention must be given to tide sizes and safety when choosing a mark. Very often, when you begin fishing at low water, it is a good distance from where you finish up at the top of the tide. TACKLE SHOPS McCowan’s, 50 King St, Castle Douglas DG7 1AD, tel: 01556 610270. The Sports Shop, 84 George St, Stranraer DG9 7AS, tel: 01776 702705.…

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join the cheyne gang

After a couple of failed attempts during the past few years, my hopes of bagging some black bream at Cheyne, which overlooks Freshwater Bay on Portland’s southeastern flank, were all but a distant memory. However, I’ve never been one to throw in the towel. With just a light north-westerly forecast, the perfect weather conditions for this stretch of Dorset’s coastline, I set off to Portland with my old mate Steve Lawrence, from Poole. Black bream can be caught here from April, with the best fishing from June to September. As summer turns to autumn, they shoal up in the deeper water here before heading off to warmer waters as the first frosts start to bite, but at this time sport can be hit and miss. On occasions you could have a dozen fish,…