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Shape Singapore August 2018

Shape Singapore is the country's leading active lifestyle guide for women. Packed with useful health, fitness, nutrition and beauty tips, Shape Singapore addresses every concern of the busy modern woman. Every feature is based on extensive research and expert opinions to give our readers information and advice they can trust.

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run happy

As you read this, many of you should be gearing up for the 13th edition of Shape Run, happening on August 19. Shape Run holds a special place in my heart. The 2006 Shape Run was the first race I had ever joined. It showed me that running can be a friendly and empowering sport, and how motivation magic happens when like-minded women come together to support one another. Each year, Shape Run continues to be better than the last, offering unparalleled goodie bags, prettier race tees, more exciting carnivals and fun new elements. This year is no different. For the first time, Shape Run 2018 will feature a group of all-female pacers, hand-picked by Shape’s in-house running experts for their experience, dynamic personalities, and genuine desire to inspire others. If you’re…

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shape buzz

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in the august issue…

Pg 18 Cover girl Aimee takes our ultimate hawker food nutrition quiz, and demonstrates a low-impact HIIT workout. Pg 42 Check out our favourite upbeat songs for running. Pg 52 Follow this dynamic warm-up exercise video to prep your body for peak performance. Pg 55 Read our full review on the JBL Reflect Fit wireless headphones for running. Pg 66 Watch a video of Shape’s male art director do aerial yoga for the first time. Pg 71 Discover more health benefits of eating unagi. Pg 76 Get the recipes to make drool-worthy flower-infused snacks. Pg 87 Shop our recommended rose-infused skincare products.…

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stop sabotaging your brain

Having trouble remembering things? Blame it on your all-nighters. Turns out, sleep plays a huge role in your cognitive skills – in particular, memory. Sleep scientists from the Department of Neuroscience at Sweden’s Uppsala University tasked 24 young adults to memorise a few eight-digit sequences in the morning after either a full night of sleep, or a full night of wakefulness. The sleep-deprived participants not only remembered fewer digits, but they were also unaware of their poorer performance. If you have a job that’s dependent on your memory (chances are, you do), it’s time to step up on your Zs.…

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create positive energy

SHAPE: YOU SAY THAT MOST OF US ARE PRETTY HARD ON OURSELVES. WHY IS THAT? DR TAITZ: I think we believe self-judgment will push us to do better. But in reality, self-compassion is motivating. Studies show it helps you make more progress towards your goals than being critical. Also, by building a healthier relationship with yourself, you’ll feel more independent and fulfilled overall, and that sense of wellness will improve your relationships with others. You’ll make plans with friends because you care about them and enjoy their company, not because you’re looking for them to make you feel better. SHAPE: HOW CAN WE LEARN TO BE KINDER? DR TAITZ: Start your day with a loving-kindness meditation, when you tell yourself, “May I be happy. May I be safe. May I be healthy. May…

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the power of colours

If you spend most of your time in an office, the colours in your environment inevitably affect your mood and consequently, your productivity and behaviour. Switch up your energy by personalising your immediate environment with colourful desk accessories. The idea is that bright colours stimulate while dimmer colours soothe. BLUE Opt for hues of blue if you work in the creative field. Surround yourself with this calming colour – you will find that it helps you generates ideas better. Blue also improves your efficiency and focus as you go about your tasks. Plus, this serene shade also promotes well-being and happiness. GREEN Turn to Mother Nature if you yearn for some tranquillity amidst your daily office frenzy. Keep a couple of artificial potted plants at your desk to restore your sense of balance. That…