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Shape Singapore March 2019

Shape Singapore is the country's leading active lifestyle guide for women. Packed with useful health, fitness, nutrition and beauty tips, Shape Singapore addresses every concern of the busy modern woman. Every feature is based on extensive research and expert opinions to give our readers information and advice they can trust.

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who run the world?

Girls. In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, we’ve lined up a series of inspiring #girlpower stories that will make you feel good, look good, and do good. On pg 44, read about three fit women who are using their influence to drive meaningful social causes. If you think working out is impossible when you have kids, meet these mums (pg 52) who show us how they juggle fitness with motherhood. Feeling pumped yet? Get out of your comfort zone by signing up for these unconventional – and no less challenging – classes on pg 54. Finally, we can’t talk about #girlpower without bringing up our spunky cover model Carla D (pg 16). At 30, she’s done more than what most of us would have achieved in a lifetime. She’s perpetually…

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shape buzz

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tick tock

If you think it’s impossible to carve out me-time or find yourself too busy to even squeeze in a 20-minute workout, it’s time to start taking notes. Kate Christie of Time Stylers, an Australia-based time management expert says it is entirely possible to reclaim hours each month if you can tweak a few things, starting with your email habits. Create a schedule to check and respond to your emails instead of attending to every message as and when it comes in. “Your inbox is just a list of everyone else’s priority,” she says. Try clearing your mail just three times a day – once in the morning, once at midday and finally, right before you knock off.…

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fit on the road

Staying fit and healthy on the road has become easier than ever. The options for a #fitcation are plentiful and no longer limited to remote stays where a digital detox and only low-carb, gluten-free fare are mandatory. With so many hotels amping up their fitness and wellness offerings, there’s no excuse to lapse in your fitness goals, even while you’re on a holiday. BEST FOR SURFERS The Byron at Byron Female surf retreats aren’t a new thing but learning to get gnarly in luxury (and in pristine waters) remains a rarity. The Byron at Byron in New South Wales, Australia offers an all-female surf retreat and also private lessons with Rusty Miller (former 1965 USA champion) and his daughter Taylor – they are the only surf coaches licensed to teach at the world…

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run. live. love.

It’s a moment of serendipity. Just when we ask Carla Dunareanu what her diet is like, our art director interrupts to ask if pizza (and not some fancy gluten-free version, but regular Pizza Hut) is okay for lunch. Carla lets out a whoop: “As long as there’s no pineapples on it!” Never mind we’re at a fitness-themed shoot. Never mind that after lunch, she’ll be shooting in crop tops and skin tight leggings, demonstrating workout steps. Carla is down for the pizza, because “I’m led by my stomach.” She caveats that she doesn’t typically have unhealthy cravings, and because she’s always full of energy and constantly moving, that makes for some pretty speedy metabolism. Yes, we’re jealous. The term energiser bunny was made for Carla. The 30-year-old envelops you in a hug as…

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harder, faster, stronger

Now that the festive feasting is done and dusted, we get that you’ll want to burn it off as quickly as you ate it. Personal trainer Cheryl Loh from TripleFit at Millenia Walk has designed an interval training workout for you to clock in a speedy sweat session. So what’s the big deal about interval training? You get more bang for your buck – which is always a good thing. If you push yourself to your limit and squeeze in as many reps as you can, 20 minutes of interval trainings three times a week reaps more results than five 50-minute regular cardio sessions. Basically, instead of looking at how long you’re working out, you should be looking at how hard you’re working your body. The intense effort you put in…