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Shape Singapore August/September 2019

Shape Singapore is the country's leading active lifestyle guide for women. Packed with useful health, fitness, nutrition and beauty tips, Shape Singapore addresses every concern of the busy modern woman. Every feature is based on extensive research and expert opinions to give our readers information and advice they can trust.

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have you signed up for shape run?

What started as an all-women’s race in 2006 has retained its essence: Shape Run is still a run organised for women, by women, to build a supportive, inclusive and empowering environment for participants from all walks of life. Over the years, Shape Run has evolved greatly to meet the changing needs of the community. Training runs were introduced, and are held in the weeks leading up to the event, to help participants prep as well as educate them on good running habits to run strong and avoid injuries. The 1.8km Family Run was created to encourage husbands and young children to join in the fun. After all, family support plays a huge role in determining one’s running journey. If you’ve been meaning to push yourself in the 10km category, you’d be glad…

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team shape in action...

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shape buzz

www.facebook.com/shapesingapore www.instagram.com/shapesingapore…

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let it all hang out

When was the last time you talked to someone about your period? At Terra Luna Yoga, a women-focused yoga studio in Bukit Timah, your menstrual cycle and health concerns are at the forefront of each class – in particular, Womb Yoga. It is a cosy, therapeutic session where you get to share (as much as you’re open to) your womanly issues with zero judgement and total acceptance from the instructor. The moves and sequences in Womb Yoga are designed to honour the female body – think womb salutation instead of sun salutation. Exactly the kind of class you need when you’re on your bleed or feeling crappy and under-empathised. You may not perspire or get much of a burn, but you’ll leave with deep feelings of inclusiveness, empowerment and self-love.…

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that glorious “i’m done” moment

“I eat! As I towel off, I’m looking forward to having a protein-filled snack – think yogurt or eggs – or a full meal right after training.”– ALEX SILVER-FAGAN, creator of the Flow Into Strong method “I do the same quick ritual I tell all my clients to do: I thank my body. Then I show my body gratitude by foam rolling and using my Theragun on tight spots.”– KIRA STOKES, trainer and founder of the Stoked Method “I always carry a cleanser in my bag, and as soon as I finish working out, I wash my face to avoid breakouts. Then I use PCA Skin A&C Synergy Serum, followed by La Mer Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream. I finish by putting on some PCA Skin SPF 45 sunscreen.”– SONA GASPARIAN,…

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a new-you adventure

The ultimate getaway is one where you uncover personal insights and take your revelations and experiences home. “When we leave our everyday environment, we remove the distractions and habits that are connected to it, and this makes us more open to new situations that have the potential to inspire transformation,” says Karina Stewart, a cofounder of Kamalaya Koh Samui, a luxury health resort in Thailand, and a master of traditional Chinese medicine. If you approach your trip in the right frame of mind, the experiences can help you unearth old passions, explore new interests, reconnect with your life priorities, and permanently change your perspective. “No one trip will magically reinvent you,” says Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, a professor of education, psychology, and neuroscience at the University of Southern California. “But studies have…