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Shape Singapore June 2016

Shape Singapore is the country's leading active lifestyle guide for women. Packed with useful health, fitness, nutrition and beauty tips, Shape Singapore addresses every concern of the busy modern woman. Every feature is based on extensive research and expert opinions to give our readers information and advice they can trust.

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hello, shape!

As I’m writing this letter, I’ve been on the job for about a month. Like any new role, it’s been hectic yet rewarding. Thankfully, I’ve got a team that’s enthusiastic about all things health, fitness and wellness – and I couldn’t have put together this power-packed issue without them. Our Summer Special is a must-read. It has all you need to keep your cool under the scorching sun, whether you’re here in Singapore or on vacation. I especially enjoyed editing the piece Against The Tide (pg 50), where one of our writers learnt how to swim like a mermaid, a la Ariel, at Singapore’s only mermaiding school. Talk about making childhood dreams come true! If you struggle to get eight hours of shut-eye a night like I do, then our story, Sleep…

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shape buzz

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8 healthy foods that actually taste good

1 Seaweed This humble algae is a good source of vitamins and amino acids. According to a study in the journal Food Chemistry, a compound in seaweed called alginate has been shown to stop the body from absorbing fat. 2 Almonds With vitamin E, fibre and protein, almonds make a satisfying snack. Nuts are also rich in an amino acid that could be linked to heart benefits. But keep track of how many you eat in one sitting, as just 20 kernels add up to around 143 calories! 3 Raspberries All berries contain disease-fighting antioxidants like vitamin C, but to really reap as many nutritional benefits as possible, choose raspberries. They have around 8g of fibre per cup, while strawberries have only around 3g. 4 Sweet Potatoes These bright root vegetables are a great source of fibre…

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feed your desire

Definitely order dessert on date night – you might find your guy sexier on a full stomach, according to research in the journal Appetite. When women with a history of dieting were shown romantic images, their brains’ reward centre lit up more when they had recently eaten than when they were hungry. The areas associated with romantic and sexual pleasure also influence appetite, says Alice Ely, the lead study author. Because making sure you get enough to eat is your brain’s top priority, hunger drowns out other desires. Once your stomach stops growling, your body starts craving its next most immediate need: sex. And your partner starts looking even more irresistible.…

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how to get ahead at work

1 Master the shot. Upload a profile photo that shows your face and shoulders, and which is appropriate for your profession. Data from LinkedIn shows that users with such pictures get 14 times more profile views. Shots of you partying should stay in your phone, unless you’re looking to work in the nightlife industry. 2 Stay active. Think of your profile as a bank account: You’ll need to make “deposits” – by engaging your network – before you can make “withdrawals”, such as landing a new job or business lead. Simple things like publishing your own posts, commenting on others’ posts, sharing news or expertise, as well as staying in touch with your network, will help you establish your voice in the industry. It also shows that you’re knowledgeable and proactive. 3 Be real…

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stepping up her game

Ashley Greene is taking her body to a higher level. And that’s a literal statement. The actress and fitness fanatic, best known for playing Alice Cullen in the Twilight movies, and who now stars in the crime drama Rogue, is hooked on an intense climbing routine that she credits with making her stronger than she has ever been. “It’s an insane full-body workout that gets your cardiovascular levels very high very quickly,” Ashley, 29, says. “It really pushes you, but it’s so fun that it’s addictive.” Ashley’s not exaggerating – she just completed a challenge in which she did the workout every day for 31 days straight. “I wanted to increase my strength and endurance, and prove to myself that I could do it,” she explains. Three philosophies guided her…