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Shape Singapore June 2017

Shape Singapore is the country's leading active lifestyle guide for women. Packed with useful health, fitness, nutrition and beauty tips, Shape Singapore addresses every concern of the busy modern woman. Every feature is based on extensive research and expert opinions to give our readers information and advice they can trust.

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fun in the sun

Since completing my first marathon earlier this year, I’ve been looking for another challenge to conquer. I’m not ready for another race just yet, so I’ve decided to improve on my swimming skills. It doesn’t sound as impressive as running 42km, but I’m not as water confident as I’d like to be, and would like to particularly work on the freestyle technique. Plus, swimming is an activity that’s good for you in more ways than one. It builds endurance and cardiovascular fitness, but isn’t as hard on your body as, say, running. Being in water is also calming. You can literally feel your stress melt away with every stroke you take. Another benefit: You’ll also feel comfortable doing water sports, like diving, snorkelling and wakeboarding. Speaking of water sports, read all about…

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shape buzz

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just breathe

When faced with an impossible or overwhelming task, the fastest thing you can do to lower your anxiety (and blood pressure) level is to breathe deeply. Take a few minutes to inhale and exhale for five slow counts, increasing it to 10 counts when you are more relaxed, suggests Ekraj Gajurel, a yoga master and wellness consultant from The Andaman luxury resort in Langkawi. The slower you breathe, the lower your heart rate. This helps to calm you down so you’re in a better state to think and make decisions. Now go ahead and tackle that to-do list with ease.…

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don’t worry, be happy

Write down what you’re grateful for Get a notebook and, at the end of each day, jot down three things you’re thankful for. Even when it has been a bad day, you will start to appreciate the little things in life you never really noticed. Meditate Calm your mind to have a good night’s rest. There are several free apps available that have step-by-step guides to help you meditate. This can help to clear your mind so it will prevent your thoughts from running wild just before bedtime. Treat yourself Always leave some “me time” at the end of the day. Enjoy a facial mask or soak in the bathtub to let yourself rest and recuperate after a long day. Ditch your phone an hour before sleeping Yes, this is definitely hard, but…

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save more water

Water prices are going to increase by 30 per cent from July 1, so it’s a good idea to become even more judicious in how you use H2O. Here, experts from cleaning service provider Helpling suggest practical ways to reduce usage while getting your household chores done. DO LAUNDRY LESS OFTEN Washing your clothes is the second biggest use of water in most homes. Rather than running many small loads of laundry, stockpile your dirty linen and run a larger, fuller load instead. Additionally, it is also recommended that you choose an energy-efficient washing machine that will save you litres of water and electricity for each load. LIMIT SOAP AND WATER WHILE WASHING DISHES Dishwashing is a common household chore that requires the use of a huge amount of water. If you’re…

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liv lo 2.0

“Be yourself, even when you’re married. Your own growth is just as important.” It’s no secret – Liv Lo is rocking everything and she knows it. By everything, we mean her looks (check out her figure on the cover!), career and love life. At 32, the newlywed, who recently tied the knot with TV heart-throb Henry Golding (and broke thousands of hopeful hearts), is in her prime. She’s a Fly Entertainment artiste, yoga personality, Reebok brand ambassador and, now, two-time Shapecover girl. For the record: There aren’t many who make it to the Shapecover twice. When Liv first appeared on our cover in April 2013, she impressed us with her pan-Asian charm (her dad’s Italian and her mum’s Taiwanese), curves in the right places and winning smile. Fast-forward to today, this picture-perfect Liv is still picture-perfect,…