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Shape Singapore June2018

Shape Singapore is the country's leading active lifestyle guide for women. Packed with useful health, fitness, nutrition and beauty tips, Shape Singapore addresses every concern of the busy modern woman. Every feature is based on extensive research and expert opinions to give our readers information and advice they can trust.

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it’s not always about the sweat

I have many girlfriends who equate a good workout with lots of sweat. It’s perfectly legit to think that way. I too, tend to feel “cheated” when I go for an exercise class that leaves me as dry as when I first got to the gym. Of course, the full-on air-conditioning is to blame, too. But guess what, just because you aren’t dripping sweat doesn’t mean that your workout has been for nothing. To use sweat as an indicator for exercise efficacy would only be fair for cardio-based sessions, where heart rate is paramount. When it comes to strength training (which is really important for women, by the way), I’ve been proven time and again that the most telltale sign of an effective workout is the soreness of my muscles the…

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shape buzz

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stay sharp

To calm your jitters and focus your mind for a stressful day ahead, pull out a pen. Jotting down your feelings for eight minutes could improve your wits, a recent study from Michigan State University suggests. When chronic worriers did this type of expressive writing before taking a computer test, it reduced anxiety’s negative impact on their brain activity and helped to boost their performance. “Getting your worries out on a piece of paper takes the load off the mind – essentially, it no longer has to multitask both thinking and dealing with anxiety – and allows it to perform more efficiently,” says lead study author Hans Schroder. The key is not to hold back, Hans says. Just remember: The page is for your eyes only, so let it all…

3 min.
morning be a person, at last!

Unable to understand how some people beam at their desks, radiating positivity every morning? A study from the University of Toronto proves that morning people are much healthier and happier than their night owl counterparts. If you’re looking to kickstart your day with good vibes and happiness, follow these tips to make yourself love mornings, once and for all. GET SEVEN TO EIGHT HOURS OF SLEEP Night owls often run on a few hours of sleep that messes with their sleeping and waking patterns. If that sounds familiar, you can begin adjusting your body clock by preparing a night-time schedule. Instead of rushing through your chores as midnight approaches, plan to wash up and get dressed for bed a few hours after dinner. Ideally, you should be in bed by 11pm…

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a spring in every step

We are always on the hunt for the perfect pair of everyday running shoes, especially when it comes to training for longer distances to smash our fitness goals. For that, comfort is essential, and so is the cushioning ability and how light they are, so that they don’t weigh us down with every stride. Ticking all the right boxes are the new performance running shoes, Skechers GoRun Ride 7. As soon as we slipped our feet in with the aid of pull tabs at the heel, we were in for a smooth ride. The knit upper gives a friendly hug to the feet, wrapping around them comfortably like a sturdy pair of socks, while maintaining a fair amount of flexibility. There was no need to “break in our new shoes” because…

7 min.
rock it like   roxanne

WHENEVER I GO THROUGH A STRESSFUL OR UNHAPPY PERIOD, MY WEIGHT GOES UP. In many ways, Roxanne Gan is a star. On Instagram (@roxanne_yoga), she has an impressive 118K followers and growing, most of who follow her for yoga tips and tutorials, as well as her fitness and body transformation journey. (More on that later.) Besides offering workout tips on social media, she’s also a full-time yoga instructor at Virgin Active, where she teaches classes and does yoga programme planning. This new position comes after her yoga and fitness-teaching stints at Hom Yoga, now defunct Affinity Yoga, True Fitness, True Yoga, Pure Yoga and private clubs over the last seven years. Her fitness credentials are amazing and life smooth-sailing, but the road to success was not easy. In her early twenties, Roxanne struggled…