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Shape Singapore May 2017

Shape Singapore is the country's leading active lifestyle guide for women. Packed with useful health, fitness, nutrition and beauty tips, Shape Singapore addresses every concern of the busy modern woman. Every feature is based on extensive research and expert opinions to give our readers information and advice they can trust.

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now or never

It’s easy to dream up goals, but it’s difficult to execute them. Often times, we procrastinate on getting started, or we lose focus along the way and give up. What helps is having a plan on how you’re going to get there. So does having support, as no man is an island. That’s what personally helped me in the journey towards completing my first marathon. Four months of training seemed like forever. I had a coach to motivate me, but there was a lot of self-discipline and commitment on my end, too. I am grateful that there was a clear 16-week plan with everything mapped out to guide me. Plus, I was accountable to my coach, as he would check in on me. My husband, Sam, was there every step of the…

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team shape in action...

Writer Dawn met supermodel Jessica Hart (dressed in black) in Sydney. More on pg 20. We tested shoes, shoes and more shoes to figure out which ones are best for running, hiking and indoor workouts. Results on pg 42! Crossfit isn’t as intimidating as it looks. Writer Estelle described her first experience as fun, beginner-friendly and liberating. See pg 58. Here’s what went down at the photo shoot for this month’s fashion spread, featuring gym bags that are stylish yet functional. Turn to pg 86.…

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shape buzz

w w w.facebook.com/shapesingapore w w w.instagram.com/shape_sg…

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bring your stress down to size

Take a breather, and get used to that chill feeling, because you’re going to be experiencing it a lot now that experts have developed a new way to block out tension. “We call it cognitive jujitsu,” says Hans Hagemann, a co-author of the new book The Leading Brain: Powerful Science-Based Strategies for Achieving Peak Performance. It works like this: When you feel anxious, don’t suppress it. Describe it – angry, overloaded, pressured, says co-author Friederike Fabritius. The mere act of labelling your state of mind forces you to use the prefrontal cortex of your brain, which is the more rational and analytical part, they explain, thereby taming the stress-fuelled emotional limbic system. Practise it, and peace out.…

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mum knows best

“Since I was young, she has been reminding me to moisturise my face and skin. During my adolescent and young adult years, I couldn’t care less as my skin appeared fine. After consistent exposure to the sun and air-con for 30 years, my skin is drier than ever. I’m now fastidious about moisturising my face and hands at least twice a day. I wish I’d started this skincare regime earlier!” “As a child, I went out in the sun quite a bit and my mum would constantly remind me to wear sunblock before leaving the house. I really wanted to get a tan quickly, so I would bring sunblock along with me but I wouldn’t apply it. Regret only kicked in when freckles started appearing on my face. Now, I’ll never…

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treats for her

For the foodie mum For the month of May, Brussels Sprouts restaurant is offering an exclusive Seafood Platter ($198++). This sharing platter includes a whole poached Canadian lobster, freshly shucked fine de Claire No. 2 oysters, poached prawns, mussels and whelks. Visit www.brusselssprouts.com.sg. For the overworked mum Help her to rest and relax with the Ikebana Mother’s Day Edition Spa at Ikeda Spa. This 90-minute head-to-toe ritual helps restore the balance of the mind, body and soul. It includes a foot scrub, back massage, body scrub, body wrap and hot-stone massage. For the month of May, enjoy an exclusive rate of $298 per person, or $588 for 2 (usual: $350 per person). Call 6469-0777 for more info. For the fashionable mum Give her an additional touch of elegance with the Swarovski’s Mother’s Day collection. The…