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Shape Singapore November 2016

Shape Singapore is the country's leading active lifestyle guide for women. Packed with useful health, fitness, nutrition and beauty tips, Shape Singapore addresses every concern of the busy modern woman. Every feature is based on extensive research and expert opinions to give our readers information and advice they can trust.

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get sleep. eat clean. drink water. exercise. repeat.

Figuring out the rules to living a healthy life isn’t exactly rocket science, but actually implementing them takes time and effort. The reality is, life itself is unpredictable. When we are super-stressed at the office, we end up snacking on junk food more than usual. When we fall ill, our workout schedule gets thrown off and it takes a while to get back into a rhythm. And even if we do manage to stick to a healthy routine of eating well and exercising regularly, we might get bored with it. That’s why this issue’s special Get Inspired! section focuses on fresh, new ways to take care of your health, fitness and well-being. Start with the story The Smart Life (pg 50), which covers cool gizmos that make living healthy way easier.…

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shape buzz

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5 proven strategies for weight loss

1 Eat Dessert Some people have great self-control; others struggle with it. Research published in the Journal of Consumer Research revealed that dieters were able to eat fewer unhealthy foods if they were satisfied sooner. They also found that those with low willpower were able to increase their self-control and gain satisfaction more quickly if they monitored how much they eat – for example, by counting the number of times they swallowed – making them behave like individuals with high self-control. 2 Drink Water A study by the University of Michigan found that people who are obese with a higher Body Mass Index tended to be under-hydrated, and vice versa. While the link between hydration and weight is not clear, lead author Tammy Chang mentions that hydration may be “overlooked” in…

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your adventure holiday

Do you dream of exploring world-class national parks in the US? Now you can, without having to fly there. The creators of Fitbit fitness trackers recently launched Fitbit Adventures, a feature in the Fitbit app (free, App Store and Google Play) that lets you virtually experience iconic landmarks in destinations like California’s famed Yosemite National Park as you walk. With every step logged, unlock breathtaking 360-degree photos of waterfalls, valleys and mountains. The unobstructed panoramic views will make you feel as if you are right there! Along the way, collect “treasures”, which come in the form of fun facts about your adventure, as well as health and fitness tips. We can’t think of a better travel deal than this!…

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hello, stress!

1Build relationships Sharing your worries with loved ones is not only therapeutic, it also lets you bond with others. Case in point: Talking about your problems when you feel anxious often gives rise to in-depth conversations. 2Dream bigger Working under pressure gives you little time to consider limitations, so use that surge of adrenalin to accomplish something that has always seemed a little out of reach. Who knows? The results could be astounding. 3Exercise Let stress fuel your workouts. Doing so helps you release pent-up frustration, plus you’ll feel more accomplished and confident at the end of your gym sesh. 4Be entertained Learn to find humour in every situation. Certain nail-biting situations make life more interesting. Let’s face it, prepping for that big project or wondering if your office crush feels the same way about you adds…

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the ultimate zen experience

If you haven’t been to an onsen before, the thought of immersing your (naked) self into heated tubs of mineral water - with other women in plain sight - may intimidate you. Put off by the thought of being spotted in your birthday suit? Relax. The new Yunomori Onsen & Spa at Kallang Wave Mall provides disposable black underwear (both top and bottom) for those who prefer to cover up. Here’s what to expect. 1 Check the time Before walking in, make sure you have at least an hour to spare: 30 minutes for the onsen, and the rest of the time for orientation, changing and showering (more on that in point 5). Important note: Those who are pregnant, menstruating or have a skin infection are not allowed in the onsen. People…