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Shape Singapore November 2018

Shape Singapore is the country's leading active lifestyle guide for women. Packed with useful health, fitness, nutrition and beauty tips, Shape Singapore addresses every concern of the busy modern woman. Every feature is based on extensive research and expert opinions to give our readers information and advice they can trust.

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girl talk

It may be 2018, but having to talk about our private parts still make some of us want to run for the hills or blush like a 12-year-old. Yet, don’t we all have those nagging questions about what’s going on “down there”? Why is sex suddenly painful? What’s with that funky discharge? And do we really need feminine washes? To make your life easier, we have done the dirty work by tossing up and breaking down 15 of the most common vaginal issues you are afraid to ask your doctor about (pg 48). And needless to say, what we wear can affect our vaginal health. Our underwear hit list - recommended by the Shape Fit Girls, no less! - will help you power through different workouts in comfort and style (pg 54). In…

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shape buzz

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it’s in the genes

If you’ve ever wondered why some people find joy in ultramarathons while you can’t seem to push past a 5km run, the answer may lie in your saliva. A new mobile app, ELXR, aims to uncover your genetic predisposition – whether you’re more suited for power-based sports, endurance activities, or a hybrid – and recommend customised training programmes. All you need to do is take a DNA test that analyses your ACTN3 gene, and undergo nine sports assessments to test your aerobic and anaerobic capacity, agility, balance, endurance, flexibility, power, speed and strength. Subscription fee starts from $33 a month. Visit www.the-elxr.com for more info.…

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express to impress

So you want to impress your supervisor without being a suck-up? Join the club. We get the low-down from Sherlyn, a manager with 10 years of experience, on the dos and don’ts of making yourself look good in front of your boss. 1 Dress appropriately Looks aren’t everything, but they definitely matter when it comes to how you present yourself at work. A polished appearance is a sign that you care about the details, and your boss will appreciate this. If you work at a fashion company, be conscious, too, of the brands you buy your clothes from – you don’t want to show up in apparel from a competitor brand. 2 Arrive early at the offi ce Being on time is the new “late”. When employees arrive on time, it can slow everything…

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vim & vigour

An energizer bunny – that was my first impression of Jia En. I was in zombie mode, waiting for my 7.15am rhythm cycling class to start when the studio’s doors swung open and a svelte figure in a sports bra, leggings and a headset whizzed past with a high ponytail bouncing along behind her. After clicking and clacking back and forth in her spin shoes, she popped by the waiting area again a split second later, animatedly looking for a missing first-time student who needed extra time to learn the basics. On the podium, Jia En is a natural, pedalling at super speed to snappy beats under the spotlight while still flashing a megawatt smile. On Instagram, she portrays a similar vivacious image to her 68.6K followers and has been a…

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shape’s ultimate health & fitness quiz

"The best feeling in this world is to work at a job that doesn’t feel like one." 1 What does the acronym DOMS stand for? A. Dominating Outer Muscular Strength B. Deltoid Overload Myositis Syndrome C. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness D. Diastolic Oxygen Metabolic State Correct answer: C 2 Which is the largest muscle in the human body? A. Gluteus Maximus B. Quads and Hamstrings C. Latissimus Dorsi D. Rectus Abdominus Correct answer: A 3 What is a superset? A. Performing reps within the set at twice the intensity B. Performing reps using just one hand C. Performing two exercises consecutively without resting D. Performing two different exercises simultaneously Correct answer: C 4 What is the target heart rate of a 32 year old exercising at 75% of his or her maximum heart rate? A. 126 B. 141 C. 168 D. 188 Correct answer: B 5 Yeast infection is the most common vaginal infection. True…