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Simply You

Autumn 2020

Simply You is a go-to shopping guide featuring stunning interiors, fashion, style and beauty showcased in a premium format. Shop and style everything you desire from the new collections in one experience with Simply You.

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directing art

“We have been very fortunate to sell some wonderful private collections over the past 10 years and these are always exciting events, rich with wonderful stories of interesting people who have collected passionately during their lifetimes. It can be very rewarding for us, watching these wonderful artworks go to new homes, creating new collections,” she says. Leigh advocates art auctions as an insightful and entertaining way to educate yourself about the local art market. “People often say to me that they would like to buy some art, but they don’t know what they like, or where to start. Due to the varied nature of an art auction, it’s a great place to visit and look around in order to discover what you might like to buy and, ultimately, live with.” LEIGH’S TIPS…

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a room of one’s own

Centuries before supermodels could claim the right to stay in bed until paid enough to do otherwise, the monarchs of France made lounging in bed not only a privilege but a matter of state. When the king or queen retired to bed, or arose, up to 100 courtiers thronged the royal bedchamber. Attendance at the lever (rising ceremony) and coucher (bedtime ceremony) was obligatory for the palace inner circle, and the task of dressing or undressing the monarch went not to a servant but to the highest-ranking noble. By the end of the 17th century, the elaborate ritual of the lever had evolved into a prolonged spell in bed during which royalty would receive important visitors. This necessitated ornate ‘parade’ beds, so called because this is where you could observe a…

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top it all off

Previously reserved for old-guard royalty and perhaps a polished mother of the bride, coat dresses have been revised for autumn. Form-fitting favourites come in chic dark shades and posh checked patterns with the odd military-inspired detail, as in the Duchess of Cambridge’s sharp and stylish Alexander McQueen number. TIP From tailored trenches to longline blazers, styling is a cinch – just look for fitted designs with waist ties and slimming pockets. TIP With its streamlined design, comfortable length and refined lapels, the Chesterfield style is an elegant approach. Look for subtle, albeit eyecatching, features such as shiny buttons.…

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lip service

Treat yourself ADD A MASK BEFORE BED We treat our face to the occasional intense recovery and nourishment of a mask, so why wouldn't we do the same for our lips? Apply a lip mask, akin to a thick balm, before bed. Massage the product onto lips, going slightly over the edges – there's no need to wash off. Your pout should feel soft and supple in the morning. ADD A TINTED SPF The natural pigment of your lips, particularly the perimeter, fades as you get older. Sun damage speeds up the process, while also deepening fine lines. Keep a hydrating balm with SPF30 or above handy and reapply often. Gently accelerating the natural exfoliation process with a sugar scrub or damp face cloth will provide a smooth base for lipstick. USE AN EYE CREAM Although there…

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beginner’s guide

How have you educated yourself about art? I don’t have any sort of academic education in art, but my dad loved art and collected New Zealand art for a time and I spent 10 years in New York going to museums and galleries every weekend. It all influenced me and helped create an interest in and an appreciation of art, and a clear aesthetic that I admire and am attracted to. Reading a lot about artists – I probably have 30 or so books about artists I like – has added to my general awareness. Why and when did you start collecting? I was probably around 30 when I started collecting pieces of art here and there. But the first piece I ever owned was a Nigel Thompson that my dad bought for…

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just browsing

Enthusiasm for beauty trends can be contagious, but this time we admit we may all have overdone it. Sometime after power brows became the new lipstick, styling and waxing bars turned into temples of worship and top-shelf pluckers became (locally) famous, ‘trend brows’ jumped the shark. The intensely styled Instagram brow caught on and the array of associated makeup became overwhelming. Then tattooing arrived and made our obsession semi-permanent, and then somebody invented brow stamps… Now here we are, in rehab, intimidated by eyebrows that seem to have taken over our faces and certainly too much of our personal grooming budget, with an inexplicable urge to update. Let the latest news come as a relief: the same-on-everybody brow is on the way out, to be replaced by more relaxed born-with-them brows –…