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Ski Magazine October 2019

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SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR AWAY Johan Jonsson rips down a field of Swiss powder just as the sun starts to peak over of the mountains outside of Engelberg. “It’s such a nice place to be right at sunrise,” says photographer Oskar Enander. There is no glory without sacrifice, however, as the duo went to great lengths to capture this snap. “To reach it, we had about a two-and-a-half to three-hour tour, so we had to start around 5:30 a.m.,” Enander explains. The two have worked together countless times over the years, and even though both of them live in Engelberg (half the year for Jonsson), this was Jonsson’s first time skiing this face, giving truth to the notion that sometimes the best things are right under your nose. DJI Mavic 2…

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winter’s keeper

billy barr finds his reputation as a hermit amusing— misleading, but amusing. Sure, the 68-year-old mountain man who spells his name with all-lowercase letters has lived in the ghost town of Gothic, Colo., for 47 years. Sure, his social interactions over the years have been limited, but that’s a result of his environment more than wont or desire. “I like having people around. I keep lobbying the Lab to have three sets of caretakers instead of just two. I’m a social person, I just live out here,” says barr. “In the summer I don’t shut up because I hardly talk to anyone all winter.” The lab barr refers to is the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, where barr is employed part-time as the accountant. Founded in 1928, RMBL is the heart pumping life…

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the abc on cbd

Maybe it was the head-first tumble after clipping a tree, caught on film in Greg Stump’s 1989 movie, License to Thrill, or the ski racing crashes during her time on the U.S. Ski Team. It could also be the natural wear and tear from 50 years on the slopes, but Kim Reichhelm, two-time world extreme skiing champion and ski adventure trip leader, suffers—like so many life-long skiers—from aches and pains caused by arthritis. Yet, that’s not evident when you watch her ski because Reichhelm treats her pain with CBD. “I’ve been skiing over 100 days a year since I was 12,” says Reichhelm. “As a ski racer and big mountain freeskier, I’ve beaten myself up. Now at age 58, CBD helps a lot. I use oils, tinctures, and inhalers to get…

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how to raise a skier

Attention parents: SKI’s 10th online course drops this fall, and it’s one you don’t want to miss. For “How to Raise a Skier,” we teamed up with PSIA National Alpine Team Member Brian Smith and his wife, PSIA Instructor Aleks Smith—instructors at Aspen Snowmass, Colo., and parents of two young girls—for a crash course in how to get your kids skiing. The five-part course covers everything from when to start to how to support their learning on the slopes. Shot on site at Snowmass, this is a must-see primer for raising kids who can ski circles around you. #familygoals Sign up at skimag.com/raisingrippers.…

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ski’s premium inside edge membership

SKI and Warren Miller Entertainment’s Inside Edge membership launches this fall, and we want to share all the reasons why you should join us this winter. Inside Edge is a new premium membership program that bundles your SKI Magazine print or digital subscription with a bevy of goodies—from a free ticket to WME’s 70th anniversary flick, Timeless, to member-exclusive discounts at ski resorts and hotels throughout ski country. Here’s what you get: • Print and digital subscriptions to SKI Magazine. Already have one? We’ll add another year! • Exclusive year-round hotel and travel deals from our friends at SKI.com • Members-only video tutorials to help take your skiing to the next level • Monthly member newsletter with exclusive editorial content not found in the magazine, plus gear giveaways and contests • One free ticket to any…

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skiing in the digital age

Like many who have skied their entire lives but have rarely seen themselves ski on video, I fancy myself an above-average skier. Carv, however, thought there was room for improvement. According to Carv, an AI ski coach analyzing my skiing via 48 pressure sensors in my ski boots, I do have some carving chops (Carv picked up high edge angles)—but my turns weren’t symmetrical. Through headphones connected to the Bluetooth trackers mounted on the back of my ski boots, Carv let me know mid-run that I was applying uneven and inconsistent pressure in my turns to the right. I course-corrected by pressuring my downhill ski more consistently throughout my next right turn. I was rewarded with a “ding” and “That’s it, nice work!” from Carv. Launched as a prototype on Kickstarter…