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Ski Magazine December 2019

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forest for the trees

The morning after a storm is magical in so many ways, not the least of which is how the snow ices over on the trees, creating a stunning snow globe effect. That’s what photographer Christopher Whitaker and athlete Carston Oliver were treated to one clear morning after a January storm dropped two feet on the Wasatch mountains outside of Brighton Resort. Whitaker, who’s based in Salt Lake City and shoots back there often, reveals that the rimed aspens are actually pretty unusual. “I honestly can’t think of any other time I have seen aspens rime up like this,” he says. “We just lucked into deciding to shoot in this zone on this particular day.” Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon EF16-35mm f/4L IS USM lens @ f/5.6, 1/2000sec, ISO 200…

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that’s a bird’s eye view

This mouth-watering image was shot in Alaska during the filming of Teton Gravity Research’s Winterland. Photographer Nic Alegre hovered above athlete Nick McNutt in a helicopter equipped with a gyro-stabilized camera as he ripped a line outside of Girdwood in a zone that the crew had come to call Slayer Bowl. “Our pilot had myself and cinematographer Jon Riley in perfect position, allowing us to attain the perspective we had hoped for,” Alegre says. “Nick shredded it and it was definitely one of the highlights of this year’s first AK trip.” Nikon D4S body, Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED lens @ f/8, 1/800sec, ISO 320…

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don’t fence me in

Sometimes the best images come from a lightning bolt of inspiration at just the right moment. This is one of those images. While shooting an advertising campaign at Lake Louise, “the potential for this image just jumped out at me,” says B.C.–based photographer Rueben Krabbe. He was taken aback by the striking combination of the moody light conditions and the way the fence’s shadow played on the snow. He snapped a couple frames of Liberty Skis athlete Kate Targett and the rest is history. Nikon D850 body, Nikon 16-35mm f/4 lens @ f/22, 1/10sec, ISO 31…

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snow visionary

In many ways, Simon Beck is just like the rest of us: When he sees snow falling, he aches to get outside and play in it. He longs to trace fresh tracks through the powder. He also gets scientific, nerdy. He wonders if this new dusting will be the right canvas for, say, the Sierpinski Triangle, a geometrist’s favorite consisting of one large equilateral triangle divided into smaller and smaller similar equilaterals. Beck is the world’s premier snow artist. Perhaps you’ve seen photographs of the huge drawings, two to eight acres in size, that he makes by tromping over snow-clad lake beds and plains for ten hours at a stretch, in snowshoes. He’s created snow art in Banff, Alberta; at Powder Mountain in Utah; and in Japan, Switzerland, Chile, and China.…

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what women want

I’ve been skiing for 27 years, most of those on men’s or unisex skis. That wasn’t a conscious decision—it wasn’t a decision at all, in fact. That’s just what I had to work with. With an older brother involved in ski racing and a ski instructor dad well-versed in high-performance gear, more often than not I found myself on hand-me-down race skis—stiff planks with two sheets of metal, unyielding core materials, and a traditional mount point. When I couldn’t bend the ski or carve like my brother, I thought nothing of it. I figured I just had a lot to learn still. Over time, I discovered how to move my stance forward to better access the front of men’s skis, and as I grew stronger, I was able to apply…

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westbound brews

Next time you’re stuck in Colorado’s I-70 mountain traffic, enjoy an award-winning beer at Westbound & Down Brewpub in Idaho Springs. The brewery took home several awards at the 2019 Great American Beer Festival (GABF), including two category silver medals and the titles of the best Mid-Size Brewpub and Mid-Size Brewpub Brewer of the Year. The two silver medals were awarded to the brewpub’s Westbound DIPA in the Imperial IPA category, and the Double Barrel Louie in the Barrel-Aged Strong Beer category. Considering these beers’ ABVs are 9.3 percent and 11.5 percent respectively, it’s a good idea to not drive at all after sampling these award-winners. (A good way to get out of driving I-70?) Westbound & Down isn’t the only ski-town brewpub to take home GABF hardware this year. Judging from…