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Ski Magazine December 1, 2015

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flipping out

IT WAS AFTER SENIOR-YEAR FINALS BUT before college graduation—that glorious time when dreams and schemes are hatched. I was sitting with my roommate at a campus cafeteria lunch table in Vermont, and we were trying to figure out what we were going to do with our lives—or at least our lives for the next three months. He grabbed a quarter out of his pocket and we made up the rules on the spot. Heads, exotic California beaches (hey, I was raised in western New York), or tails, the mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho. ­e quarter landed tails up; we both hit our hometowns for a month to earn some money, bought an ancient Volkswagen Squareback in Boston for what I recall was about $800, packed the rig, and drove west. I…

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HEAD INTO THE LIGHT “We’ve photographed this event before, so it’s always a challenge to find a new and different perspective,” says photographer Chris Council, who was working with colleague Emily Chaplin to capture the annual Snowmass holiday fireworks show. The plan of attack was to get the perspective from high on the hill, but a heavy snowstorm forced a retreat. Instead, they ended up close to the action, and they came away with this looker—a composite of several frames shot throughout the evening. DATA » PHOTOGRAPHERS C2 Photography / Chris Council and Emily Chaplin » LOCATION Snowmass, Colo. REGIFTED We’re so primed for the holidays and the gift of a bottomless day that we see Sven Brunso doing a Santa impression, snowy beard and all, deep in the San Juans of Colorado. Photographer Liam Doran sums up…

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whistler meets the kardashians

Snap Judgment God Bless A 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals panel has ruled that a 12-foot statue of Jesus that’s been on the slopes of Whitefish Mountain Resort, Mont., for more than 60 years can remain there praying for powder. Getting Schooled As part of Learn to Ski and Snowboard month, skiindustry groups are looking to get into The Guinness Book of World Records on Jan. 8 by holding the largest multi-venue ski lesson ever. That’s Rich Be happy if you ski-bummed back in the day. Seven of the richest 10 towns in Bloomberg’s Index of Small Town Wealth are in ski country, including Summit Park, Utah; Jackson, and Edwards, Breck, Glenwood and Steamboat Springs. Colo. WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE ABOUT WHISTLER? RIDICULOUS vert, massive high-alpine bowls, sustained GS-ready steeps, and even two mountains for the…

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game of drones

BRUCE MCTAVISH GLIMPSED THE DAWNING of skiing’s drone era last season at Canada’s Big White resort. The 60-year-old Seattleite paid a new drone-video service to film himself and his fiancée skiing a run together. “It was a lot of fun,” McTavish says. “I’d always wanted to see what I look like skiing from above.” Pending various government approvals, video-drone services could soon take off at resorts across North America. And the ski industry is eyeing drones for a range of uses besides making souvenir movies, including search and rescue, wildfire spotting, chairlift inspections, and even avalanche control. “Ski areas have tremendous interest in operating drones commercially in a broad variety of commercial and safety applications,” the National Ski Areas Association wrote in a letter last April to the Federal Aviation Administration, which…

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pickups square off for wintertime supremacy

2016 Ford F-150 Base price » $26,315 Highway mpg » 25 Ski-trip nicety » 360-degree camera makes parking easier 2016 Nissan Titan XD Base price » Announced early winter Highway mpg » Announced early winter Ski-trip nicety » Utili-track System provides bed storage options aplenty. 2016 Toyota Tacoma Base price » $24,200 Highway mpg » 24 Ski-trip nicety » Crawl control to dig out of deep snow 2016 GMC Canyon Base price » $20,995 Highway mpg » 27 Ski-trip nicety » Soft-touch/drop tailgate FOR DECADES, LIGHT-TRUCK sales have been the engine driving the American auto industry. Trucks are still a key player, but the constructioncrew pickup has evolved into a classy, well-appointed, and sophisticated machine designed for full-duty family use. Th ough it’s been a best seller seemingly since rubber tires were invented, the venerable Ford F-150 needed a makeover. Hence the more square-edged and aluminum-bodied new…

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silverton mountain, colo.

400 ANNUAL SNOWFALL (INCHES) 8 MAX NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN A GUIDED GROUP 100 PERCENTAGE EXPERT TERRAIN STANDING AT THE WESTERN END OF THE four blocks that make up downtown—if you can even call it that—you’d think Silverton is at the center of a time warp. Buildings much older than Silverton Mountain’s founders line the street, a Wild-West-meets-tourist-trap agglomeration of brightly colored facades vying for attention. There isn’t a condo complex or five-star restaurant in sight, and it’s charming in its own right. It’s safe to say we’re not in Aspen anymore, Toto. The former mining town— which ceased mining operations only in the early 1990s— today has roughly 650 winter residents and was at one time (pre–Silverton Mountain) the only town in Colorado with a declining population. Now Silverton Mountain is the largest…