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Ski Magazine December 2016

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early resolutions

AS THE NEW YEAR APPROACHES, THERE are mundane resolutions to mull (get in shape; eat healthier; persuade your teens to, occasionally, look up from their iPhones). On the more uplifting menu, there are lifelist-ready aspirations to queue up. (We’re retiring the term “bucket list.” It’s too much of a downer.) To start, we suggest adding the Hahnenkamm to your skier life list. Associate Photo Editor Bailey LaRue, a former resident of Germany, is, predictably, a passionate ski-race fan. One of his dreams was to shoot the Hahnenkamm race weekend. Who are we to stand in the way of a dream? LaRue returned from Austria with tales and images of one of the rowdiest annual bashes on snow, which also happens to include some of the finest ski racing anywhere (“Guts, Glory,…

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COMING HOME There’s something special about visiting a home where you no longer live,” says photographer Reuben Krabbe, who grew up skiing the Albertan foothills and now lives in Whistler. On this particular trip, Krabbe ended up on his home turf of Lake Louise. Once on the mountain, the familiar pow-covered runs that greeted Krabbe’s crew, along with the spectacular views of Mount Niblock, Popes Peak, and Naro Peak, were a warm welcome back. DATA PHOTOGRAPHER Reuben Krabbe LOCATION Lake Louise, Alberta SKIER Christina Fichtner focus CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF EPIC »The weather isn’t always cooperative. And then nature gives you something like this. After patiently trying to wait out a day of clouds and flurries in Norway, photographer Adam Clark and skiers Riley Leboe and Izzy Lynch gave up and headed down the mountain, where they were met by…

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the freshy factor

IT’S A POWDER DAY AT YOUR HOME RESORT AND THE snow report trumpets 16 inches of sweet fluff in the past 24 hours. Brilliant. But then you get there, wait in a Saturday-morning liftline as thick as L.A. traffic, and discover all those face shots have vanished. What’s up? Well, that resort snow report didn’t offer up the fact that 14 of those 16 inches fell on Friday afternoon, while a few locals snatched up all the goods. And consequently it’s a, grrr, hardpack Saturday morning. So two software engineers from Colorado set out to create a better way to determine how much snow you’ll be dropping into on any given day. In 2012, Chris Helm and Brendan Heberton launched FreshyMap.com, a realtime map of every ski area in Colorado—since expanded…

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can the eb-5 program be saved?

NEAR MOUNT SNOW, VT., THERE’S A VERY large hole in the ground. Right now it looks like an ugly mess, but it’s the start of a transformational project at the resort. That hole will eventually hold enough water to supply a sixfold increase in Mount Snow’s snowmaking capacity, helping the area at both ends of the season. The resort also plans to build a lodge at the base of its Carinthia area. But last summer Mount Snow announced that construction had stopped. The problem: access to funds. The money for the project, $52 million, had already been raised from foreign investors who hoped to become U.S. citizens through the controversial EB-5 Foreign Investment Act. All that remained was final approval from federal regulators, who held the funds in escrow pending determination…

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bode’s new boot

BODE MILLER HAS GIVEN HIS FANS SO MANY memorable Bode Moments in his career, he hardly owes them another. But what he’s scheming now might be the best yet. Miller, the winningest male U.S. Ski Team racer ever, though oft-injured of late, not only appears to be serious about making a return to the World Cup speed-event circuit at age 39. He appears to be planning to do it on a boot that, as far as anyone can remember, hasn’t seen a World Cup course in at least two decades. When word leaked out last winter that Miller had visited a Vermont shop—Race Stock Sports, owned by former World Cup race tech P.J. Dewey—to get his Full Tilt First Chair boots modifi ed for racing, it sounded like a prank. Then photos…

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renting a car is fun? it can be.

YOU’VE HEARD THE RENTALcounter sales pitch before. But this ski trip, rather than shelling out for a gargantuan traditional SUV that’s both expensive and not particularly fun (or easy) to drive, consider a few more entertaining options. The venerable Dodge Charger packs plenty of room for four-plus passengers and your gear with a tough and sexy look. And if you can book ahead and score the all-wheel-drive SE or SXT model, all the better—a version of that 282-horsepower cruiser is the winter-ready machine used by professionals such as the Colorado State Patrol.  at endorsement is good enough for us.  e Charger also comes in multiple variations, with that notorious Hemi V-8 engine available in speedy increments right up tothe ridiculous 707-horsepower Hellcat. You’ve been warned. Buick also takes a voyage…