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Ski Magazine December 2018

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a joint effort

For photographer Cam McLeod and contributing writer Gordy Megroz, there was nothing typical about their trip to Alaska’s Tordrillo Mountain Lodge last March. For one, photographers and writers typically travel solo, or with a couple of athletes in the case of the photographer, and get the job done lone-wolf style. They call the shots and do what’s needed to get the story and nab the photo. But last winter, the two embedded with a Warren Miller Entertainment film crew and athletes who were traveling to the Alaska Range to shoot a segment for WME’s newest film, Face of Winter. “It’s a different dynamic, for sure,” says McLeod, who has accompanied a WME film crew during two prior shoots and had an idea of what to expect. “Getting video is the priority.…

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LAST RUN First tracks at the end of the day are a rare treat in the ski universe. Engelberg, Switzerland is one of the few resorts where one just might find untracked snow at nearly 4 p.m. And that’s what happened early December when photographer Oskar Enander decided to grab some late-afternoon snaps of skier Linus Archibald as the early-winter sunshine started to wane over the slopes of his home hill. Bonus: “There are very few tourists around to fight for the fresh lines,” says Enander. TIMING IS EVERYTHING Being in the right place at the right time is a desirable trait for a ski photographer. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does, images like this are the direct result. After watching the weather and light conditions for several days, photographer Bruno Long…

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ski free in december

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—the time of year when ski resorts across the country catch the holiday spirit and offer free or steeply discounted lift tickets for one or more days of early-season riding. What’s the catch? You may need to sport a round belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly. Here are some of the best lift ticket deals for those willing to get creative this December. N.Y.’s Whiteface Mountain is handing out free lift tickets to all Santas and Mrs. Clauses on Dec. 9. Can’t scrounge up a Santa suit? Bring a gently worn winter coat or brand-new toy to donate and get a half-price ticket. On Dec. 24, Snowbird, Utah is also giving out free lift tickets to the first 75 people dressed…

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passing the torch

It’s early season and I’m putting in a skin track up the east face of Mt. Judah, just outside the Sugar Bowl resort boundary, with my longtime friend and ski partner Jon Rockwood. “Everyone always says, ‘Carry a beacon, shovel, and probe, and know how to use them,’” he says. “Of course that’s important, but I also think there’s a lot more to it than that.” It’s been a slow start to the season but we’re out here regardless, making laps on one of our thin coverage go-to spots after a fresh coat of snow. “Backcountry safety goes way beyond that,” he goes on to say. “I want to teach these kids the skills and habits they need to avoid using their rescue equipment in the first place.” Rockwood isn’t just one…

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tinker, tailor, freeskier

Until the media buzz surrounding Matchstick Productions’ biopic, Eric “Hoji” Hjorleifson, 35, has largely avoided big-name recognition, despite being one of the most notable pioneers of freeskiing. Yet behind the scenes, Hoji has been busy leaving his mark. He’s the only pro who not only has a signature ski—the 4FRNT Renegade—but now a signature alpine touring (AT) boot, the Dynafit HOJI Pro Tour, as well. The transition from racer kid to pioneering freeskier didn’t happen overnight—primarily because the gear to speed up the process simply didn’t exist. So Hoji started inventing it. He began crafting his own AT boots, building Frankenboot walk mechanisms and gluing Vibram soles onto the bottoms of his Tecnica race boots. Eventually, he gained international recognition for his performances in MSP films wearing Dynafit Titans and later…

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ski injury prevention

Myth: When it comes to ski fitness, all you need to worry about is strengthening your quads. Fact: Overdeveloped quad muscles often go hand in hand with underdeveloped hamstrings and glutes, and this asymmetry puts you at greater risk of common ski injuries like ACL tears. Learn what leg day at the gym should look like with our newest online course, “Ski Injury Prevention,” coached by John “JC” Cole, certified strength and conditioning specialist at Ski and Snowboard Club Vail. Sign up at skimag.com/skiinjuryprevention.…