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Ski Magazine January 2017

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the future is now

YOU THINK YOUR JOB IS TOUGH? CHRIS Steinkamp, executive director of Protect Our Winters, is trying to mobilize some 20 million skiers and riders to fight climate change. To be effective, he has to be tirelessly tenacious, yet he still manages to be upbeat and approachable. Tackling climate change is a polarizing subject. “There are a lot of people who are very enthusiastic about it, and there are a lot who are not. There aren’t a lot of people in the middle,” says Steinkamp, whose mission includes motivating the unmotivated. He says one of the main challenges in addressing climate change is to not let the global magnitude of the problem push people into the quicksand of helplessness, and therefore inaction. It’s a tricky balance. Steinkamp needs to mobilize “citizen activists,” meaning…

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BIRTHDAY WISH » When you hear someone say he’s working on his birthday, you probably don’t envision that person sailing up stunning Eyjafjörður—the largest fjord in Iceland—aboard a 98-year-old schooner. But that’s work for photographer Andrew Strain, and he had a pretty cool 32nd birthday. After setting out from Akureyri, the Donna Wood sailed north toward the mountains of the Hidden Land peninsula. There, a multinational group of athletes (Norwegian, Finnish, and American) skied a big 3,000-plus vertical-foot line at dusk with spectacular views of the fjord. Strain took this shot after they returned to the ship. “I was trying to capture a frame of the fading light on the range we had skied, when I noticed that an Icelandic feast was being served in the saloon,” he says. “The…

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infinite winter

SADLER MERRILL, THE CEO AND CO-FOUNDER OF Snöbahn, Colorado’s first indoor ski facility, knows what it’s like to be separated from the sport he loves. Five years in L.A., then parenthood, prevented him from spending as much time on the slopes as he wanted. Then in 2014, Merrill and his business partner, also a skier, stumbled upon the concept of indoor skiing on an “infinite slope.” Suddenly they saw a chance to combine their frustration with their entrepreneurial skills. Snöbahn ski machines—giant treadmills with continuously moving skiable surfaces—are common in Europe. Merrill thought the idea could work in a ski town like Denver. And two years later, after plenty of construction difficulties and several R&D trips to the Netherlands, Snöbahn opened last summer. Snöbahn can’t hope to match the experience of skiing on…

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can facebook save skiing?

IT’S A BLUEBIRD MORNING WITH EIGHT inches of overnight snow. The runs are empty, the turns are soft, and there’s never been a better moment to snap a selfie and post it on Facebook. “Epic day today!!!” you write, adding the #nofilter hashtag because frankly, with views like these, the mountains sell themselves. Except they don’t. It’s no secret that the skier and rider population is aging. Overall skier visits have held steady, averaging 56.5 million over the past 10 years, according to the National Ski Areas Association. But as the Baby Boomer generation begins to age out of the sport, insiders worry that there aren’t enough kids joining in to replace them. The slopes need new blood—soon. There’s one sector of the ski world, however, that’s seeing explosive growth: social media.…

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uphill skiing gains traction

WHILE TRYING TO RECOVER FROM DOUBLE heel surgery in 2010, elite trail runner Rob Krar, now 39, became convinced his career was over. “I completely quit running with no intention of ever picking it up again,” he recalls. That was before he discovered the growing sport of uphill skiing, which involves shunning chairlifts in favor of climbing uphill on skins and skiing back down, all using specialized lightweight skis, boots, and bindings—the technology of which has radically improved recently, helping to attract ever more practitioners. Krar, a Canadian living in Flagstaff, Ariz., discovered uphill skiing during the winter of 2011–12 at Arizona Snowbowl, and it led to his ascent as an elite runner. “I did a lot of it,” he says. “And I came off of it not really understanding how fit…

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the new classics

2017 Ford Explorer Base price » $31,160 Highway MPG » 27 Ski-trip nicety » Active parking assist 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Base price » $30,295 Highway MPG » 25 (diesel: 30) Ski-trip nicety » 10.4-inch road clearance 2017 GMC Acadia Base price » $29,070 Highway MPG » 26 Ski-trip nicety » 4G LTE wi-fi 2017 Nissan Pathfinder Base price » $29,990 Highway MPG » 27 Ski-trip nicety » Remote starter WHILE LOW FUEL PRICES HAVE prompted drivers to reembrace the size of traditional SUVs, automakers are also offering fuel-saving options, as well as some luxurious models formerly found only at penthouse prices. The comfortable and capable Jeep Grand Cherokee moves a step closer to its rugged Wrangler relative with the new Trailhawk model—loaded with four-by-four and air-suspension technology, plus skid plates and a rock-crawling speed-control system. It’s part of a wide range of Grand Cherokee choices, including…