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Ski Magazine October 1, 2015

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learning curve

THERE’S NO IDENTITY CRISIS AT THE Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort. “We’re a nontraditional ski destination,” says Dan Hooper, the resort’s director of skier services. “You’re not going to book a weeklong ski vacation to Vegas. We very much understand that.” What they also understand is that a surprising number of Las Vegas visitors look at the nearby resort (about 45 miles away) as a healthy break from the bright lights and bad hangovers of the Strip. “You’re coming to Vegas for five, six days. You’re from Cincinnati and say, I would like to try skiing because I’ve never done it or haven’t skied since I was a kid,” says Kevin Stickelman, resort president and general manager. Consequently, and perhaps uniquely in the resort world, LVSSR found that it attracted a…

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DATA » PHOTOGRAPHER Roman “Vanaisa” Neimann » LOCATION Viljandi, Estonia » SKIER Timo Jeeger SKI IN, SKI OUT » The 1910-built Grand Hotel in Viljandi, Estonia, used to be “one of the fanciest buildings in the city back in the day,” according to photographer Roman “Vanaisa” Neimann. Today it’s abandoned and lacks purpose, other than for adventurous skiers—and perhaps as a set for a remake of The Shining. For Neimann and skier Timo Jeeger, the hotel served as the perfect urban skiing spot. They slipped through an unlocked (and unwatched) gate and spent a few hours scrounging up enough storm debris for a makeshift ramp. “With little snow and a sketchy in-run through the gate, we managed to make it happen,” Neimann says. Indeed they did. DATA » PHOTOGRAPHER Mattias Fredriksson » LOCATION Revelstoke backcountry, British Columbia » SKIER John Collinson THE PURSUIT OF PERFECTION » “Not…

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snap judgment

(Hirsute Edition) WITH US Let ’Em Grow New Snowbird owner Ian Cumming clipped the resort’s no-beard policy. We’ve got to think that many staffers’ faces will now match the resort’s famously hairy lines in the high alpine. Cut to the Chase Jackson’s Whiskey Barber delivers with low prices ($25 trim), 1950s decor (Playboy mags), and the offer to store a bottle of your favorite hooch. Besides, we like its slogan: “We Cut Domes.” Clip Joint At Solitude, new owner Deer Valley imported its noemployee-beards policy. Thumbs up for instituting DV’s customer-first philosophy, but let the kids go scruffy. AGAINST US…

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jerry of the day

SKI » Some basics: How did you start skiing? C.H. » I grew up in Stratton. I ended up learning how to ski before I could remember mainly because of my dad, who skied for the U.S. Ski Team and the U.S. Pro Tour. He had my brothers and me on skis when we were about one. I ended my racing career with the University of Vermont in 2012. My home hill is Stowe, and I enjoy a lot more of the freeskiing part of the sport now. SKI » What’s your definition of a Jerry? C.H. »The definition I have on the Instagram account is “An individual who exhibits a true lack of understanding for their sport, or for life in general.” In skiing terms, it’s similar to a Joey or a…

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connecting the dots

BILL ROCK IS EXTREMELY pressed for time. “Sorry that I can only take a few runs with you,” he says as we ride up the Crescent chairlift at the former Park City Mountain Resort. After all Rock, who took on the job of chief operating officer of PCMR and nearby Canyons Resort in October 2014, has a gondola to build. It will connect PCMR, which Rock’s company, Vail Resorts, took over in May 2014, with Canyons Resort, the ski area four miles down the road that Vail began running in May 2011. The link will connect more than 7,300 acres, creating the largest ski area in the U.S. It will be dubbed, simply, Park City. “The gondola will have a midstation that will go there,” says Rock, pointing to the top…

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two-minute tech

Boots: Cabrio vs. Overlap » “Cabrio?” “Three-piece?” Just different names for the same type of boot, in which the shell comprises three parts—the cuff and the lower (both open-fronted and hinged at the ankle) and the shell tongue, which closes over the top and front of the foot and opens forward (hence “cabrio”). Traditional two-piece “overlap” constructions—a cuff hinged to a lower shell, with overlapping flaps that enclose the foot and shin—are the norm. In cabrios, the shell tongue manages flex, offering progressively firmer resistance over a long range. In overlaps, the cuff is a lever that distorts the shape of the lower when pressured, and it’s this distortion that manages flex and rebound. Overlaps are more immediately responsive to input but also sometimes harsh on the shin. The juicy…