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Ski Magazine October 2016

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st. moritz.

Nestled in the inspiring Engadin valley, St. Moritz is one of the most glamorous winter sports resorts in the world and is associated with elegance and class. Winter sport was first established in St. Moritz in 1864 and is celebrated more stylishly than anywhere else in the world. St. Moritz offers a tremendous range of top sports and leisure activities, as well as cultural attractions, seductive shopping and a packed calendar of world-class events, like the 5th Alpine World Ski Championships in 2017. This attractive combination of nature, sports, culture, activity and tranquillity, together with its privileged lakeside location, makes St. Moritz the jewel in the Engadin’s crown. Two Olympic Winter Games (in 1928 and 1948) and numerous ski and bobsleigh world championships have sealed its unique global reputation. During the…

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connect roped in

SKIING IS ABOUT A WHOLE LOT MORE than sliding down a snowy mountain. It always has been. And it always will be. For recent proof, head to two tiny communities in southern Vermont, tucked in tight by the New Hampshire border. West Windsor (population: 1,099) and neighboring Brownsville (population: 561) are certainly small in numbers but big in the burly New England can-do attitude found in Eastern skiers—who arguably do more with less than skiers in any other region. A local ski club cut the first trail on Mount Ascutney in 1938, with the eponymous ski area opening a few years later, during skiing’s postwar boom. At its peak, Ascutney Mountain Resort boasted five lifts serving a robust 1,800 vertical feet. .e lifts were sold off after the resort was shuttered in…

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DATA »PHOTOGRAPHER Bruno Long »LOCATION Selkirk range, Interior B.C. »SKIER Kalen Thorien LUCKY STARS » Successful ski photography is often a serendipitous combination of snow, timing, and personalities, as crews head deep into the wilderness with little privacy and a lot of lurking danger. Veteran shooter Bruno Long has worked with Great Canadian Heli-Skiing for five consecutive years, often with the same skiers. This time, he brought athletes Kalen Thorien and Christina Lustenberger, who hadn’t met before, but formed “a ‘womance’ from the start,” says Long. “We ended up scoring a bunch of days in a row of insanely beautiful light, which had us sitting above the clouds and thanking our lucky stars at how fortunate we were.” DATA »PHOTOGRAPHER Roman “Vanaisa” Neimann »LOCATION Viljandi, Estonia »SKIER Timo Jeeger ONE SLICE OR TWO? » Photographer Roman Neimann had been pushing Timo Jeeger for some time…

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mountains of art

JAMES NIEHUES FORGIVES YOU IF YOU DON’ recognize his name, though if you’re reading this magazine, you undoubtedly would recognize his art. It’s right there in your pocket when you’re skiing. Or spread out on your lunch table. Or, better yet, being held down by a frosty après mug of beer. For going on three decades, Niehues (pronounced NEE-hews) has painted trail maps for just about every major resort where you’ve put skis on snow. The way Niehues sees it, your trail map is his canvas. “When someone opens one of my trail maps, the first thing I want them to do is believe it,” he says. “It is a map. You use it to get around.” The art of the trail map has a wonderful legacy. In the mid-’80s Niehues,…

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can the mayo clinic make you a better skier?

IF YOU WERE AN ELITE ATHLETE—A HUGE earner like the NBA’s Kevin Durant or a ski champion like Mikaela Shiffrin—a squad of sports medicine, science, and performance experts would be part of your personal team. Their job: to analyze you head to toe. Is your right leg nine percent stronger than your left? Does the alignment of your pelvis and hip joints shift a few degrees off kilter when you decelerate while fatigued? Your performance team would know (thanks in no small part to quickly evolving technologies) and apply sports science’s latest developments in a customized program so you can reach your peak in your specific sport while also minimizing your chances of injury. It’s a bit like Dr. Frankenstein meeting the Bionic Man at CrossFit. Or if you were a slightly…

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“the buoy” floats to fame

YOU’VE STALKED THE WEATHER FORECAST FOR weeks, hoping and praying that you can call in “sick” on the eve of the next big storm. But 10-day forecasts are notoriously unreliable, and when Alta reports 14 inches on a random Tuesday, you’re stuck in a cubicle with back-to-back meetings. Forget the local meteorologist; you need a snowy crystal ball that can predict when the flakes will pile up well before they pile up. 15,869 FEET Depth of water at buoy Enter “The Wasatch Powder Buoy,” a NOAA controlled weather buoy (officially Station 51101) floating off the northeastern coast of Kauai that’s been predicting Utah storms for the past 10 years—at least according to the buoy’s passionate truebelievers. The first skier to discover its power was Hank Manninen, a snow-loving engineer and surfer who split…