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Ski Magazine September 2016

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shop talk

TIM GLEESON IS A SELF-PROCLAIMED GEAR geek. And a ski-industry lifer. Among other jobs, he was with Nordica for more than 20 years, and for the past dozen or so years has been the head of hardgoods at the sprawling Danzeisen & Quigley sports shop in Cherry Hill, N.J., near Philadelphia. “The only thing I haven’t done is taught or patrolled.” For you kids who don’t have the 40-plus years in the industry that Gleeson has, listen to this insanity: There used to be a time—not that long ago—when you could walk into a ski shop and walk out with a pair of lousy skis. Complete dogs. Can you image? I know. It’s nuts. Consequently, manning the front lines at a ski shop is a job that has become much easier and…

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IF YOU CAN’T BEAT ’EM… » “There was zero snow when it was time to go, and we had tickets,” explains photographer Dan Patitucci about his long-planned excursion to Toubkal peak—at 13,671 feet, the highest summit in North Africa. But he and athlete Simon Duverney (shown) chose to wing it, which is how they found themselves deep in the Sahara Desert with some alpine gear. Skis were the best way to stay above the surface during their impromptu trek, so naturally some turns were made on the steeper faces. Here’s a tip you won’t read on Trip Advisor, in case you find yourself in a similar predicament. “The sand skis better in the morning when it’s cool and slightly moist—dawn patrol!” Patitucci says. DATA »PHOTOGRAPHER Dan Patitucci »LOCATION Sahara Desert, near Merzouga, Morocco »SKIER Simon Duverney focus DANCING WITH…

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booted up

FOR SKIERS, AUTUMN IS GEAR SEASON. FOR FIT— and particularly masochistic—skiers, autumn is also marathon season. In an unlikely scenario, Alastair Machell managed to combine the two. The 36-year-old Watford, England, resident completed the London Marathon last year in his trusty Salomon ski boots. It was Alastair’s first marathon, and (not surprisingly) he also appears to be the first person to run the London Marathon wearing ski boots. It took Machell eight hours and one minute to complete the 26.2 miles, at which time the course was empty, with cleaning crews right behind him. “I started up front in the pack, but I lost all the runners about mile eight,” Machell says. With the crowds long gone, he found inspiration elsewhere. “There were a lot of people who had been in the…

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ambulances on their backs

BRECKENRIDGE SKI PATROLLER HUNTER Mortensen says it never fails. The instant patrol responds to someone seriously sick or injured on the hill, a doctor skis by. “They want to help but they’re used to perfect light and perfect conditions,” Mortensen says. “Then they see me on my hands and knees managing an airway and they ski away.” And, luckily for the on-slope patient, Mortensen has what he likes to call “an ambulance in my backpack.” He’s used to starting IVs, stabilizing vitals, and initiating other invasive medical procedures that were formerly restricted to emergency rooms—on the side of a ski run. Mortensen is part of a bigger movement, mostly invisible to happily oblivious skiers, to raise the level of on-hill medical care. The overarching ski-patrol medical directive used to be to…

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putting performance back into your performance wear

DOWN For many skiers, the fear of ruining their down jacket by washing it incorrectly prevents them from ever washing it at all. However, regular washing will prolong the life of your puffy, and it’s not much more work than your average load of laundry. One of the biggest keys is washing it in a frontloading machine (your jacket can snag or rip in the agitator of a top loader). Make sure all zippers and Velcro are closed and wash the jacket on cold with a gentle or down-specific detergent. Dry on a low or no-heat setting, and toss in a few clean tennis balls to help restore the loft. It may take several gentle cycles to fully dry out the jacket. Don’t use bleach or fabric softener, and never iron…

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fast lane goes code green

2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Base price » $28,370 Highway MPG » 31 Ski-trip nicety » Electronic on-demand AWD 2017 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid Base price » $55,000 Highway MPG » 26 Ski-trip nicety » Futuristic AcuraWatch safety systems 2016 BMW X5 eDrive Hybrid Base price » $62,100 Highway MPG » 56 MPGe Ski-trip nicety » Night-vision camera for mountain roads 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Base price » $37,500 Highway MPG » 200-mile range Ski-trip nicety » 55 cubic feet of storage AS ENERGY-EFFICIENT AND environmentally clean as they may be tooling around on office commutes and kid carpools, most traditional electric and hybrid vehicles, with their small size and limited range, haven’t passed what we call the Boulderto-Vail First-Chair Test—a gearloaded slog over two mountain passes, often on treacherous icy roads. But there’s no longer a need to grade these vehicles on an environmental curve, as…