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Ski Magazine September 2017

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new tracks. new lines. new adventures.

Some smart Greek guy (ok, it was Heraclitus, the so-called “dark philosopher”) insisted that the only constant in the universe is change. (I guess stuff was moving fast back in 500 B.C.) This is SKI’s 82nd year doing what we do, and confirming Heraclitus’ hunch, we’re going to throw a lot of “change” at you this season. New website. New magazine redesign. New expanded coverage (lots more backcountry and adventure content). New online education courses. New energized vibe. And that’s just for a start. Yes, we have the same passion and the same end-game: to give you a heads-up on just about everything you need to know about what’s happening on snow—whether you’re on vacation or on a mission. Enough about us. Let’s get down to fall’s mission-critical business: new gear. (It is…

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SILVER LINING Athlete James McSkimming and photographer Reuben Krabbe, longtime ski partners, seem to regularly find themselves in obscure areas of the Coast Mountains. This trip, the result of an ambitious goal to bag Wedge Mountain, the highest summit in B.C.’s Garibaldi Provincial Park, proved no different. The pair began their trek in darkness, with Krabbe nabbing this shot of McSkimming just as the sun came up and spirits were high. Unfortunately, between getting re-routed by a cliff and hitting travel-impeding snow, the two were forced to retreat. Wedge was a no-go. Looking on the bright side, Krabbe says of this shot: “Failure never looked and felt so good as pow skiing through the dawn light.” Nikon D750, Nikon 70-200mm f/4 @ f/10, 1/640sec, ISO 800 MODEL BEHAVIOR Photographer Jesse Hoffman hadn’t planned on…

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men’s groomed

WHO Unrepentant cruisers who know how to arc a ski WHAT Knifey, narrow-waisted carvers that come alive at speed WHERE Fresh corduroy and race gates ATOMIC Redster X9 $1,200 with binding D: 114-65.5-99.5 | R: 15.4 (175)* L: 169, 175, 181 If you’re angry at all that beautiful corduroy and want to hack it to bits, here’s your weapon. The ultra-narrow X9 puts up the highest score for Overall Impression. Testers have to ding it for lack of versatility. (Flotation? Forgiveness? Ha!) But for what it’s designed for—high-angle arcs on hard snow at high speeds—it’s a joy. Townleague racers: Take note. Killington patrol: good luck. “One-dimensional,” said Schiller, “but wow!” STRENGTHS: Stability at Speed (1), Overall Impression (1) AVG SCORE: 3.72 BLIZZARD Quattro 8.4 Ti $1,080 with binding D: 129-84-113 | R: 16 (174) L: 167, 174, 181 Blizzard aims for balance in the groomer-specific…

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men’s all-mountain narrow

WHO Eastern rippers looking for versatility WHAT Medium-wide allconditions generalists WHERE Groomers, bumps, tight trees ARMADA Invictus 89 Ti $700 D: 131-89-121.5 | R: 18 (187) L: 163, 171, 179, 187 If former Armadas seemed either too powder- or park-specific, the Invictuses will surprise you. The 89Ti, middle sibling in a family that runs from 85 to 108 mm, is a balanced and capable all-mountain ski, slarvy in soft snow, carvy on hard stuff. Ex racers won’t be disappointed (there’s metal in there), but there’s a playful side that you’d expect from Armada. “Very well rounded for a large segment of the skiing population,” said Dyer. STRENGTHS: Quickness (5), Playfulness (5) AVG SCORE: 3.71 ATOMIC Vantage 90 CTi $725 D: 133.5-90-117 | R: 17.8 (184) L: 161, 169, 176, 184 Yes, it’s a rockered tip and tail, cambered underfoot, and reinforced with lightweight carbon, but…

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men’s all-mountain wide

WHO Freeriders who sleep in when the snow’s hard WHAT The unicorn of skis, wider sticks that handle all conditions with ease WHERE Big terrain: Colorado, Utah, Tahoe, and beyond ARMADA Invictus 99 Ti $825 D: 135-99-125 | R: 21.5 (187) L: 171, 179, 187 If you ever thought Armadas were too youthful for you, here’s your Armada. Like all the Invictuses, the 99 has an exuberance you expect from the athlete- centric brand. But with its metal reinforcement and carve-ready blend of flex and sidecut, it’ll do what a ski is supposed to do when you tip it on edge and pressure it. Carve or smear, it’s up for both. “Awesome mix of skills,” said Dyer. “Knifey on hard snow. Loose enough to be fun in pow.” STRENGTHS: Quickness (4), Playfulness (6) AVG SCORE: 3.77 ATOMIC Vantage 100 CTi $850 D: 138-100-125 |…

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men’s powder

WHO Westerners who ski with a snorkel WHAT Über-wide, rockered surfers for the quiver WHERE Check your weather app. It’s dumping somewhere. ARMADA Tracer 108 $825 D: 134-108-126 | R: 19 (180) L: 164, 172, 180, 188 Even without the extra steadiness at speed found in the wider Tracer 118, the 108 had testers gushing. In powder, there’s all the surfy looseness you’d expect from Armada, but testers were shocked by its versatility in post-lunch resort conditions. Even testers who normally favor a stronger edge enjoyed its playful ease and creative looseness. “Very well balanced,” Casey said. “Playful, but there’s still plenty of power if you get on it.” STRENGTHS: Crud (3), Flotation (3) AVG SCORE: 3.90 ARMADA Tracer 118 CHX $950 D: 144-118-135 | R: 20 (188) L: 180, 188, 195 There’s been corporate turmoil for Armada, culminating with its rescue by the Amer…