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Ski Magazine Spring 2016

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Miner Mistake I AM IN MY 10TH YEAR AT THE TELLURIDE School District and find off ense to the article ranking Telluride No. 2 in SKI Magazine (“Top Ski Towns,” December 2015). I am not only off ended by Mr. Story’s characterization of our students but by the willingness of SKI Magazine to publish the article. Mr. Story recommends changing the name of Telluride High School athletes from “Miners” to “Stoners,” which is extremely inappropriate and disrespectful. . is article contradicts what we are trying to do for our students, which is to positively influence the youth. These students win state championships, work in local businesses, start fundraising campaigns, star in school plays—all while maintaining a rigorous academic course load. We proudly support the tradition of the Miner mascot and the local…

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TALENT SHOW Pond skimming is one of many skills that only skiers acquire and appreciate. Much like carrying a full mug of beer without spilling a drop while walking across a deck in ski boots. Or cleaning snow off your goggles, answering your phone, and cherry-picking green M&Ms with gloves on. Photographer Ryan Turner captured this impressive display of otherwise useless talent at Big Sky’s infamous closing-day party. “The tubes were in the pond among other floaty toys,” he says. “One of the workers picked one up, and I thought it was an interesting angle. Insert pond skimmer and bam.” SUNCRUST Last January, photographer Ryan Creary hoped to capture athletes Carter McMillan and Danny LeBlanc chest-deep in B.C.’s legendary blower at a backcountry lodge near Revelstoke. Instead, thanks to a warm spell followed…

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on patrol

Snap Judgment SKI » You’ve had quite the military experience. P.C. » I was in the Navy in WWII and served until ’48. I always wanted to fly, so I learned and then signed up during the Korean War. _at’s when I got shot down. I wasn’t paying attention. SKI » There’s a rumor that you were also a spy… P.C. » Ha! No, no, I wasn’t. SKI » Isn’t that exactly what a spy would say? P.C. » Well, maybe. I worked for the State Department in India. I could grow a beard and speak a little Hindi so I could pass for a Muslim. I listened to what was being said and reported anything suspicious. SKI » Hmm. OK. So once you were done spying, when did you start skiing? P.C. » After the service, in…

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tech goes vertical

IN THE LINEUP ON A MIDWEEK POWDER morning, it’s increasingly likely that the person next to you on the lift works remotely for Google or another top technology firm. Or he might be in the midst of launching his own startup, or her firm might have been lured into relocating to snow country by generous tax breaks. .e result is that the ski-town locals who can sneak out for a weekday first chair are no longer just restaurant rats, kids on an extended lark after college graduation, or adults deliberately avoiding the traditional career grind in suburbia. With the improving ease and efficiency of doing real commerce anywhere a company chooses, many businesses—established and startup—are choosing mountain communities. Not surprisingly, this freeflowing corporate dynamic is quickly changing the face of ski-town…

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green means go

2016 Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine Plug-In Hybrid Base price » $68,100 Highway mpg » To be announced Ski-trip nicety » Air suspension for more snow clearance 2016 Audi A3 Sportback e-tron Base price » $37,900 Highway mpg » 83 (mpg-e) Ski-trip nicety » Snow-busting front-wheel drive 2015 BMW i3 Base price » $42,400 Highway mpg » 111 (mpg-e) Ski-trip nicety » 3.5-hour full charge while you ski 2016 Toyota Prius v Base price » $26,675 Highway mpg » 40 Ski-trip nicety » Power mode for uphill jaunts. WHILE LOW FUEL PRICES MAY have some shortsighted folks reconsidering huge, gasguzzling vehicles, skiers now can pick among a fleet of hightech, high-mileage models that provide all-season performance and gear-hauling space. The Audi A3 is now available as a hatchback in the 2016 Sportback e-tron, a fivedoor plug-in hybrid. Audi has combined a 150-horsepower 1.4-liter turbo with a 102-hp,…

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whitefish mountain resort, mont.

1,387 SNOWGHOSTS (OK...WE’RE TOTALLY GUESSING) 66 MILES TO THE CANADIAN BORDER 6,357 TOWN OF WHITEFISH POPULATION I NOTICE A THEME AS I WALK UP TO GATE 93, AT THE FAR END OF THE B concourse at Denver International Airport. Today two flights are boarding at the same time. One is heading to Whitefish, Mont., the other to Aspen. The two passengers in front of me also boarding for Whitefish are wearing, in order, a K’s Trailer Parts down vest over a plaid shirt, and an Abrahamson Rodeo Co. ranch coat. The folks at the gate next to us, heading to Aspen, seem either to be in Arc’teryx performance wear or earth-toned high fashion. That sets the tone for my spring trip to Whitefish with my two kids to visit their grandparents, my in-laws. After…