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the final resolution: 8k & beyond

The big TV focus of this year’s major electronics shows, starting with CES in Vegas, is and will be 8K resolution. We saw the first consumer 8K televisions last April, when Sharp used IFA’s pre-show press event to announce the European launch of 8K. We saw Samsung’s first 8K models at IFA itself in September. And as Adam Turner reports for us from CES 2019 in Vegas (p16), at least three brands have committed to having 8K TVs in Australia by the end of 2019. But the question everybody is asking (and which manufacturers are spending much of their time trying to answer) is of course — do we need 8K? It seems like we only just got 4K. And on a 55-inch TV, which some people still consider quite large,…

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mcintosh: the just-add-speakers turntable

You want to buy a record player? Certainly sir. Would you like valves with that? How many watts, exactly? That classic ‘Not The Nine o’Clock News’ hi-fi shop sketch has become even more dated, if not downright meaningless, as a new breed of turntables emerges, adding facilities undreamed-of to the vinyl spinners of old. There’s our cover star this issue, Yamaha’s VINYL 500 streaming turntable, with a full streaming multiroom source hidden inside. And Pro-Ject has its ‘Jukebox’ series of turntables in some markets (not Australia as yet), with Bluetooth and internal amplifiers to drive an attached pair of speakers. And now McIntosh has taken up the challenge with this MTI100 ‘integrated’ turntable. It’s ‘integrated’ because it has an amplifier built in, so you can connect your speakers directly to the turntable,…

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the new curves of kaya

Vivid Audio has released three new speaker designs that the company claims will deliver the authentic Vivid Audio listening experience, but made more accessible. The new models, the Kaya K90, Kaya K45, and Kaya K25, look significantly different to existing models in Vivid Audio’s range, yet still incorporate curvaceous profiles and many of the same technologies, while available at lower price points. The Kaya K45 pictured here is the middle of the three new models, described as “designed for everyday spaces”, a 3-way, 4 driver speaker with a glass-reinforced Soric-cored sandwich composite cabinet, and all four drivers having the tapered tube loading which has characterised previous Vivid Audio designs by Laurence Dickie, who is famed for his role in the B&W Nautilus development. The flagship Kaya is the $35,000 K90, with the…

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stormaudio goes 9.1.6 at ise

Following a ‘Best Of Show Demo’ award win at the CEDIA Expo in San Diego last year, France-based StormAudio is running not one but two demonstrations at the ever-growing ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) show in Amsterdam, which is running from 5th to 8th February, as we go to press on this issue. The first demo sees Storm working with M&K Sound to deliver a high-end 9.1.4 set-up featuring StormAudio’s 20-channel processor, the ISP 3D.20 ELITE (pictured below), a unit with seven HDMI inputs and three outputs, decoding all three key immersive audio formats (Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D) to deliver 20 output channels, all provided as balanced XLR outputs. It also features room optimisation powered by Dirac Live, and includes the latest 2.x version of the Dirac Live Calibration Tool (DLCT 2.0),…

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svs subs “demolish all performance benchmarks”

That’s the bold claim for the latest subwoofers from Ohio-based speaker company SVS. The new SB-3000 ($2690) and PB-3000 ($2990) subwoofers both make use of a new 13-inch high-excursion SVS driver backed by an 800W (2500W peak) ‘Sledge’ power amplifier which uses a fully discrete MOSFET output. The new high-excursion SVS driver boasts an 11kg dual-toroidal magnet motor for the aluminium vented cone, with the relatively compact SB-3000 with its sealed design measuring just over 15 inches square on the front and 17 inches deep, while the PB-3000 is the first SVS subwoofer to be optimised with dual ports, upsizing it to 22 inches high. They’re smart, too, with both the rear panel Intelligent Control Interface user interface and the free SVS app for iOS and Android (below), which connects by…

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sound+image: 30 years ago vol 2 no 2 1989

Thirty years ago we were in our second year, with Vol 2 no. 2 featuring seven full reviews — two NEC VHS video cassette recorders (the entry-level unit being $969 and the premium player $1889) , the diminutive Bose AM5 Acoustimass speakers ($1499), a NAD multichanger CD player ($1299), the Marantz PM-94 integrated amplifier ($2999), and finally the two reviews shown below. Sharp’s CX-2168 was described as having “sleek styling” while its Linytron picture tube was flat and square, with a 51cm diagonal (that’s 20 inches in the imperial measurements to which TVs have since returned!). Reviewer and Editor Richard Morgan concluded that the price of $1259 was “a fair ‘whack’ in the old hip pocket”, but “it’s a television receiver which will take you into the next millennia!” Yamaha was clearly…