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why i’m excited about 8k

I’ve finally come up with a reason to be excited about 8K. There are many reasons suggested by those with 8K TVs for sale, of course. It’s higher resolution, that has to be good! You can sit closer, the 8K content will come, and how great do the demos look! How about that upscaling? And there’s always the ‘because it’s there’ argument: why not have it? (Just the money, really.) But now I think I’ve not only found a reason to want 8K to succeed, I’m actually excited about the possibilities. And the reason is lip-sync. Or latency. I seem to be quite sensitive to lip-sync, and I’ve complained in several reviews recently that products have left the image and sound intolerably separated, so badly out of sync that the only way…

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b&w headphones with aptx adaptive

If Australia lagged some other countries in the release of the Bowers & Wilkins Formation wireless multiroom products, we’ll have no such wait for B&W’s new range of headphones. And there’ll be no waiting for your Bluetooth signal either, as these are the first headphones to include aptX Adaptive, which combines the merits of aptX Low Latency with aptX HD to deliver a more robust Bluetooth connection for transmission of files up to 24-bit/48kHz. Being B&W, though, the number one promise for the new over-ear, on-ear and in-ear ’phones is sound quality. The company accuses most headphones of either lacking “the technology know-how to enable a true ‘soundstage’ listening experience” or of prioritising “being a fashion accessory over sound quality”. Not us, it implies! The PX7 is the top new model, selling…

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martinlogan launches ‘motion i’ in australia

MartinLogan will be known to many readers for their electrostatic large-panel speakers which have delivered some of the benchmarks of electrostatic sound over the last 40 years. But the company also makes more conventional cabinet speakers, of which the Motion series brings some of that electrostatic signature in their use of Folded Motion and Folded Motion XT tweeter technology, building on the JET design of Dr. Oskar Heil, where a thin-film transducer is folded to achieve a surface area 8 to 10-times that of a typical one-inch dome tweeter, yet requiring 90% less excursion by squeezing air, like an accordion, with high efficiency and low distortion. When combined with a powerful magnetic motor system, these lightweight Folded Motion diaphragms yield an outstanding force-to-mass ratio — “like a sports car’s high power-to-weight…

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total rel transformation

‘Transformation’ is the word REL is using for the changes delivered in its latest Series S subwoofers, the S/510 ($3499) and S/810 ($4499) following REL’s longstanding compact-medium chassis concept, but coming with numerous upgrades and stylish new cabinetry which is available in gloss black or white, featuring new stable rails rather than feet, which cantilever the main cabinet forward for a stylish ‘floating’ appearance. The S/510 is pictured right in stereo use, but both models can be stacked in 4- or 6-unit line arrays, just like REL’s reference models. The S/510 uses the company’s REL NextGen3 amplifier, tuned to 500W, with two new sets of custom filters “to extract the utmost in brute force and spaciousness”. Upgrades to the 10-inch ContinuousCast alloy cone allow it to handle the extra power, with…

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signature cinemas

This issue we talk with Alberto Vangi, founder of Signature Cinemas, a new name in Australian bespoke home cinema design, though Vangi brings many years of design and installation experience. We asked him about the new company and what it aims to offer the home cinema enthusiast. SOUND+IMAGE: What’s the concept for Signature Cinemas? Who is your customer? ALBERTO VANGI: Signature Cinemas is precisely as the name states, Signature meaning the pinnacle, bringing together a team of individuals who each specialise in specific areas to produce the finest home cinemas possible — the acoustics by individuals holding acoustic engineering degrees, experienced installers who understand every step of the process, interior designers who know why specific colours are used in cinemas and which furnishing improve the performance of the room, builders who follow…

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new distributorship, new brands

N. A. Distributors, which previously distributed Naim Audio and Focal Home Audio in Australia for eight years and five years respectively, has launched a new company, HiFi Collective Pty Ltd, which is now bringing a raft of established international brands to Australia: Auralic, AVM, Fink Team, Fyne Audio, Heed Audio, Totem Acoustic and Vertere Acoustics. “After some soul-searching, we decided that we wanted to return to spending time on the things that really matter – music, relationships, and great customer service – rather than expending energy on keeping the corporate machines happy,” says HiFi Collective’s Chris Murphy. “So we compiled a portfolio of smaller brands making cool, interesting products that sound fantastic.” Fink Team, for example, hasn’t yet been available in Australia despite being consulting engineers of renown for many years as…