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lightning strikes

So, an almighty kerfuffle as Apple removes the minijack headphone socket from its latest iPhone. An early seeding of the rumour mill in this regard made sense for Apple, to lessen the brick wall of disbelief that might otherwise have greeted the move if announced to an unprepared room, but still, it’s a hot topic around the water coolers of tech-world. So why do it? The most quoted reason is to allow a slimmer iPhone 7. Slimmer it is indeed, at 7.3mm for the iPhone 7 plus, or 7.1mm for the iPhone 7. But hang on — I use an iPod touch for a lot of my portable music listening, and that’s a full millimetre slimmer still, at 6.1mm, and it has both a Lightning socket and a minijack output. So…

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the hi–fi headlines newsletter no.228

There has been a distinct shortage of truly innovative companies in this industry during the last few decades. Certainly the internet has changed the methods of content delivery, but from there it has been business as usual. French company Devialet have really bucked the trend. Their Expert range of amplifiers are a total departure from what has come before. The technology that goes into these models is amazing. However it is their wireless speakers, the Phantom series, which is attracting most of the attention, and for good reason. This range represents a showcase of extraordinary engineering. Firstly, this products looks like nothing that has preceded it. It looks more like a piece of modern sculpture than a piece of audio. Secondly the level of power and performance that they achieve from a relatively…

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bluesound pulse soundbar & bluos

As Convoy International takes over distribution of NAD electronics and PSB Speakers in Australia, the parent company Lenbrook has announced new products which signal a notable expansion in the Bluesound wireless multiroom eco-system. For the Bluesound range itself comes the Pulse soundbar solution (pictured above), intended for use with 42-inch TVs and above. It uses a three-way speaker configuration with each driver having a dedicated amplifier channel and DSP crossover filters, its acoustic design and speaker voicing undertaken at Canada’s National Research Council by Paul Barton. At $1799 it does not come with a subwoofer, claiming standalone bass performance flat to 70Hz and only down 3dB at 55Hz. However it will be supplemented later in the year by a Pulse subwoofer, to retail at $999. As with all Bluesound components the…

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we’ll be here... australian hifi av show 2016

UHD BLU-RAY... ‘Variety’ magazine reports that the new UHD Blu-ray format is growing four times faster than Blu-ray did when launched a decade before. Back in 2005, Microsoft ended up with egg on its face for releasing the XBox 360 with a mere DVD drive inside, while Sony’s PlayStation 3 had a shiny Blu-ray drive. This time the positions are reversed — the XBox S has a UHD Blu-ray drive inside, but Sony’s newly announced PS4 Pro doesn’t! At IFA Sony had only a mocked-up UHD Blu-ray player — under glass, no model number, looking suspiciously like an unmarked BDP-S7200; Sony’s only fully-announced player is for the custom channel, not consumers, though a promise to deliver one within Sony’s fiscal year (ends March) was made at CES. As with LG, unofficial…

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marantz ‘se’ components, 30 years on

Marantz is rolling out both hi-fi and AV components for the new season, led by the ‘Special Edition’ 14 Series, “fine-tuned and passionately optimised for High Resolution files”, says the company, “marking the new era in music adoration” It is 30 years since Marantz pioneered the special edition concept in hi-fi, and this is “the most fitting way possible to celebrate that first SE event,” says Ken Ishiwata, the man behind Marantz’s KI Signature creations. “We wanted to do something extra special, and the moment I heard these exquisite instruments, I knew that we had achieved just that.” The SA-14S1 SE Premium SACD player ($4520) plays both CDs and SACDs, and its internal DAC can be accessed via optical and coaxial digital inputs as well by USB-B from computer, which supports PCM…

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krix conceals its new helix

Krix has added the usefully compact Helix flush-mount in-ceiling loudspeaker to its range of ‘concealed’ speakers, priced at $295 each. The Helix has an overall diameter of 180mm and a cut-out size of 164mm, and it features a durable polypropylene 150mm (6-inch) bass/mid driver with an oversized, low distortion magnet system, plus a high-grade 20mm dome tweeter concentrically mounted within the voice coil of the bass driver, Krix citing the resulting uniform dispersion as an essential benefit for in-ceiling performance. Weather-resistant materials and a rust-resistant paintable stainless steel grille make the Helix suitable for use outside in alfresco areas and under eaves, or in bathrooms, en suites, or any other room. As with all concealed Krix models, the Helix uses a proper back-box in a semi-enclosed design, protected from dust and…