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the hi–fi headlines

The resurgence of Vinyl has given a new lease of life to many turntable manufacturers of yesteryear, with companies such as Rega, Thorens and Linn experiencing a return to the good old days. The company that has reaped the greatest benefit is a relative newcomer, Pro-Ject Audio. Beginning in the 1990s the philosophy behind Pro-Ject was to bring high-end vinyl performance to the midrange market. A good example of this is the Pro-Ject ‘Classic’ turntable (shown above), which we currently have on special for $995 plus cartridge. This turntable, which retails for $1,695, offers great performance for an achievable price. This approach is obviously working, as Pro-Ject is now the biggest selling turntable brand in the world. Pro-Ject offers a formidable range of turntables, and most of them have just been upgraded.…

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newsletter no.240

As this resurgence of vinyl continues, old records are being pulled out of storage and put on the platter only to cake up the stylus with years of gunk and mould. The Kirmuss KA-RCM-01 record cleaner is fast being accepted as an essential addition to any serious vinyl collection, and Len Wallis Audio has been appointed the exclusive retail outlet in NSW. Ultrasonic cleaning technology has proven to be one of the most effective forms of restoring a record to its best possible performance. The Kirmuss has three strategically located ultrasonic generators in the base of a large water basin, generating three ultrasonic waves oscillating at 35kHz. This creates ‘cavitation’; microscopically small bubbles which burst on contact with the record. This collapsing action dislodges then pushes the contaminants away from…

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on inverted worlds and corrective audio

I am completing this issue cursed with a dreadful cold, so I’m away from the office, working down the wire from a room strewn with tissues and Lemsip sachets. Nobody likes a cold, but they can be particularly onerous for a hi-fi reviewer, because one of the first things affected is your hearing. Many is the time that I’ve been confused by a pair of headphones or a soundbar or an amplifier which sounded fine the week before, but which is suddenly sounding very curtailed in the bass. And then I realise that it’s my hearing which is curtailed, rather than the equipment — I’m getting a cold. This often occurs a day or more before any sign of the sniffles. So reviewing comes to a rapid standstill when a cold…

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new toshiba smart 55-incher at $1499

Toshiba has a new 4K smart TV offering in Australia — the U98 Series, including the $1499 55U9850 (left). This is an Android-based 4K TV supporting HDR and Wide Color Gamut, while Android OS brings with it Google Voice Assistant, Voice Search, Chromecast built-in, and the usual wide app availability, including catch-up TV services, FreeviewPlus and personalised recommendations. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity provide further options for streaming and playback. The 55U9850 has launched initially exclusive to Harvey Norman, Domayne and Joyce Mayne stores. Toshiba is brought to Australia by Powermove Distribution, with models differing from US and Europe, where an 8K concept Tosh was on show at IFA 2018 (right). Info:…

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arcam hda

Arcam’s reputation was built on its amplifiers, and particularly this breed of high-quality midrange integrated amplifier. They remain instantly recognisable in this new HDA range, which was previewed back at CES in January as a replacement for the current A19 and A29 integrated amplifiers, and is now available in Australia. The range has had a pleasing spruce-up to update the aesthetics, alongside the continuity required for brand recognition. Behind the scenes, meanwhile, there has been significant change, this new range coming a year after the company’s acquisition by Harman, itself only then recently acquired by Samsung, and under Harman the UK-based Arcam brand sits alongside the likes of Mark Levinson, Revel, and JBL Synthesis. Not that there’s a need here to mourn the international ownership of another classic UK brand, since…

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ifa 2018

IFA 2018, “the Global Innovations Show” as it’s currently tagged, the leading showcase for the global technology industry, delivered on its promise of both more product launches than any previous event, and more digital lifestyle products in one place than any other show worldwide. The opening conference took place in the theatre of the dramatic ‘IFA Next’ hall, opened last year (and this year expanded) to highlight start-up companies and innovation. The three key presenters were Hans-Joachim Kamp, Chairman of gfu; Dr Reinhard Zinkann Jr, appearing in his role with ZVEI and CECED but also Miele’s Joint Managing Partner; and Dr Christian Göke, the energetic CEO of Messe Berlin. The latest regeneration of Ms IFA (see p12) was also in attendance. Mr Kamp was heavy on GfK statistics, with some interesting insights…