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Spoke strives to bring a fresh and innovative look at mountain biking through original content, bold design and high quality production values. It provides an unbiased look at the lives and activities of mountain bikers in Aotearoa, consistently pushing the boundaries of mountain bike photography and graphic design. Spoke is published four times a year

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stuff buyer’s delight

MAXXIS REKON TYRE Maxxis reckon that this tread pattern has your back in intermediate and technical terrain. Whatever your schooling level, the wide centre knobs aid braking and the ‘L’ shaped side knobs will carve corners. Available in 24”, 27.5” and 29” diameters, you should be able to mullet just about anything. marleen.co.nz BRAAP WRAP Keep your beast beautiful with Braap Wrap. Self-healing, self-cleaning adhesive film to protect your frame from rock strikes, crashes and shuttle rash. Specific cut panels for your toptube, downtube, seatstay, chainstay and cable rub. Now if only your mate could keep his pedals away from your stanchions on the towball rack. braapwrap.co.nz BONTRAGER XR TRAIL COMP MTB GRIP SET Get a grip on sustainability say Bontrager. These grips feature a unique finned texture that conforms to your hand to keep…

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new place,new faces

The Plan When I heard Gravity Canterbury was running a mid-winter enduro at Middle Hill, north of Kaikoura I got in touch witth Eddie Masters, Cole Lucas, and my siblings, Craig and Fiona Murray, to hear their thoughts. After deciding it was a great idea we locked in our spots and eagerly awaited the weekend. The week of the race Cole and Eddie flew up to meet us in Christchurch. After a day of showing the boys around the Christchurch Adventure Park we met up with Rupert Chapman and hit the road north. Meeting Craig and Fiona at the Cheviot pub, we polished off a few jugs and a pub meal and were set for the jaunt to Middle Hill. We had prearranged with Middle Hill masterminds Morgz and G to arrive the…

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frank & beans

Crowe-Rishworth frames are rare and unique, like the weird snails on Tinakori that we’re not meant to crush to paste. Worth more than their weight in dollars, they’re a manifestation of the persistent puzzling of their creator Pat’s glowing neocortex. A lot of frenetic energy flows through Pat as he tinkers away in a little shed tunnelled into the crumbling scree of the Wellington fault. If the welder wasn’t plugged in you’d expect it to arc in his hands. I was getting a bit soft around the middle, and decided the New Zealand Ironman would provide the trimming and firming required. Pat kindly and patiently took me to his shed and set me up with a beautiful green time-trial bastard of his own creation that he’d picked off his wall of…

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gallery no. 82

Photographer SCOTT ROBB I went full hipster on this one with Jacob. The shot is taken with the not so trusty Pentax6x7, which was first introduced the same year we went to the moon. With cameras now shooting 20 frames per second with insane auto focus, there’s something enticing about the challenge of shooting analog—you really have to focus on what’s important. CALLUM WOOD When it gets darker than a Stephen King novel, the shutter speeds drop. Queenstown can be a surprisingly difficult place to shoot; below the golden alpine and retreating beech forest sit the dark pines where most of our trails lie. It’s not uncommon to push 10,000 ISO in these spots, so to address this issue, pan shots often become a weapon of choice. CALEB SMITH Just because you’re an awesome rider, it…

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aaron hogg

You’d struggle to find someone who knows every gully, ridge and hump of the Christchurch Adventure Park as intimately as Aaron Hogg. The 49-year-old graphic designer has spent countless hours swinging off the tools carving out, or overseeing the construction of, some of the park’s most popular trails. But Hogg’s knowledge and trail-building in the area began well before CAP was established; soon after discovering mountain biking 10 years ago, the former surfer was introduced to a small network of pirate trails in the Worsleys pine forest (where the Adventure Park now resides) and was quickly hooked. “I got invited to ride the first scratch line of Tommy’s 2 and soon Worsleys became my go-to riding area,” he recalls. “The trails were steeper, wooded, and more raw than Victoria Park.” Before long he ran…

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what dreams are made of

There’s not a cloud in the sky and the sun beats down relentlessly. Whether you’re on site or trapped indoors, it’s either going to smack you in the face or slowly but surely creep into your consciousness; it’s the kind of day that sparks the itch and brings the yearning to grab your bike. For some it’s a constant nagging, while for others it ebbs and flows through their lives depending on the weather, work, available time and other day-to-day constraints. The complexities of modern day living doesn’t make it easy either. We’re constantly being reminded of other people living our dreams while we’re unable to escape. As we chase our individual hopes, dreams and desires, we’re offered many different opportunities along the way. Some of these opportunities are consistent with…