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 / Hunting & Fishing
Sporting Classics

Sporting Classics 2001 20th Anniversary

Sporting Classics is devoted to those who love to read. Each issue is packed with the things you love most: guns, knives, adventures, sporting art, dogs, and more. From Hemingway to Buckingham, O'Connor to Rutledge, this is the best hunting and fishing magazine for any sportsman!

United States
Sporting Classics Magazine
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8 Issues


9 min.
this’n that

SPORTING CLASSICS TO ANNOUNCE NEW AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE After two decades of publishing what we believe is the best hunting and fishing magazine in America, the staff at Sporting Classics has decided it's time to salute all those other companies whose products have had a major impact on our sporting lives. In January we'll present our first annual "Awards of Excellence" to those individuals and firms who have set industry standards in making firearms, optics and other products for the shooting sports, in addition to outdoor apparel and rods and reels. These honorees were selected for their consistently high level of craftsmanship and innovation. Also considered was the total number of years they have been making topquality hunting or fishing equipment. Nominations for the Awards of Excellence were submitted by our Senior Editors…

9 min.

From some perspectives, twenty years seems a very long time. Back then, I was a mere lad of thirty-five, a recent refugee from the academic world, working a day job with a fIsh and game agency as an editor and writer, exploring the business of freelance writing in my spare time. I was pretty well over my earlier aspirations of becoming a novelist - and certainly cured of a previously intense interest in scholarly writing. Two or three spectacularly false starts convinced me that a lifelong love of reading novels was no qualification for writing one. And a dozen years of turning out erudite essays on the world's greatest literature ultimately failed to satisfY my soul. In the end, writing about writing proved as dusty and bloodless as reading about reading, life…

5 min.
first light

By the time breakfeast was spent at the old Low Country mansion, a sleepy yellow sun would be propped on splayed rays above the window sill. Outside under the pines, lazy tendlils of mist were beginning to climb from the lightly frosted grass. The month of March, it was, brand spanking new and balmy. All about the venerable estate, once wintering and training qumters for August Belmont's fabled thoroughbreds, then home for the annual renewal of the South Carolina Amateur Shooting Dog Celebration, people in hats, chaps and riding boots were scurrying around in frenzied, last-minute preparation for the inaugural brace of the trial. Off the colonnade, from the waxy green magnolias, a pair of exuberant mockingbirds traded passionate salutations to the morning. Dogs barked anxiously. Horses whinnied, stomped, and blew, fidgeting under…

7 min.

We had been two days in the saddle, a pelt of soft lam b fleece cinched across a deep wooden frame and around the horse's barrel belly by a strap of thick leather. The horse, a steady roan known as Elvis, had carried me across two ranges of the mountains of southernmost Tierra del Fuego. Below us now stretched Lago Fagnano, hugging the north flank of Cordillera Darwin and holding the five-pound brook trout and bigger browns we'd come to fish. Our party of thilteen had climbed through forests of lenga, a local species of birch with leaves the size of quail feathers and as orange as any maple Vermont cares to grow. Their trunks were black, twisted and gnarled like bonsai run 'Nild. Above the trees had been sheets of…

5 min.

The gun indusby is rather like the automobile, music and television indusbies. When one innovator strikes gold, the others rush to the same mine. Thus do SUVs, rappers, hospItal dramas and .300 magnums flourish. Winchester, which struck paydirt Co rt y years ago WI't l1 I' tS wildly popular .300 Winchester Magnum, has been tardy in joining the latest dig, but their new assay, officially announced in mid-September, could once again be the mother load. Instead of chaSing the velocity record with a case even bigger than the .300 Remington Ultra Mag or Weatherby .30-378, the deSigners and marketers in East Alton opted for efficiency for magnum performance in a rifle you could carry in the mountains . Their .300 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) licates .300 Win. Mag. performance in an all-new,…

7 min.

I've heard a number of very serious, very experienced sportsmen declare that they learn something new every time they go hunting. Personally, I can't make that claim, being either too dum b, too set in my ways, or just not observant enough to read the signs and decode their meaning. Even when I don't learn anything new, though, it's the rare outing that doesn't reinforce an old lesson or two. Take my latest trip to South Dakota, for . example. Teny Barker and I were hunting chickens and sharptails on a remote walk-in area above the White River, a big, rough swatch of native prairie riven with several deep draws. We were fo llOwing Terry's fineboned English setter, Babe, down one of these chasms, Terry near the bottom, me hugging the…