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 / Hunting & Fishing
Sporting Classics

Sporting Classics 2011 30th Anniversary

Sporting Classics is devoted to those who love to read. Each issue is packed with the things you love most: guns, knives, adventures, sporting art, dogs, and more. From Hemingway to Buckingham, O'Connor to Rutledge, this is the best hunting and fishing magazine for any sportsman!

United States
Sporting Classics Magazine
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8 Issues


2 min.
from the publisher

I t is truly an honor to welcome you to this 30th Anniversa1y Edition of Sporting Classics - a · stunning Collector's Issue that is sure to be cherished for years to come. This is certainly the finest edition of Sporting Classics that we've ever been privileged to create, and perhaps the single finest outdoor magazine ever produced. What awaits you on these pages is a delightful and diverse collection of the most brilliant outdoor stories and art by some of the most influential writers and artists in the history of hunting, fishing and conseiVation literature. Planning and organizing this 30th Anniversary Edition has been one of the most gratifYing endeavors I've ever undertaken. But I had plenty of enthusiastic help from a dedicated staff and a special story selection committee that included…

6 min.
a fit inheritance

"Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations." - Henry David Thoreau, Walden early's gon . I left her on James Island in Charleston this morning for her first year of graduate school and just got home a couple of hours ago. I'm very proud of her. She's turned into a fin e writer, and she is studying to be a marine biologist and so help save the world, just like she's wanted to do since she was little and first saw the sea. And now it's way past midnight and I miss her terribly and I can't get to sleep. There are neither stars nor moon to light my way for a long wandering walk in the woods. I have a Right out at…

12 min.
legends & legacies

Dwing the past centwy the outdoor world has been influenced by cow1tless individuals. Fueled by passion, dedication :md a h'ue love for the wildlife and wild places that have steered the focus of their lives, fuese people have molded ilie present and set a course for ilie future. Lists like this never contain all fue many deserving people whose efforts and accomplishments should be celebrated and remembered by all outdoor enfuusiasts. Individuals like John Muir, whose preservation ideals influenced fue conse1vation debate, and Gmy Bmta who led the team that created the first hand-held CPS unit at Magellan. Along tl1ose same lines, an engineer at Honda, Osamu Takeuchi, developed the first ATV and Dr. Mmtin Cooper, inventor of the hand-held cell phone, changed the way we spend time in fue outdoors.…

7 min.
first light

Africa ... One word, and eve1y man who has ever imagined adventure conjures a dream. If he has not been, it is of going, and if he has, it is only of when he will retum. For there is no mystery deeper than an East African night, nor an intrigue th e greater than a bushveld dawning. In them are things , until you go, you cannot understand and, most importantly, thin gs you will not discover, even wh n you have been. You will know simply that they ar the re, wishing you back. Only one thing is certain. When you go, you will be changed. You will find something of yourself that others, who do not, will never know. Something so acutely buried to soul, that on ly when you have…

23 min.
the pursuit of peter belise

The nalf-breed, Peter Bellise. beached tlie canix', stepped out, and pulled it up on die shore. He was a st'X'kv man, barrel-chested and muscled like a bull, but graceful; his swarthy, pleasant ice was a little tliin because he had just returned from a hard month in the back country laving out a new trapline. He stated • up the hill toward die log buildings of the I ludson's Bay Company ith the wixxlsmans short, quick stride, and the pack ol wolfish dogs Ix'longing to die Indians camped about rushed down to snarl at liim. He sttxijx'd for a stone and direwit without breaking his stride; there w as a yelp, and die pack, recognizing an experienced man, prompdv lost interest in h i m In the fragrant dimness of the…

17 min.

I been up and down that river from one end to the other end, And I ain't found no heaven Anywhere I been. -old Delta blues For those of us in whom U:i~ship with the erutb flows sb·ong and deeply, heaven is where spilits coincide, where the landscape matches the con toms of om heruts. It's the place where we cease to be an enant puzzle piece, where the fit is perfect beyond thought. You won't know where it is until you're there, and where you find it depends on which end ofl:l1etqver you're looking from. And eve~ lCl bluesmen mn be wrong. M}' corner of heaven begins north of Wing Rivm~ reaches east to the St. Croix and the big lake, nmth at least to the Rainy River. It's counby where deciduous…